Popular Girly Cars on the Market

Let’s face it, men and women shop for cars in different ways. While men are wowed by performance and precision, women are more likely to be drawn into the aesthetic appeal and conveniences of a car. Some cars just scream girly and aren’t necessarily the most masculine machines for men. One of the most popular … [Read more…]

How to Use Extension Removal Pliers

  It might sound complicated and a bit bizarre, but extension removal pliers are an essential tool when it comes to the beauty of having keratin-bond extensions or micro-ring extensions. When used properly, this incredible hair gadget is wielded by salon professionals to slide the bonds off your hair with ease, protection and swiftness when … [Read more…]

Avoid A Dress Drama

It can always be a challenge when it’s time for a dressy event. Whether you are heading on a night out or going to a wedding, a dress is the best fit for the occasion. But picking one which is perfect can be hard. In fact, a lot of people end up looking back with … [Read more…]

Choosing The Most Popular Settings For Engagement Ring

You may choose from the most popular settings when you are shopping for a ring for your lady love. She deserves to wear something that works for her, and she will feel much more beautiful because she is wearing a ring that any woman would love. Her world will change when you give her this … [Read more…]

Getting Your Wardrobe Summer Ready

Picture Credit Summer is an exciting season for fashion. Whereas in the winter you are layering yourself up and have to make decisions mainly on what coat you’re going to use to keep yourself warm, summer is all about accessorizing and making the most out of what limited clothes you have on. The rise in … [Read more…]

Warm Up To Spring With a New Italian Scarf

  Channel Your Inner Italian  A beautiful Italian scarf is the perfect accessory to take you from spring to summer, adding effortless style to any outfit. The nights are getting lighter, the temperatures are rising and even the sun is making an appearance – spring has definitely arrived. And with it comes a desire to … [Read more…]

Five Ways to Make Sure Your Makeup Lasts All Day

You spend hours applying your makeup, achieving the perfect, polished look, only to look in the mirror two hours later and see a different face looking back at you. Your lipstick has faded, your eyeliner is smudged, and you don’t have the gorgeous bronze glow you had when you applied your bronzer. Sound familiar? Well, … [Read more…]

Show Her You Love Her Through a Diamond Engagement Ring

diamond engagement ring

Image by via nickyh2012 Flickr Whether it is because of the combination of the financial investment and as an emotional talisman, a diamond engagement ring may be the very definition of a physical manifestation of your love and affection. Consider this – there are many women who put on their engagement rings and only remove … [Read more…]