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happy ho ho to you print

Hi, everyone!

I hope your day/night is off to a great start! Me, I’m just waking up with a cup of coffee with Elf playing in the background. YAY!! It’s the first time (gasps!) I’ve seen it this holiday, so I know it needs to be played many more times before the month is over.

  1. My holiday favorites start with setting the overall mood, and that includes watching holiday movies!

I have a list of holiday movies that I MUST watch every season. So far, this is what my list looks like:

  • Elf
  • It’s a Wonderful Life
  • Mickey’s Christmas Carol
  • A Christmas Carol…basically in any form…The Muppets Christmas Carol, the one with Patrick Stewart, Scrooged, etc.
  • While You Were Sleeping
  • Love Actually
  • You Got Mail
  • Sleepless in Seattle
  • Frosty the Snowman
  • All the Christmas episodes from The Office, Parks and Recreation, New Girl, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show
  • Christmas Vacation

I hope I didn’t miss any, I might think of another can’t miss once I finish my first cup of coffee!Another seasonal favorite is putting up our Christmas tree after we eat on Thanksgiving. That’s the compromise my husband and I came up with when I told him I want to put our tree up the second Halloween is over. Haha.

2. I also love going over to my brother’s house and help decorate their tree. They always get a fresh, real tree every year and leave it up to me and my sisters to come over and decorate for them. My sisters and I went over last night and it was so much fun! Here’s the before and after that my sister took!

Christmas Tree before and after

It was so much fun! I love getting to decorate not one, but two Christmas trees! =)

3. Another favorite is enjoying a red cup of delicious Starbucks holiday drinks! It’s a tie between the Chestnut Praline Crunch and the Salted Caramel Mocha. Both are soooo good!!!! Even though it doesn’t snow in Florida, I can always pretend I’m somewhere it does. Also,  I can enjoy the drinks cold and not freeze my butt off doing so!

4. Wearing colors of the season! This includes but is not limited to nail polish colors, red lipstick, rosy cheek color, and sparkly things.

5. Speaking of sparkly things, Rose gold everything is my fave now. I recently received a beautiful rose gold watch from my besties and a rose gold bangle from my brother and they are my favorite pieces of jewelry that I can’t leave home without.

Nordstrom watch Kate Spde bangle

6. Christmas Music!!! Even though it’s playing in every store you visit, I still have favorite songs that I can listen on repeat. Wham’s Last Christmas, Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is you, and the Glee Christmas Album Volume 1.

7. Stuffed animals dressed in Christmas attire, i.e. red big bows, flannel, bells, etc. Big and soft teddy bears with santa hats are to die for. Also, Hello Kitty dressed in Christmas attire…even cuter!!

8. Cooler weather in Florida. YAY! An opportunity to wear my Uggs, leggings, and a scarf in Tampa is always a favorite thing of mine. I just feel so cozy and soft all day that I don’t mind when there’s a cold front coming through the Bay Area. Many people complain about the cold weather and I always nod that I understand but in my mind I’m actually saying, “I love this weather.”

9. Holiday season means it almost the end of the year and the start of a new one to come. That means a new opportunity to get where you wanna be. A whole new year of opportunities, another year to make you still think it’s 2014 and help you realize how fast time is going by. Let’s embrace each and everyday next year!

10. Being thankful for everything that happened this year. Everything happens for a reason to lead up to this very moment so I’m thankful for everything this year. I noticed I started things that I never thought I would be able to carry out like starting and passing my Internship, and being successful at my internship. I am super grateful for that and it helped me realize how I can do anything I want to. I just have to believe in myself!

So there you have it! My holiday favorites. I hope you enjoyed reading mine and I hope that you can do a post on yours! I would love to read all about them! If you don’t want to, please share in my comments below what are your holiday favorites, I’d love to know!

<3 always,


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Are you there, Internet Searchers? It’s me, Girly Christina

Hi, everyone!

I hope this post finds you well on this “On Wednesdays we wear pink” day. <3

I wanted to share with you a fun finding from my blog stats.

In the last 30 days, the most searched terms that brought people to my blog was the term, “Girly Christina.”


I love that it’s totally me and something that I would put on my business card or personalized piece of jewelry. Also, I’m relieved my top search word wasn’t something that had nothing to do with my blog such as, “boring blog” or “blah”. It’s a nice feeling. I feel like I achieved having a blog that completely describes my aura. Holla!

girly origami owl locket

Pearls, Crystal bling, Initial, hearts, shiny, rose gold, shopping, coffee, wine, and a key to my heart. Girly Christina!

Have you looked at your searched terms to see what top sayings brought people to your blog? I would love to know!!

