Stand Like a Flamingo!

Hi, everyone!

I hope you have had a fabulous February! I know I’ve posted a lot less lately and I just wanted to let you know that I’m working on giving my blog a “treat yo’ self” makeover so pardon the old look for now.

Until then, I wanted to share my fun photo I took while I visited Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo with my brother who was visiting from San Francisco and my sister. It was truly a lovely day. I got to see two colors/types of flamingoes that day. I didn’t know there were two kinds. One set are more salmon-like in color and the other is the pale, light pink shade. Of course one of my favorite animals are pink!!

Do you have a favorite animal? If so, I’d love to know! Also, do you ever go to your local zoo? I would urge you to go since it’s most likely inexpensive but oh so fun.

I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to! I’ve missed blogging!!

Talk to you soon,


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Image via

lowry park zoo tampa

The Berry It’s A Girl Thing: Best girly shit

We’ve all experienced it. The uneasiness of getting used to something, not living in the moment and thinking about tomorrow when it’s still today. It’s the anticipated anxiety that’s filling your mind with irrational “what ifs” and “I’m scared that” scenarios. For someone who has anxiety issues, these feelings take a longer to subside. I have to work them out in my mind and have my rational girly self tell me to “Chill…breathe.”

Most of the time this works. I’m lucky to have my cell phone with me during the day to connect with someone if I can’t get out of my head. Calling a friend, texting my husband, scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram helps! It gets me out of my mind and focus on something else. Thoughts are fleeting. I just need to chill during that time.

And if all else fails, having your bestie text you every 10 mins or so to check on you works! Speaking of which, coincidentally while I was scrolling through my favorite feed on The Berry, It’s A Girl Thing, always makes me smile! Case in point. This AWESOME-SAUCE gif of my girl, Leslie Knope!!!! Which makes me think…she needs to be my girly girl!! Stay tuned for that post!!


I hope your week has gotten off to a anxiety-free start! If not, there’s always Leslie Knope girl power gifs, texts and phone calls from your favorite people in your life, and always, knowing that there’s always tomorrow to restart. Just breathe until then <3

<3 always,


The Time When I Thought I Had TB & Scared the Bejeezus Out of a Nurse

You’re going to laugh at me. Perhaps even make fun of me for this post. But I wanted to write because it’s been too long since I’ve posted. It’s not right that I haven’t posted and I am very sorry.

Not only did I start my fabulous job, I also caught a cold along the way. A cold where it’s still around one week later, even after taking the severe version of over the counter medicine to help me get over it. Coughing and blowing my nose with beautiful snot and phlegm coming out. It was like my body was throwing out old garbage that it didn’t need anymore, like a roommate that’s overstayed their lease.

“Get the eff outta here!!” my body would say as I coughed it up. “And don’t ever come back!” My body was working hard for me. Imagine my body has a New Yorker garbage man voice. Yep. Life being girly has a bouncer.

I woke up at 5am with my lymph nodes so swollen that I could barely swallow. Oh, and I was sweaty. That’s it. I’m going to the doctor even though it’s going to set me back a days worth of pay.

With WebMD as my primary health care provider, I narrowed it down to a few possibilities if it was more than a cold. Could I have TB? Or strep throat? Or something more horrifying.

I tell my husband my worrisome theory and he rejects it immediately. “Babe, you don’t have TB. You haven’t been coughing up blood or had a fever at all. I highly doubt that so don’t think that you do.”

Fast forward to being seen by a nurse before the doctor comes in, I let her know that I think I have TB.

The nurse could not have whipped out her mouth mask fast enough. “You what?!” My husband is giving me “the look” and shaking his head. He is furious that I told a medical professional this tidbit. “What?! I want her to know my concerns!” The poor nurse was scared and had this look on her face like it was too early to be dealing with this bitch who thinks she has TB. I didn’t apologize to her. She wasn’t the friendly and caring nurse that we all hope we get when we’re in the hospital.

