Lip Fillers and Aftercare – All You Need to Know

The popularity of having lip filler injections is on the rise, as many more people realise that this simple cosmetic procedure can provide excellent results. Dermal fillers, as they are known, are safe if the procedure is carried out correctly and by an experienced practitioner – we recommend you check out their credentials in full … [Read more…]

12 Tips to Relaxing Good-Quality Sleep

A good, quality relaxing sleep can make all the difference to how you feel and how your life is. There are so many benefits, however many of us don’t know the basics to maximise our rest. These tips are here to show you how to do so. Make sure the bedroom is dark enough and … [Read more…]

Honey, We Need To Talk About the Future

As Ben Franklin, the famed American Founding Father once said,  “. . . in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Both are probably not topics you want to spend your free time thinking about, let alone discussing with your significant other. However, when you take on responsibilities and … [Read more…]

Simple Ways to Improve Your Brain Health

There is a lot of talk about keeping our bodies healthy, and even taking care of our mental health. But do we know what to do to keep our brain specifically, healthy? There can be some pretty claims out there about how we can become smarter and how to train your brain to be healthier. … [Read more…]

How To Look After Your Mental Health

Your mental health is just as important, if not more important than your physical health. The mind can be very complex in the way it functions, and there’s a lot that contributes either to a healthy mindset or a negative one. Here’s how to look after your mental health going forward. Image Source Cut Out … [Read more…]

Are Headaches Getting In The Way Of Your Life?

For some people, headaches are the occasional bother that makes their day a little more stressful and nothing more. For those types of people, it can be hard to understand how painful they can be and how they can be debilitating when frequent headaches and migraines are a part of your life. They can interrupt … [Read more…]

The New Health Trends Taking The World By Storm

Image Source If you always like to keep up with the latest health trends, then chances are you have been busy lately, as there has been a particular boost of them in recent years. They range from ways to lose weight to methods to have better mental health, but no matter what they are about, … [Read more…]

BodyTite in NYC

As you get older, so your body seems to take on a life of its own! It doesn’t always do what you want it to, especially when it comes to those areas of unwanted fat and saggy skin. As we are approaching the summer, and the beach and pool beckon, you want to get the … [Read more…]

Medical Intervention: Losing Weight Using The Doctor

(Image Source) Being unhappy about your weight is always a challenging struggle to live with. A lot of people are stuck in this position, finding it hard to apply themselves when it comes to exercise or sticking to a diet. As a result of this, there are countless articles around the web which are written … [Read more…]

Wave Bye-Bye to Bad Habits

Image source We all have good habits and bad habits; good habits include things like exercising and cooking healthy foods whereas bad habits include things like eating junk food every evening and smoking. Our bad habits tend to impact us extremely negatively, impacting upon our wellbeing and stressing us out because we know we shouldn’t … [Read more…]