Spice Up Your Sex Life: Our Tips!

It happens to everyone: sex becomes routine, boring even! That’s because you’re doing the same thing over and over again. It becomes something you feel you should do to satisfy your partner, but believe us when we say he (or she) is feeling the same way! But you shouldn’t be going through the motions where your sex life is concerned; you should be having an exciting time, trying new things, and exploring the boundaries. Sex toys are a great way of adding something new, so where do you start looking?

You go to Spank The Monkey where you’ll find a fantastic choice of male sex toys and more. Ladies, this is the place to go if you want to explore the market and discover some of the best male sex toys around and surprise your partner. There’s such a choice of items that you’ll be amazed and excited, and whatever you choose is sure to add that extra bit of inspiration to your time in the bedroom. A trusted supplier of top-quality sex toys and other items, you can’t go wrong at Spank The Monkey, so what do we recommend?

Massive Choice of Sex Toys

The sheer choice is simply amazing! From vibrators for the girls to penis pumps for the men – great for when you want that rock-hard erection and a little more girth and length – to the best selection of butt plugs you’ll find anywhere. If you haven’t gone down that route yet, give it a go and you’ll both enjoy new and exciting sensations.

Do you want to try a threesome but are coy about asking someone to join you? What about one of the lifelike sex dolls? When we say lifelike, we mean it, as these are the best and most realistic full-size dolls you will ever have seen. A long way from what you’ll be imagining, this is a great way to introduce a third-party into your sexual routine without having to get another person in. What else is there?

Why You Need a Cock Ring

You might think a cock ring is a bit extreme but in reality, it is no more so than the vibrator is for a woman. Vibrating cock rings are brilliant for couples, and Spank The Monkey says that once you try a cock ring you will come back for different models. They have everything from cock and ball rings to vibrating cock rings, plus metal and rubber cock rings, as well as the quite amazing cock ring and butt plug combined, which really is something else!

There’s so much choice – and not just in cock rings but right across the board – that we guarantee you’ll spend a lot of time browsing the superb selection of male sex toys at Spank The Monkey. Whether you are looking together, or you want to surprise your man this is the place to be, so take the plunge and give your sex life that added thrill it needs, and you won’t regret it.