The Evolution of Vaping

Photo Credit When vaping was first getting talked about just a few short years ago, you would have been forgiven for thinking that it was just a passing fad which would pass shortly. However, the industry has grown in such a rapid and huge way that it looks set to stick around for a long … [Read more…]

6 Natural Reasons To Smile

Pexels With a world that seems very chaotic the more we learn about it, the fact that we’re getting older, and the fact that your work might have been difficult lately, it’s always easy to lose our smile. However, that’s something that is incredibly tragic. Smiling is easy. It can be a choice. It can … [Read more…]

The Ultimate Guide To Navigating The Menopause

While you may be a few years away from ‘the change’ yet, it’s never too early to clue yourself up and prepare yourself for the most radical shift in hormones that your body has felt since puberty. The menopause has plenty of negative side effects that dominate media and popular culture coverage. Celebrities give graphic … [Read more…]

Brushing Away the Taboo Surrounding Mental Health

Picture Credit Recent years have seen a significant improvement in how we acknowledge and address mental health issues. This isn’t all too surprising, seeing as studies have now found that around twenty percent of people suffer from mental illness at some point or another – that’s one in every five of us! However, while we … [Read more…]

Stress-Free Ways to Win at Weight Loss

Image source Losing weight is something that many of us want to do to so that we can be healthier, stronger and better, and often so that we can look better too, but it is one of those things that can cause so much stress that we often give up or give ourselves a hard … [Read more…]

Chronic Illness, Your Loved One, And You

More people are being affected by serious chronic conditions than ever before. More of us have to care for, support, and assist those living with them. As well as the obvious challenges they bring up in the sufferer’s life, they also affect those closest to them, especially their family. If you have a loved one … [Read more…]

Why Flexibility Training Will Change Your Life!

Exercise is essential for a healthy body – not to mention a healthy mind. You may have a full-on exercise routine, or you might be one of the people who simply walks every now and then, or takes an occasional ride on a bike. Some people swim for their exercise, while others walk the dog, … [Read more…]