Hello Kitty is not a cat…but she looks like one!

My Hello Kitty collection >^..^<
My Hello Kitty collection

The world seemed to turn upside down the other day when Sanrio officially stated that Hello Kitty is NOT a cat. She simply is a schoolgirl that lives in London and owns a cat named Charmmy Kitty. Everyone felt lied to, upset, confused, and mostly annoyed.

“Why do they drop this news on us now?

Why is this news and why destroy my childhood/imagination?!

If I were younger and read this news, I would be confused because she looks like a cat with those whiskers and cat-shaped ears. Her own name has “kitty” in it. But you’re telling me she’s not a cat? Yup. She’s simply a cartoon character that looks like a cat but isn’t.

Get it?

Luckily, I heard this news as 30-year-old still in love with all things Hello Kitty. I can’t imagine how confusing this news would be to tell your child, when your child clearly knows what a kitty looks like.

I remembered  I watched a cartoon video of her adventures when I was in 6th grade. I have never seen her in any movies or video games before, so it shocked me to see her in a video. It surprised me when I saw that she stands like a human, speaks (I thought that was more confusing…I thought she didn’t have a mouth because love and friendship need no words, but nevermind that) and didn’t do any cat-specific behaviors like my cat in real life has.She didn’t clean herself by licking her paws, or roll around purring, or even “meows.”

That was when I realized that she is a cartoon character from Sanrio, and just like any character, it was simply the way she was created by cartoonists. She looks like a cat, but she has typical human adventures with her many friends and family.

So, when the other day when I saw that Hello Kitty was trending, I wasn’t surprised because well, she’s amazing. I still checked to see what the fuss was all about (a Hello Kitty-themed amusement park in the U.S.??!!) no, it was the shocking news that she is not a cat.

I can understand if Pusheen the Cat was announced to not be a cat. Because Pusheen is seen doing cat things such as:

Image from pusheen.com

I received a lot of messages from people who know I love Hello Kitty. They wanted to know my reaction, if I was mad or in disbelief, and if I needed a shoulder to cry on. Don’t worry, everyone! I’m A-OK!

Hello Kitty is my favorite character, not only because she looks like a cat, but that she has always made me smile and is the epitome of girly girlyness. She will always be my favorite and I will always love her.

What was your reaction when you heard this news? Did you think of me at all? Hehe! I’d love to know!

I hope you are having a fabulous Labor Day Weekend!!

<3 always,


The Power of “Hello”

a simple hello can lead to a million things Pinterest quote


I stopped in to a local boutique to check out these trendy bangles by Bourbon & Boweties. Have you heard of them/have any?

bourbon & boweties
So pretty! Too bad my fat hand can’t squeeze through them, though! Oh well.

Well, they are all the hype right now in arm candy parties (you know I love me some arm candy!) and I wanted to see how they looked in person. Too bad when I went to the boutique, the woman working there was too busy to greet my husband and I a “Hello.” 

She was finishing up at the register with another customer, so I figured she’d say hi once she left. 10 minutes pass by, a walk around the entire boutique and nada. To make things worse, the Bourbon & Boweties bangles are really pretty BUT they don’t stretch and didn’t fit over my big, man hands! I was so disappointed. We left (still without a hello or a goodbye) and that was that. I’ll stick to my Origami Owl <3 

On a happier note, I feel much better after having a really good counseling session. I think sometimes you need a good cry in front of a person who isn’t a friend or family member. I looked at the stakes in my life if I were to quit grad school (life in general), and they are too important for me to do that.

Even though many people I know may be starting their families or their careers, I’m still working on mine with my family. My family consists of my husband, myself, our two cats and dog. So, without realizing it, I already have started a family of my own. The day I said, “I do!” to Ronnie on our wedding day was the start of our family. Not all families look alike nor do they have the sameness as everyone else, and that’s what makes your family yours. Just so you know, I just got really teary-eyed after writing this! 

I hope you had a great day, even if it seemed ordinary. Just know that your presence means a lot to the others around you, even though you don’t feel like it does. A simple, “Hello.” CAN lead to a million things. You just have to be present.

Do you ever go unnoticed at a store? How do you feel about that?? I know some people like to shop without being disturbed, but at least a “Hello.” Am I right? I’d love to know what you think. 

<3 always, 


Girly Things

Why haven’t I thought of this before????!!!! Along with featuring famous girly girls on my blog, I should post girly things in their own post. By posting this way, each girly thing will get the spotlight. You know I’ve been feeling a little blue (oh, so lonesome) lately, so looking at pretty and girly things makes me smile. =)

I love just browsing websites for bright, stylish, and fun girly things. I stumbled upon the website, Love Baby Frou Frou from my Instagram feed, and realized how much I LOVE your jewelry! Don’t get me wrong, I love my Origami Owl! But you know as a girly girl, you can love a lot of things!! You’re not stuck to one brand because you want it all! Am I right or what?

