Mix ‘n’ Match: Accessorising with Jewelry

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Sometimes, all you need to complete an outfit is the right jewelry items. There are so many different elements to consider. Whether you go simple and understated or grand and extravagant. Whether you just want to focus on highlighting one particularly stunning piece or whether you want to spread the attention across a number of different items. Here, we are going to be talking you through a few of the main points which are worth considering when it comes to choosing your jewelry to go with each outfit.

Start with One Centrepiece

The easiest way to accessorise with jewelry is to start off with a single centrepiece item and work from there. For many people, this could be something that they wear on a daily basis like an engagement ring such as the ones from 77 Diamonds engagement rings. But equally, it could be a chunky watch or a statement necklace. Work around this by choosing items which are smaller and not as instantly eye-catching.

Layer the Large with the Small

Perhaps you don’t have a statement piece which you would like to work around or you would simply prefer to take a different approach. You could try mixing your jewelry items up a little bit based on their thickness and size. For example, you could try wearing a couple of larger bracelets with a thinner and more subtle one in the middle.

Mix Up Your Metals

Just because you are wearing a gold ring, it doesn’t automatically follow that every other item should be made of the same material. So don’t be afraid to mix white gold with copper or rose gold with silver. These days, it is practically encouraged. Of course, if you want to go for the more uniformed approach for fancier occasions, this is always an option which is available to you.

Add a Dash of Colour

Instead of just relying on the standard metal colours, you could instead add in some coloured jewelry amongst your standard pieces. Perhaps some woven or beaded necklaces or bracelets could be combined with your metal items. Ultimately, this gives you a much greater range of choice, and you will find it easier to stand out from the crowd and create your own unique styles.

Stack Up Your Rings

If you are not a big fan of layering up your bracelets, you could always stack the rings on your fingers. Two or three on one finger or wearing a single ring on each one of your hands are both perfectly fine options. Essentially, you should layer your jewelry in a way that makes you feel comfortable.

Mixing and matching your jewelry is one of the best ways of transforming any outfit which you choose to wear. These are just a few ideas to provide you with some inspiration of how you can do this. It is worth remembering that all rules are there to be broken, and you always have plenty of options in creating a unique sense of style.