<3 always,


More Writing and Less Chit-Chat

Perhaps it’s being busier more than ever compared to six months ago, but so much has happened and I can’t process it fast enough to write about it. They’re lots of good things going on and I guess I need to start at #1 to get you caught up.Don’t you wish when this happens you could just look at the person and tell them everything with just a look! hehe. Do you ever feel that way? I feel like I’ve talked a lot more and I think I’m pretty chatty.So, this post will be more writing and less chit-chat! hehe

I’m still feeling the fun of my birthday, even though it’s been almost a week since celebrating. I love that feeling! <3 I think it’s because I’m still getting presents in the mail that it continues the “awww!” feeling of opening a sweet gift from a family member or friend. Can’t I always get packages in the mail?! I mean, look at what I received yesterday. These just killed my day with cuteness! Thank you Hilary from Cutie Cameras for making my day!

hello kitty handwarmers

My husband started a new job and is loving it! I don’t know if you knew this but my husband has been out of work for some time now. It was hard to see him be rejected over and over from job interviews and the job search process. It’s killer out there! He’s been at work for a month now and I can see that his whole demeanor has become more confident and overall happier. YAY! And I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about them before but Costco is one amazing company. I’m so happy my husband works for them!

Remember the time I wanted to quit grad school because I couldn’t find an internship site? Not finding an internship site along with being emotional I started doubting myself because I felt like nobody wanted me and that maybe they knew I wouldn’t be a competent counselor? I’m happy that I didn’t because now I have my site AND have successfully passed my Practicum AND secured the same site for my full internship! It took me a whole year to get here but I’m so happy I didn’t quit.

Yes, it was completely disheartening to see friends at school who started after me (or at the same time as me) and see them graduate and get on with their lives. It was really hard since my both my husband and I were jobless. I felt guilty that I couldn’t step up to the plate for our team. But timing has a way with making everything fall into place and making you feel secure again.

Even when I tell someone I won’t graduate till next year, they look at me and say, “Wow, that’s so long of a program. Not until next year?” I agree that saying I won’t be graduating till this time next year sounds far, (far away) but it will be here in no time. I also believe that it was meant for me to graduate at a later date and grow from the experience which is graduate school.

I swear turning 30 has sped up time somehow. I need to keep up! Oh, did you know that my husband found a gray in my hair on my birthday? How perfect! But in all reality, I’ve been getting stray gray hairs since I was 20 so no big deal.

My younger sister is graduating today at 1:30. I’m so happy for her! She will be our 4th USF Bull in the family. Ya, we’re an educated bunch. I know she has plans already in motion and I am 100% sure she will get to where she wants to be! She’s the youngest in the family and yet the most ambitious. I love that!  The celebration has already started. My older brother and his wife are in town and staying with us while we celebrate all week-long, aka lots of eating! I mean, what else would you do?

I promise I won’t go too long without posting. I am working on managing my time so that I can have time for both work and play. Please bear with me! Also, just because I haven’t been posting doesn’t mean that I haven’t been visiting your blogs. <3

Until then, I wanna know how you are! Anything new? What are your plans for this weekend? I’d love to know!

Have a fabulous Saturday,

<3 always,


Things I Learned from my 31st Birthday

My birthday was so wonderful and I wanted to thank you for helping me celebrate! I celebrated with more family and friends over this weekend and I experienced some new things I love, and realized things about myself.

  1. I will NEVER be too old for Hello Kitty. Of course you know I adore Hello Kitty and sometimes you wonder if you’re always going to love something, especially as you grow older. I received more Hello Kitty plushes and some sweet and sequined Hello Kitty headphones, which I’m wearing now as I’m writing this post. I can’t get enough Hello Kitty balloons, decorations, you name it.

birthday hello kitty party decor

hello kitty balloonbirthday hello kitty Ty plushbirthday hello kitty bag and headphonesBirthday hello kitty and catbirthday present hello kitty makeup brushes birthday presents from Irene

2. There can never be too much cake for your birthday. There’s no judgement for your birthday so if you get 3 birthday cakes, be sure to take them home with no shame.

Publix birthday cake 3131st birthday cakehomemade girly birthday cake

3. Take as many photos as you can on your birthday. They will be perfect memories to show your family when you’re old and have silver hair. You can say, “Look how hot I was when I turned 31!” and you’ll have proof to back it up.

birthday sitting pretty girly girl on her birthday Pipe cleaner crown wiregrass mall


4. Be sure to stop and take in the beauty of the everyday. This includes taking a photo of a pretty flower.

yellow hibiscus flower

5. $5 Wine Tastings with a friend is ALWAYS a good idea! It was fun AND educational…”So creme fraiche on a cracker topped with fresh chives and salmon roe pairs well with this Pinot? This tastes like what Beverly Hills housewives must eat!” Thank for the fabulous idea,Edalmarys!

whole foods wine tasting cheers!

6. Mall dates are even more fun on your birthday. Thank you to my grad school bestie, Irene, for meeting up for a birthday mall date.

Birthday giftsbirthday present hello kitty makeup brushes birthday presents from IreneShe’s the sweetest thing and made me a Hello Kitty makeup brush holder that came with Hello Kitty brushes!

