Stress Less, Smile More Do you spend most of your time feeling worried and stressed? This is no way to live your life. Without sounding cliched, you only get one of them, so you need to make the most of it, and spending your time feeling stressed certainly isn’t the best way to go about this. With that … [Read more…]

Pamper Your Eyes This Weekend

Image Sometimes our eyes need a good old pamper session. We seem to neglect our eyes and the important role they play in our lives each day. They work tirelessly every single day of our lives making sure that we can see the things around us and appreciate the beauty of life. If you want … [Read more…]

The Evolution of Vaping

Photo Credit When vaping was first getting talked about just a few short years ago, you would have been forgiven for thinking that it was just a passing fad which would pass shortly. However, the industry has grown in such a rapid and huge way that it looks set to stick around for a long … [Read more…]

Mix ‘n’ Match: Accessorising with Jewelry

Photo Credit Sometimes, all you need to complete an outfit is the right jewelry items. There are so many different elements to consider. Whether you go simple and understated or grand and extravagant. Whether you just want to focus on highlighting one particularly stunning piece or whether you want to spread the attention across a … [Read more…]