How can I be out of shape but be such a fast runner? Easy.

The running I’m talking about is not real marathon running, but rather the fight or flight response we meet when we are confronted with something fearful. It’s our brain signaling trouble, telling us “Get up and outta here!” or (put my hands up like a pro boxer) “Bring me what you have, I’m not afraid!”

For most of my life, fleeing and running away has always been my decision.

Work getting hard? Just leave and quit. I can find another job.

Friendship confrontation? Erase their number and never speak to them again. A good friend wouldn’t do something like that!

Acknowledging my feelings for missing my mom? I don’t really like to talk about it so much. When I do, I try to keep the emotion down.

I’m a pro marathon runner when it comes to heavy feelings and having to face fears, confrontations, and any hard stuff head on. What I’ve learned is that running away from things isn’t the best or healthiest action to do. Avoidance just gives any phobia more power over you and stays within you. But it’s so easy to just run away.

I hosted my first Origami Owl jewelry party this weekend which was a great success, however, I had a project due the very next morning. I didn’t purposely plan it this way, as I planned this party before I had my class syllabus. Embracing the can-do attitude I figured I could still do both.

I woke up at 8am the next morning after my soiree, and got to finishing it. I turned in my project before its Noon deadline. SUCCESS!

Or so I thought.

I got an email back from my teacher basically stating he hated and that I had a lot of work to do on it. I was only getting half credit for it not being completely finished by the guidelines and he knew it was a sloppy job that was done the night before/day of. How embarrassing! To top that amazing news off, one of the customers from my jewelry bar completely changed her mind on her order and demanded me to cancel it. She literally wrote me in CAPS THAT I CAN CANCEL ORDERS IN 3 DAYS.

Ahhhhh!! I didn’t need this! It hurt so bad. I started to cry. I stayed in bed for the rest of the afternoon.

So naturally I started thinking defeating thoughts about myself, and that I realized I didn’t have the passion for Mental Health Counseling anymore. That’s why I did such a bad job on my project. For example, if I took this class two years ago I would have had it all done 100% plus then some. I would have been excited to do it. Maybe it’s a mixture of being in grad school for over 2 years, the horrible internship scavenger hunt I’ve done, and my heightened sense of self-doubt that has increased since classes started.

I’m not going to make a big decision with my school just yet, as I want to know my options. I don’t want to walk away completely empty-handed and would still like some sort of degree that’s for non-licensure counselors since I basically finished all my classes. We’ll see what happens.

Until then, I am sad. I’m just going to forget about this until tomorrow when I see my counselor and go from there. All I know is that I don’t think I’ll be happy working so hard and using all this time for a profession I’m not 100% into.

Life is too short to do things that don’t make you 100% happy. I don’t feel being a counselor will make me happy.

happy inspiration quotes

I’m hoping a trip to the mall to get a free lipstick at my Sephora will cheer me up. =)

Thanks for listening! It means a lot.

Can you relate to any of this? Have  you switched careers in order to make yourself happier? I’d love to know your experience and the outcome if possible.

<3 always,


Hostess with the Mostess

Hi, everyone! Happy Sunday <3

I am adding “Hostess with the Mostess” to my Resume because I hosted a rather fun shindig last night. I am so excited to tell you all about it because this was my first one at my house. I was really nervous about hosting my very own party since I’ve never hosted one before!

I was in a frenzy trying to get everything ready such as  throwing clutter in the nearby closet cleaning the house, setting up my jewelry display(something I’ve never done before for a whole crowd!) and deciding what foods and drinks to have.

Here’s what I decided on:

Foods: Bruschetta on a French Roll, variety of cheeses (sharp cheddar, hot habanero, colby jack) with fancy table crackers and simple club crackers (even out the fancy with the simple) fresh grapes, Dove chocolates for something sweet. and thanks to my friend ,Kim, we had some Publix fried chicken! YUM!

Drinks: Sam Adams’ Octoberfest beer, and homemade white sangria I made from my Pinterest board.

Jewelry: Super shiny and perfectly placed on my table to make everyone’s eyes pop! and mouths ooh! and Ah! With joy.

Men in the other room watching Sports.

And here’s me and my Origami Owl Jewelry Bar!! <3 (Pssst! You can shop my bar here.)

Lifebeinggirly's Origami Owl Jewelry Bar

Origami Owl charms jewelry bar Origami Owl line bags

Origami owl necklace standOrigami Owl takeout box and earrings

Fall Open House with friends

And in true Lifebeinggirly fashion, I took a group photo of my lovely lady friends! Thank you for making my first party special and lots of fun!

Have you ever shopped at a at-home party like a jewelry bar or makeup party? Did you have a good time? What did you love most about it? I’d love to know to prepare for the next party I host.

I hope you have an amazing night and wonderful start to your week.

<3 always,


Spice Girls! Spice up your life!

Spice Girls CD cover

I LOVED the Spice Girls and still do!

Spice Girls cute

I was scrolling through Netflix this morning and to my luck, I found Spice World, Spice Girls’ movie! Ahhhh! This is the perfect way to start my Friday!