7. Birthday selfies are a must! Just one good one to post. This is me on my way to First Watch breakfast with my husband. You can barely see my birthday crown, but I’m wearing it!

lifebeinggirly birthday selfie

8. Katy Perry’s “Birthday” song is soooo fun to write a birthday blog post to. The video is also seriously funny as hell. Check it out!

9. Don’t break your phone before your birthday. If you do make sure to get a new one ASAP! I was sad that I couldn’t take photos this whole week and share them with you! I did snap some photos with my digital camera and uploaded them later. It’s just not the same though as snapping a photo, slapping a filter for it and uploading it right away. Luckily everyone else has a smart phone and since it’s my birthday, they didn’t mind taking some photos for me and emailing them. So no big deal! *Oh, and I just received my new phone today so YAY!

10. I seriously have a wonderful family. Both my family and Ronnie’s family.

birthday pink and publix cakebirthday candles

birthday gifts pink tote birthday kate spade bag birthday hello kitty Ty plush

pink purses and hello kitty

I got two new purses! One tote bag for school and a KATE SPADE PURSE! She’s my first Kate Spade bag and I couldn’t be more surprised and happy <3 Thank you, Danielle and Ronnie’s parents!! <3

I am completely spoiled but I am grateful for everyone and everything in my life. <3

It was a happy happy birthday and don’t judge but I’m still celebrating my birthday! lol. One day weekend is just not enough for me. Until the next birthday, thank you so much!

<3 always,


Happy Birthday to ME!

hello kitty balloon

Today is my birthday!! **@#8! YAY! 

hip hip hooray

Last night, my beautiful neighbor stopped by and surprised me with Hello Kitty balloons and a Publix cake! <3<3 

It was soooo good and pretty! I love her <3 Also, my sister made me a pipe cleaner crown to celebrate and wear all day today. Yup! That’s right. I’m going to wear this thing allll day long. I love it and of course, I love my sister!

This is just the beginning of my bday festivities. There will be plenty of more pictures, cakes, and possibly Hello Kitty decorations and more pipe cleaner crowns!

Thank you all for the fabulous birthday wishes! I’m so thankful to have a wonderful group of friends on WordPress that I can celebrate this day with! You know that I love birthdays and especially my own (duh!) and I want you to feel part of it! Stay tuned for more photos to come!

Happy birthday Happy birthday friends Happy birthday hello kitty ballons publix cake Hello kitty balloons and birthdayinspiration women quote

Here’s to another year! Stop wishing and start designing a life that YOU love!

<3 always,


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2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Not only is it my birthday week that gets me excited the first week of December, but I know it’s also time for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show!!

I was so pleased to see that Taylor Swift performed this year since I LOVE her new album. This is her backstage, I would love to wear this ensemble!


I’m eager to see it air next Tuesday night December 9th on CBS at 10PM and watch the beautiful Angels strut their stuff down the catwalk to Taylor’s “Blank Space” and “Shake it Off.”





How fabulous does she look?




Can’t wait till next week? Here are some photos that I found from via Victoria’s Secret.

Will you be tuning in? I love seeing the whimsical and fantasy details they come up with. It’s beautiful!

I hope you are having a nice week so far! Oh, and it’s my Birthday Eve!!

*~*~*Check out my Birthday Wish List*~*~*

<3 always,


Boots and Blooms

Happy December, gorgeous readers!

It’s so weird that it’s already December 1st and I’m 3 days away from my 21st er, 31st birthday. Haha.

I went to sleep very happy last night because my bestie Alfreda came over and we had a sleepover. It was tons of fun sitting next to her and see her beautiful self. Unfortunately, she leaves tomorrow but I’m happy that she’s going to be back again for Christmas and we’ll have more time together! I am just happy that I got to see her, you know how crazy holidays can be!

Even though she’s leaving for a few weeks, I’ll have her boots to keep me company. She gave me these edgy and badass boots last night, and I was so excited to wear them out today.

floral dress and grey booties

My sister and I went to lunch with another friend, John, and we were able to get some photos in thanks to my sister. Yup, my phone is still broken and will be for a while. You don’t know how many times I wanted to SnapChat a story or take a photo for my Instagram. Luckily, everyone has a phone and will happily take some photos of you.

girly girl
You can see my sister taking our photo =)

Thank you Diana and John for a fun time! Oh, and thank you John and Ashley for my beautiful Bombshell gift!! I know I will feel like one when I wear it <3

Here’s to a great start of December and receiving early birthday gifts!

I hope your day was fabulous, like wearing a new pair of boots and spending time with some of your favorite people in your life.

<3 always,


I love Victoria's Secret and being a girly girl


>^..^<Check out my Birthday Wish List>^..^<

Oh, and thank you for my early birthday present, Rosie! You’re the best, gorgeous!