Mix ‘n’ Match: Accessorising with Jewelry

Photo Credit Sometimes, all you need to complete an outfit is the right jewelry items. There are so many different elements to consider. Whether you go simple and understated or grand and extravagant. Whether you just want to focus on highlighting one particularly stunning piece or whether you want to spread the attention across a … [Read more…]

How To Show Off Your Body Shape

https://www.pexels.com/photo/adults-beautiful-blue-body-565996/ It’s a blessing that we’re all different. Because if humans came in a one size fits all kind of way, we’d all be so basic. And there’s nothing exciting about uniformity. Okay, so every now and again it’s only natural for you for you to start thinking about your body, and when you do, … [Read more…]

Dress To Impress At Work

Image Dressing to impress for all work situations can be a headache and a half. When you get told business-casual, how casual is that supposed to be? Does that mean no blouse, but also no jeans? Here is a quick list of fashion ideas for different situations. At Home. Working from home is all about … [Read more…]

How To Nail Your Autumn Style in 3 Steps

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Inspiration To Help You Perfect The Urban Style

Photograph Many ladies like the urban fashion style used by celebrities like Rihanna and just about every other hip-hop star during the last twenty years. The issue is that lots of women don’t know where to start when it comes to buying streetwear and creating the best results. With that in mind, this article will … [Read more…]