Happily, the doctor is very friendly and tells me I don’t have TB. I don’t have strep throat. I have a cold. No TB. It’s okay, I’m alright. YAY.

I’m here to stay!

peanuts get well soon

I hope you are having a nice week so far. Any plans or fun ideas for Valentine’s Day? I’d love to know!

<3 always,


In Hindsight

I recently started watched VH1’s new scripted series, Hindsight, a story about a girl who is reminiscing about her life the night before her 2nd second wedding.

hindsight vh1

Becca is looking through her old photo album filled with photos of her first wedding, along the fun times with her best friend, She realizes that she hasn’t spoken to her best friend, Lolly, in ten years due to something that happened in their friendship.

If she only knew what she knew now. That her wedding when she was 23 years old to an artist that has an accent and a nice body would ultimately end in divorce. That her and her best friend would no longer be speaking to one another, she imagines what if? Now it’s the eve of her wedding to her lifelong friend, a nice guy who she basically grew up with. She loves him but isn’t “wowed” by him. Is there something more? Or is this it? You can sense her confusion the first 20 minutes of the show.

Suddenly, she’s in an elevator going up to her parent’s apartment when the time travel occurs. She wakes up and to her surprise, it’s 1995 and it’s the morning of her first wedding. She’s still best friends with Lolly. She has time to change her life with what she knows now. Will she still marry her first husband and try to work things out differently? Or will she call off the wedding?


These are important questions she ponders all at the same time getting used to not using her iPhone, wearing Doc Martens and a sunflower printed sun dress, but being able to smoke inside a bar again. This is my favorite new show!!

Becca, the time traveler that gets to go back and wear uber-cool chokers and motorcycle jackets.
Becca, the time traveler that gets to go back and wear uber-cool chokers and motorcycle jackets.
Becca’s best friend, Lolly. How cute is this outfit?!

The show’s soundtrack is amazing as it plays sooo much of 1995’s best music. Think Ace of Base, Alanis Morrisette, Mariah Carey, and Lisa Loeb, hanging out at a bar with it all being played through a fancy JUKE BOX filled with CDs!! Remember those?!

Now let’s see…in 1995 I was only 11 years old, but I knew what the vibe was. I dreamed of getting CDs, loved going to a video store to pick out a movie on VHS, and wearing a flannel shirt tied around my waist. Peace sign chokers and everything printed with happy sunflowers. It wasn’t too shabby. Where were you in 1995? Were you born yet? Were you falling in love? I’d love to know!

Just so you know, I am a sucker for time travel movies. Back to the Future, Hot Tub Time Machine, 13 Going on 30, Peggy Sue Got Married, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, any version of A Christmas Carol, and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, to name a few. I know there are plenty more but that’s what I can think of off the top of my head. Please feel free to add your favorite time travel movie!

I hope you are having a happy Sunday and that you have a Sunday Funday <3 Oh, and happy Super Bowl day!

<3 always,


2015: No More People Pleasing

It wasn’t until I started my job that I knew something about myself had to change. Of course it wasn’t my amazing personality or good looks, but it was the way I was too much of a passive people pleaser and a borderline doormat. My teacher noticed this about me and called me on it. That’s just one of the perks of having a teacher who is also a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor with so many years in practice: they know their shit.

At first I was in denial.

“Pffft. Whatever! I am not a passive people pleaser with Geisha-like qualities (except for the whole sex thing).” I thought to myself. But then I REALLY thought about it. I could be more assertive. I CAN be more assertive! But, I didn’t want to come off like a bitch….that’s just not who I am. I was puzzled until another blogger introduced me to a book called, “Nice Girls Can Finish First: Getting the Results You Want and the Respect You Deserve…While Still Being Liked.” by Daylle Deanna Schwartz, who is a Master’s level counselor. A self-empowerment counselor.  I must say that this book changed me in such a positive way. (Perhaps self-empowerment is one speciality area I will focus on in my career? I instantly loved the idea and love empowering other women to take charge in their lives so there’s an idea!)

nice girls can finish first book cover

I became more assertive, not only at work but also less second guessing myself over small decisions. Those would crush me! Enough was enough. After reading this book and identifying myself as a people pleaser, I now know how to handle myself better in ways that benefit myself as a person. No more cursing whatever it was that I let slip away, or saying, “Yes!” to an invite or task I didn’t want to do. I learned that the world doesn’t shrivel up and die if I tell it, “No, thank you!” I was amazed. I didn’t lose that friend because I told them, “No.” They didn’t start yelling at me or cursing my name. My world didn’t end. It actually got better.

