Some Wellness Tips For The End Of A Busy Week

You’ve had a very, very, very long week. It’s been a tough ride – you’ve had to put in a lot of overtime at work, you haven’t gotten much sleep at all because of the papers you’re bringing home too, and you never quite finding the time to cook yourself something proper to eat. All … [Read more…]

Lumps And Bumps: When Should You Get Worried?

Image Source. Licensed under Creative Commons. A strange lump or bump can often be cause for concern. Most of us assume that it’s the dreaded big C, but 99% of the time a strange lump of bump is something completely different such as a cyst, a lipoma or a swollen lymph node. Such deformations tend … [Read more…]

Game-changing Tanning Tips

    If you love looking tanned, winter can be a long and dispiriting season, with the sun weak and far away and sunbathing entirely out of the question. It can feel like the only options for tanning are to take an expensive foreign holiday or book yourself a session on a sunbed. However, other … [Read more…]

Is Using an Electric Toothbrush the Best New Years Resolution?

A toothbrush can keep your teeth and gums in tip-top shape. When browsing through the dental hygiene section at your local convenience or grocery store, you are likely to find a wide variety of toothbrushes. Manual toothbrushes are available in various shapes, sizes, and bristle hardness. They tend to be considerably less expensive than electric … [Read more…]

Don’t Let Personal Injury Hold Back Your Healthy Lifestyle

The benefits of a healthy lifestyle speak for themselves. Not only do we enjoy a leaner body, clear skin and strong hair and nails, not only do we gain the confidence that comes with feeling string, hit and capable, not only do we enjoy body positivity and an optimistic outlook, not only is it easier … [Read more…]

Medical Procedures That Could Improve Your Overall Quality of Life

Photo Credit Increasing numbers of us put off visiting our doctor when we start to experience symptoms of detrimental health conditions. This isn’t all too surprising. Many of us are extremely busy and just feel that we cannot fit in “unnecessary” health appointments around our hectic work schedules, social lives, and much needed time for … [Read more…]