Spice Girls Rolling Stone cover

I am not ashamed to say that I recorded this movie illegally while it was on TV. I was a teenager who loved them and needed to have their movie. Spice World was a movie filled with fun, their amazing music, and of course, GIRL POWER!

I also had a Spice Girls poster hanging up in my bedroom so I’d always be inspired. As a 30-year-old, I still find their energy contagious and knew they needed to be featured as Famous Girly Girls on my blog!

Who else got super excited when they saw the Spice Girls get together for a reunion for the Olympics?? The inner middle schooler in me was! Oh, how I wish they would get back together and do another CD (haha, just aged myself. Anyone else buy CDs? This gal does!)

Spice Girls songs

My favorite Spice was Posh Spice because of her Posh style. I loved her short dresses as she managed to still look chic in a slip dress and heels.

Posh Spice gif

However, you can’t have one without the others so they all need each other to be the Spice Girls! My favorite music video of theirs was “Say You’ll Be There” I always got so happy when it came on TV since it was super cute and my one of my favorite songs. Seriously, they are the best girl group of all time and I WISH they get back together one day. Please, Spice Girls!

Were you a Spice Girl fan? If so, who was your favorite? Which song of theirs was your favorite? Would you like to see a Spice Girl reunion, too?! I’d love to know!!

Here’s to Friday and spicing up our lives!

Thank you, Spice Girls for encouraging women and girls all around the world to embrace girl power at any age. You’re beautiful inside and out, your amazing individual personalities, and embracing who you are is the most positive way to live your life.

<3 always,


Confessions of a Blogoholic

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Armani Si perfume

Happy Wednesday!! (At least what’s left of it!)

I must confess that I’m very sorry about posting so late today. I know I really haven’t been on a strict schedule with my posts, but it is something that I want to work on. I think I’m pretty consistent in that I usually post a few times a week. I don’t have a set time with my posts since I don’t want to have any deadlines or appointments with my blog posts…just how I like it!

Although, I would like to hear what you think? Do you like that my posts simply pop-up by surprise or would you rather know when to expect a post? I would love to know!

YAY!  I’m glad to ask that question and hear your opinion!

Anywhos, my other confessions involve my favorite girly things this week, double YAY!


OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Armani Si perfume
Ahh! I got to bust out my OPI color, Lincoln Park in the Dark and fell in love with it all over again. Every Fall I feel this way. It’s love at first swipe!!


I might be kinda late to this beautiful scent, but I recently tried it on a whim and LOVE it! This chic perfume has so many flowers in it AND has the cutest pink satin ribbon on the top. So girly and perfect. Oh la la!!
I might be kinda late to this beautiful scent, but I recently tried it on a whim and LOVE it! This chic perfume has so many flowers in it AND has the cutest pink satin ribbon on the top. So girly and perfect. Oh la la!!
My sweet cat, Berkeley chillin' on Ronnie <3
My sweet cat, Berkeley chillin’ on Ronnie <3
Happy to find a yogurt place in my neighborhood that tastes amazing! AND it doesn't cost an arm and a leg!
Happy to find Happy Cow yogurt place in my neighborhood that tastes amazing! AND it has the cutest name and mascot!

So, there you have it! <3 I hope you enjoyed reading my Confessions this week. I am definitely a Blogoholic! Thank you to the original Blogoholic, (and fellow Lovely Lady Blogger!) Bella from Dateless in Dallas. Go visit her page! It’s lovely!


What are some fascinating things that happened to you or experienced this week? I’d love to know!

Have a sweet night! Goodnight, Harvest Moon!

<3 always,


Take Me to the Beach-themed Origami Owl

Blue crystal Origami Owl locket


My sister’s beach themed Origami Owl locket, isn’t it pretty??!!

She has the NEW Blue Zircon Swarovski crystal locket face along with two new memento charms from the Core Collection paired next to it on her chain.

The paper crane memento means Happiness. To be blessed with good luck, happiness, and peace–today, tomorrow, and always. This Sterling Silver charm is said to give the person 1,000 years of bliss. Amazing, right?

She also has her Zodiac sign, Aquarius. This charm has a Sterling Silver base and plated in 18kt rose gold. For lovelies born January 20-February 19.

Fear Not is from Origami Owl’s Tagged Collection.  This have special sayings to toss on your chain to give your locket extra meaning or to simply wear alone. On the flip side of this tag has the quote, “Without change, there would be no butterflies.” Beautiful reminder to wear!

Her charms in her living locket include: a palm tree, a dolphin, a sunshine, a rainbow, a beach ball, a sailboat, two hexagon Swarovski crystals in Bermuda Blue and Light Turquoise, and a mini plate that says, “love.” (It’s covered by the charms but you can see it when it moves around)

What do you think of my sister’s locket? What charms or mementos or tags would you pair with your locket? I’d love to know!

pastel tassel garland

I’m hosting my first ever Fall Open House this Saturday at my house. I’m hoping it’s a big turnout and lots of fun! I’m going to make a tassel garland to hang to make it more festive and serve apple cider. I wish you guys could come! I will be posting photos and possibly record another video! Stay tuned for that!