To my ladies who are looking to become stronger as a whole, not just physically but mentally, I suggest this book. It offers tales from other “recovering doormats” and explains examples in the easiest way. There’s still hope! You can be happy with your decisions!

The other day my teacher was making an example and said that this lady person had “Brass ovaries.” as opposed to brass balls. I called out and said, “So she was being assertive? No need to describe her ovaries thankyouverymuch.” Am I right?!

One criticism I have about the book is that it’s impossible to have everyone like you. You just can’t. If someone is going to think of me as a bitch then so be it. I cannot control how others think about me. Repeat. YOU cannot control how others think of you. So make sure you say and do what’s right for you. If you still feel good about yourself afterwards then you’re all good. I can’t help it if people stop liking me for finally standing up for myself.

Assertive Pose!
Assertive Pose!

What do you think about asserting yourself? Do you think it’s important to be assertive in life? I’d love to know!

I hope you have a perfectly pink Wednesday!

<3 always,


P.S. Thank you to the blogger who introduced me to this fabulous book!! <3

Make Your Own Taylor Swift “1989” Album Cover

Happy Monday!

I hope that you’re off from work today and enjoying a Monday in your PJs. If you’re working then I have something that will make your day at work more fun.

Who hasn’t seen Miss Swift’s beautiful cover of her “1989” album?? I thought it was such a cool photo and was curious about what filter she used so that I can be cool a la Taylor.


Just my luck, the first Google search I ran found this awesome sauce of a Buzzfeed article. It’s a Make Your Own album cover just like T. Swift’s!! And it’s super easy. The hard part was choosing a photo of yourself that went with well with the filter and let’s be honest,how you would want your “imaginary” album cover to look like. I say “imaginary” because I am pretending that my blog, Lifebeinggirly, is famous for strong, smart, and funny girly girls all around the world and this is my billboard.

taylor swift inspired


What do you think? I’d love to know if you made yourself one!!

I hope you are having a great start to your week!

Thank you so much for reading!

<3 always,



Let’s Stay Connected!

Humor Makes Everything Better

Happy weekend!!

Oh my gosh. It feels sooooo good to be on here and blogging!! I’ve missed it so much! I have tried to get a new schedule in the works now that I’m a working girl. Please don’t unfollow me for not posting every day! I would be so sad. =(

It’s been kinda crazy the last few weeks. Since both my husband and I got employed (woot!woot!) and I started school again, and we only have one car, we have been strategically planning our days as to who gets dropped off first and all that fun stuff.  We haven’t planned this much since our wedding! It’s been a lot of fun for us since we attack it with a team attitude.

Who here plans their week with OCD-like finesse? I need your help! I need to start planning to bring a lunch or at least a snack to work as I have run on pure awesomeness all day, and then coming home at 10pm to eat whatever I have at home OR stopping at McDonald’s for a $.69 cheeseburger. There must be a better way!

Now that I have a set schedule for work and school, I will be able to plan better than these past weeks. YAY!

How do you plan your week? Do you write out the week with meal prep and everything, or do you just wing it as life comes at you and then you improvise? i.e. eating and drinking when you can. I’d love to know!

Annnnnnd, even though I’m 31 years old and considered an adult, I’m still going to stay my cheesy, corny, girly self! No matter how busy or upside down your world changes, humor grounds you and makes you chill again. Let’s not forget that! So with that being said, take a cue from Tina Belcher and love the little, er, nice things in life such as butts.