Also, I love their slogan: “May your jewels always sparkle.” I think I need to use this quote in reference to my life…may it always sparkle.

Anywho, Love Baby Frou Frou has trendy jewelry that offers such pretty styles, lots of SALES, one currently going on right now (50%off? Yes, please!) AND free shipping in the U.S. going on right now. Just click on the photos with the necklaces to get to their website.

There’s this necklace that I’ve been eyeing, it’s the Lacey necklace. It’s the ginormous pink stone wrapped tightly around a delicate gold chain. It’s so pretty and you can get it for only $14.50!!! Seriously! I swore I saw something just like this at someone’s Etsy store for $100 and not nearly as big. If I was a rich girl….oh man.



Have you checked out their website? Just click on the necklace photos!

What do you think of Love Baby Frou Frou’s jewelry? Do you have a favorite piece? I’d love to know!

Stay tuned for another Girly Things post. I think this idea just helped me get my girly groove back.


A Blogging Nook


Doesn't this space seem so inviting?
Doesn’t this space seem so inviting?

Hi, everyone <3 I hope this Tuesday went very well for you! I feel a bit better since my last post, but still in worrisome mode. 

That being said, I want to thank everyone who left some really thoughtful comments from my last post. It was a tough decision on whether or not to post something so personal, but I wanted to be honest and share my story. I promise to write everyone back once I feel a bit better. 

One thing (other than blogging) that I do to relax is to look around Pinterest for happy and pretty things. I saw this pin of a calm and cozy nook space.I would love to have this space in my place! I would call it my “blogging nook” and keep my laptop open on it, ready to type out my ideas.

My blogging nook consists on the end of my couch in the living room. I like that I can sit and watch tv in the background, but it would be nice to have a space like this! I’ve also seen other bloggers gorgeous desks and work spaces in their home. The only problem with this is that I don’t like typing on a desk with my laptop! It totally gives me carpal tunnel and it stinks. So a blogging nook would work best for me (and for my wrists!)


 I THINK that chaise is from Ikea, and with a splash of pink I think I can ideally have this one day (unlike most dreamy house pins from Pinterest!) And it looks like there’s enough room if one of my furry kitty cats or dog wanna hangout with me. 

Do you have a “blogging nook?” If so, what does it look like and what makes it yours? I’d love to know the details of your blogging haven. 

<3 always, 


Girl, Unmotivated

My stress and anxiety levels were really high and on overload these past two weeks. For what I thought was going to be a semester to just focus on finding and starting my internship, I found out that I had to take a class in addition to internship.

Don’t get me wrong, I admire the professor who is teaching the class and the class itself seems interesting. I am confident that this class would give me more information needed to be an even better counselor. It’s just that feeling of last-minute changes and thoughts of uncertainty. It turned out that I HAD to take this class after being told it was an elective.

Then I find out my husband was not going to school this semester due to financial aid reasons. He tried to find out exactly what was wrong but every person he spoke to in person and on the phone seemed to have different information to give him. This stressed me out even further.

I was sad that I’m nearly 31 years old and both my husband and I are not where we want to be financially. I can’t help but get a little twinge of sadness/jealousy when I see photos of people our age (and younger!) who have at least one child and are already starting their family memories with one another. I am not there yet and I’m sad that I’m not. I worry that I may not even have the opportunity to have kids. The clock is ticking on my lady clock and that makes me even more worrisome!

As someone who struggles with anxiety issues, this wrecks havoc because I have to deal with extra stuff. I know, I know. Life is not perfect and you have to roll with the punches as they say. But to someone who has a mental disorder such as anxiety/depression, it’s a lot harder to “roll” with these so-called punches. For example,

  • It’s harder for me to just pick myself up. I once heard that everyone is somewhat functioning on a low-grade depression but they just deal with it. Also, that Depression is just low self-esteem. What about the people who are already susceptible to depression?  I believe it affects us more.
  • People with mental illness such as anxiety/depression already most likely have low self-esteem and need more reassuring from outside. This is why surrounding yourself with encouraging, supportive, and inspiring people make life better. These people bring you up. I’d like to think I am everyone’s cheerleader, such as for my family and friends. But what about me?

These past two weeks being so stressful have really got to me.

Did you know that I started crying uncontrollably at my in-laws last Wednesday?? Yes. I started crying when I was asked about babies. My mother in-law and grandpa in-law saw me cry all of a sudden from this question. I left embarrassed but I was more concerned about why I couldn’t stop crying. Where the hell that come from??

