Care Is A Two Way, So Make Sure Your Health Doesn’t Suffer

When the people we care about fall ill, it’s natural to rally around them. You may find that rely on you more after a difficult diagnosis or a general deterioration of health. If you’re close enough to the person in question, you may even find yourself offering care. It may fall on you to give them their medication each day, for example. In extreme cases, you may even find yourself into the role of full-time carer.

This can be a tricky position. For obvious reasons, you want to be the one looks after the person you love. Rather than that than seeing them rely on strangers. The trouble is that caring for someone is far from easy, no matter what they mean to you. To some extent, you may be able to put many of those issues aside. But, when caring starts to impact your health, you can’t keep moving blindly forward. Attempting to do so wouldn’t do you or the person that you’re caring for any good. In fact, it could see you both heading downhill fast.

If you’re caring for someone at the moment, it’s crucial that you consider what impact that’s having on your body. Often, both carer and patient end up deciding that assisted living is a more healthy option. You can head to sites like for more information on what facilities like these offer. Even if that doesn’t suit, accepting how caring is harming your health could see you back on the straight and narrow. Take a step back, then, and consider whether you’re falling foul to these health-related carer concerns.

Back pain due to heavy lifting

Back pain is a typical occurrence on the carer circuit. It’s no surprise when you consider that this can be an incredibly physical task. Depending on the health of the person in question, you may have to lift them regularly. It’s no wonder, then, that your back could soon start to play up. You aren’t a trained carer, after all, and you may not even be approaching this issue in the right way. Luckily, back strain often makes itself known not long after an incorrect lift. If you notice niggles in your back each day, then, it’s worth taking care of this before it becomes a long-term problem. For the most part, getting this right should be as easy as heading to sites like to learn about proper lifting procedures. If you continue to struggle, you may even want to invest in proper lifting equipment. When you get this right, you should find that you’re able to avoid any pain, no matter how often lifts come into things.

Stress due to constant pressure

It’s also not unusual for stress to rear its ugly head when you become a full-time carer. When that happens, it can spell bad news for your health in all manner of ways. For one, stress is terrible news for mental health. It can even be a precursor for conditions like depression and anxiety. You might not realize, though, that stress can also impact your physical health. As can be seen from sites like, ongoing issues here can lead to anything from gum disease to diabetes. That’s bad news when you consider that the majority of carers experience a certain amount of stress. You could say that it’s inevitable when you loved one’s health and livelihood fall on you. An excellent way to tackle that is to develop a reliable schedule. This can help you maintain some level of control. In extreme cases, you may also benefit from sharing the burden. In some instances, that may mean turning to facilities like the one mentioned above. Or, you may be able to get trained carers to give you a hand at least some of the time. Whatever you do, don’t keep on burdening the responsibility in silence. You won’t be any good if your health starts deteriorating as well, after all.

Health issues from a lack of rest

It’s now no secret that not getting enough sleep can spell serious problems for health. Like stress, lack of sleep has been linked to diabetes. It can also lead to heart problems and high blood pressure. On a more fundamental level, not getting enough rest can also lead to issues with concentration and reactions. But, when your loved one relies on you for everything, sleep fast becomes a thing of the past. You may well have to wake up in the night to help them to the toilet. Not to mention that the mere pressure of what you’re doing may keep you awake. The trouble is that your exhaustion is sure to impact everyone involved. For one, you’ll be unable to offer the best care. You’ll also soon start to deteriorate yourself. Again, sharing responsibilities could be your best bet here. Knowing someone else is on night watch some of the time can give you a much-needed break. It may also be worth getting into the habit of taking naps as and when you need them. All the better for being fresh and ready when it matters the most.

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Problems brought about by not caring for yourself

Last, you may find that your health slides because you are no longer your top priority. You may be so set on arranging your loved one’s appointments that you forget simple things, like your need for dental checks. You may even ignore when you’re not feeling well because you’re too busy. Before you know it, all manner of health conditions have crept up on you. Even worse, your distraction means that you’ll need to take more time out to get them sorted. Don’t let that happen by always keeping on top of your health too. If that means arranging alternative care at certain times then so be it. You could even book appointments to fit around your responsibility. Either way; you need to look after yourself if you have two people depending on you instead of just one.