If you would like to get the party started sooner, you can always shop my website at or also click on the Origami Owl photo on my sidebar. I know you will find something to tell your story!

I hope your week is off to a great start! Have a girly day!

<3 always,


Adventure! | The Daily Post

This week, share a photo that says “adventure.” It could be an image of someone setting off on an epic journey, a photo you took on an adventure of your own, or something more metaphoric that represents a personal or psychological adventure. We’re excited to see where you’ll take us!

Heading to the beach in Florida is so much fun. You know the water will be a clear, turquoise blue and soon you’ll bask in the sunshine for at least a few hours.

Heading over to the beach and having a beach day is an adventure. Packing a cooler with delicious food and drinks, taking beach essentials in a bag, and containing your excitement that you get to hang out by the ocean for the day.

Whether it’s an all-day adventure or simply an afternoon by the water, (shown in this photo. We were “wasting” time before class) adventure is always just over the sand dune.

Do you enjoy going to the beach? If so, what are some things you must bring on your adventure? I’d love to know! 

I hope your week is off to a great start! 

<3 always,


I Think My Best Quality is…#ProjectPositive

Finish this sentence: “I think my best quality is…” for Day 6 of the #ProjectPositive #30daysocialmediachallenge 

project positive challenge

Since I am nearing September 7th and don’t plan on sleeping anytime soon (I’m still creeped out by finishing “True Detective” the other day) I will be answering today’s positivity challenge along with tomorrows. I hope that’s okay! <3 

For today’s challenge, I think my best quality is my kindness. I believe that I people are more good than not, without even knowing them. I remember asking my friend, Dennis, about how he views people he meets. He said, “People start at 0% with me. They have to earn my friendship.” 

I was kinda taken aback by this because my style was complete opposite.

“Really? I always believe that people are good until they show me otherwise. I will be nice to you even if I don’t know them.” 

This puzzled me because we were best friends. Laughing, I asked him, “So, you didn’t like me when you first met me?!” He looks at me and replied, “Yes!” I was shocked. LOL.

However, I liked that I was able to learn that day that people have different views and approaches to their life and how they go about things. It was very interesting! I’m not saying his way is wrong, or that my way is right. Because once Dennis got to know you, he was very kind. I like to think that this is true for most people. 

How do you fall on this scale? Do people automatically start at 100% with you, or do they start at zero and earn your kindness and friendship?? I’d love to know!

For September 7th, the question is:The 3 words I’d use to describe me are…funny, optimistic, and girly, of course!

What 3 words do you use to describe yourself? I’d love to hear what you think! <3 

I hope you had a fun day! 




Funny Cat

Girly Bow and bead bracelet
So cute and girly! From kaitlinkendalldesign Etsy page.


Moved to Tears | The Daily Prompt

Do movies, songs, or other forms of artistic expression easily make you cry? Tell us about a recent tear-jerking experience!

This Daily Prompt couldn’t have come at a better time. Last night I watched Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work on Netflix. I know, I had a wild Friday night!

Joan River Piece of Work

Any who, I watched in awe as I saw how hard Joan Rivers worked to stay in the life she wanted. Even though she faced rejection, criticism because of her comedy, and mediocre reviews, she kept fighting to stay in the light.

At the beginning of the documentary, she tells you what her worst nightmare is: a blank, bright white planner. She calls the ratty, scribbled over, highlighted planners from years past to be “great years.” I couldn’t help but look at my planner. Joan would cry at how blank mine is.

Seeing this 75-year-old woman (at the time of this film) hustle in the harshest industry inspired me to keep hustling. She inspired me to keep going to the point where hustling is considered just a typical day.

I’m regretful and sad that I didn’t watch her documentary until now. It has been on my Netlflix list for a long time, and I feel sad about that. I wished I would have watched it sooner. I did, however, loved her on Fashion Police and got my Joan fix from there.

When the film ended, I was teary-eyed because I saw that under her crass but funny nature, she had sadness stemming from her experiences. From nobody ever telling her she’s beautiful, to her husband’s suicide, and her relationship with show business, she used her stand up to ease the pain.

Thank you, Joan for inspiring women to never stop fighting for what they want and saying, “fuck you!” to the hecklers and haters. R.I.P.

joan-rivers 4

What was the last thing that you watched, heard, or read that made you teary-eyed?

I hope you have a fabulous weekend and a cheers! to life. Joan Rivers would celebrate that way!

<3 always,


When I look in the mirror, I see…#ProjectPositive

When I look in the mirror, I see a smart, 30-year-old wifey/graduate student that is still trying to get my shit together.

Or do I already have it together? I’m not on drugs or anything. Or driving drunk. I clean out the cats’ box everyday (or at least every other day.)  Pffft. “Together” is clearly subjective.

funny e cards girly


When I saw this meme on my Pinterest feed, I couldn’t help but relate to it. This is totally me! I am on my home phone (mine is cordless though) and gabbing away with my roomie aka bestie, Alfreda over whatever.

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

I’d love to know! Definitely comment below or join in on this fabulous #ProjectPositive social media challenge!

I hope you had a wonderful day! Any plans for this weekend? Do tell! <3

<3 always,