The last time I cried unexpectedly was when I was in high school and did a presentation about my family’s Christmas tradition. As I was just discussing how my dad always stuffs the tree with dollar bills, I just bursted into tears in front of my class! It was so embarrassing, but again I was scared about where the hell all that emotion was coming from.

Going back to last week, I couldn’t help but wonder if I am seriously so stressed and sad to the point of emotion exhaustion. Sure, I may not say everything that’s on my mind, but maybe I need to talk about my feelings more?

Maybe it is the combination of school being hard, my career path as a counselor dwindling as I see how hard it is and get paid so little to do it, and feeling ashamed of wanting to quit. I’ve quit plenty of jobs, but school was something I always finished. Perhaps I am not a #GIRLBOSS.

But what if I don't want to work?? Am I a #GIRLSLOTH?
But what if I don’t want to work?? Am I a #GIRLSLOTH?

To be honest, a part of me wishes I could be a full-time wifey and have no restrictions to where if I did have children, I wouldn’t be so busy that I wouldn’t spend time with them. I basically want  what I do now but without the stress of finances. It would be great to make a career out of Lifebeinggirly and just love what I do…no stress!

So, I realize it’s been 5 days since I’ve last blogged. Now you know what’s been going on in my life and why I haven’t been so inspired to write.

I feel apprehensive about sharing this personal post, that it’s too sad to read about others troubles when each of us has our own to deal with.

But then I remember why I wanted to start my blog. I was a confused, somewhat agoraphobic, optimistic girly girl about to turn 29 who had just entered graduate school. I dealt with anxiety and depression and wanted to connect with other women who are smart, beautiful, but also deal with mental disorders of their own. Since starting Lifebeinggirly over a year ago, I am proud to see how my blog, something that I care about so much has become. Here’s to not giving up just yet. Here’s to blog therapy and writing things out.



Confessions of a Blogaholic

Happy Hump Day, everyone!


This morning I was perusing my Pinterest feed and I found a pin that immediately caught my attention.  Confessions of a Blogoholic?!

A play-on title of my favorite movie/book Confessions of a Shopaholic?!

I’m in love!

I immediately clicked on it to fit out what it was all about. Turns out, a blogger named Bella at Dateless in Dallas started this Confessions of a Blogoholic as a way to confess your current loves, connect with other amazing bloggers, and adorn your blog with the cutest picture. Thank you, Bella! Thank you for starting this amazing idea for an even happier Hump Day!

So, my confessions for today are:

The new Fall 2014 Origami Owl line. I’m working on my gotta have list of items that I can add to my jewelry bar AND double as my new accessories. It’s a hard job but someone’s gotta do it! I enlisted the help of my sisters to see what items are ESSENTIAL,  but still stay within a budget. I’ll be sure to share it with you!! For now, take a look at my “old” Origami Owl locket. Hopefully the next time you see my locket, it will be with Swarovski crystals on it <3

Origami Owl heart plate locket

I hope I don’t get in trouble for this, but I love Stella & Dot jewelry, too!! I have seen so many pretty Instagram accounts with stylish lady instabloggers who are wearing the prettiest and brightest jewelry. Whether it’s statement necklaces, chevron rings, or my favorite, the renegade bracelet, paired with this amazing piece of arm candy. I’m in love and I wonder if I could be a designer for Origami Owl AND a stylist for Stella & Dot??

I basically just wanna look like her. That peachy-pink crystal necklace, those bracelets, and that smile. I mean, I would smile regardless, but I would smile even bigger if I were her!! I need every single piece on my person! Haha!

Stella & Dot model
Image from Stella & Dot

Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Nail Polish this nail polish is seriously the poo. I can do only one coat of it and it is FLAWLESS. No streaks, no bumps, NADA. And the color payoff is amazing. I have it in this beautiful blue color called Full House (how fun!) and I’m in love. What’s even better is that they are affordable and dare I say, better than Essie???!! Eeepp! These are a must try!  I’m looking forward to going to Target and looking at the 29 other colors they have.

full house revlon

Be nice to everyone you meet.  It’s a small world. I interviewed today with my local Salvation Army for my Internship. It was great, I’m so in love with the place, and I hope all goes well with paperwork and I can start soon. **big, girly, relief sigh**

As my hopefully soon to be supervisor was giving me a tour of the place, I ran into not 1, but 3 people who I’ve either worked with or went to school with.

3 people!!

2 of them I really knew as one went to my school, and the other was a woman I started training with at my last job 2 years ago!!

Luckily, it was all positive and gave my supervisor more confidence in me since she saw that I knew some good people, and those people she liked, liked me! YAY!

I know it’s not any new news, but definitely be sure to be nice to everyone you meet. At least try to. Because you never know when you might be introduced to them 2 years later at a job you’re interviewing at!!


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