Why Outsource Your Small Business’s Bookkeeping?

In every business, no matter the size or type, there are certain elements that are essential  to the smooth day to day running of the operation. Some need to be done because of legal requirements. The problem is that with a small business, one with a limited number of personnel, these basic necessities can get … [Read more…]

Why Outsourcing Your Bookkeeping Makes Sense

If you manage a small business or are at the helm of a start-up there are certain areas of management that you need to keep on top of. One such is the bookkeeping and accounting side of the business. There are regulatory requirements that need to be adhered to with regard to your accounts. It … [Read more…]

5 Things to Think About Before Having a Tattoo!

Tattoos are popular with both men and women and are often chosen because they have a certain meaning.  Having a tattoo should not be something you do without considering various factors. We have put together a list of important considerations you should think about before you commit to your tattoo, so let’s get started. Design … [Read more…]

Celebrities Who Changed their Music Styles Last Year

There are many different genres of music, but take a moment to consider this: who invented them? Who decided that one artist makes country music and another jazz? Who says what is pop and what is rock? Surely, it’s up to the listener? Many of us hear a song on the radio or on a … [Read more…]

The Key to a Flawless Makeup Look

Getting your makeup just right isn’t always easy. There’s always an occasion when you don’t have enough time, or when using your traditional brush doesn’t quite hit the mark. You may be someone for whom brushes mean irritation, which is a problem that is difficult to overcome, or perhaps you’re just looking for beauty ideas … [Read more…]

Accessories for the Badass Girl in You

There’s a rebel in every one of us, and sometimes that rebel comes out into the open! If you’re looking for badass accessories then you know what we mean, and we’ve got some great ideas for you to check out. If it’s a street look you’re after we’ve got a great range for you to … [Read more…]

Full Range of Beauty Treatments at MedSpa NYC

Finding a beauty spa that offers the services you need and has a team you can trust can be difficult. Especially if you’re working long hours in New York City and want a spa you can book at your convenience. Well, we’ve found just such a spa and beauty salon right in NYC that you’ll … [Read more…]

Spice Up Your Sex Life: Our Tips!

It happens to everyone: sex becomes routine, boring even! That’s because you’re doing the same thing over and over again. It becomes something you feel you should do to satisfy your partner, but believe us when we say he (or she) is feeling the same way! But you shouldn’t be going through the motions where … [Read more…]

How to Style Minimalist Earrings

Credit: Lassanai Minimalism really is the best style out there if you’re looking for fuss free everyday wear that looks incredibly effortless, elegant and classic. That stripped back, simple look is also very easy to pull off – naturally, fewer pieces means less time getting ready each day! All that being said, just because you … [Read more…]