Cupcakes & Painting

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New photos from my paint nite. Please check them out! =) I want to go painting again!

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Have you heard of these painting classes where you can paint, drink, eat, and have a private party? There’s a place called Painting with a Twist that has locations all over the Tampa Bay area. I’ve never been but have always wanted to go! When my beautiful neighbor and friend, Valerie, decided to celebrate her birthday with a private party there, I knew I had to go!

I went to my friend’s painting birthday party last night and it was so so so much fun. I took my sister with me and drove across town to get our painting on. It’s in this cute strip mall in the Palma Ceia area (the richy, fancy area!) and as soon as we got there, we picked smocks, took our canvases, and found a stool with an easel. The studio’s wall is covered in paintings that they offer classes for, and I think…

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It’s Totally Me, Not You

You know that saying people use to break up with someone, you know, the classic line “It’s not you, it’s me.”

This line is told with puppy dog sad eyes to their soon to be ex in hopes that it will soften the blow that they no longer want to be with you anymore. Luckily, I don’t think I’ve used this line or been given it in my love relationships, but I have had a number of friends who have used this infamous line.

In my world, the saying, “It’s not you, it’s me.” Is seriously the truest saying, especially when I’m feeling very anxious about an event or date night coming up.

Case in point, my sweet neighbor Valerie, who I love and am so lucky to have her want to hang out with me…little ol’ anxious me. Plans are to see a movie tonight at either 8pm or 9:15pm. Then have dinner. It’s the cutest girl date I could ask for. The problem is, the last time I went to a Saturday night movie showing, it was a completely packed theater and I couldn’t stand it any longer that I walked out just as the previews came on. Luckily, we were refunded tickets but what felt the most pain was me and the worrisome look on my husband’s face. I hated that look. It made me feel worse about my problem.

“What’s wrong with me? Will I never be able to see a movie with my husband or family/friends again? I certainly don’t want to have a panic attack in front of them. I don’t want them to be mad at me for ruining their movie night.” I always thoughts.

I clearly remember feeling defeat that night as I cried standing beside our car. I didn’t know what to do. This was 4 years ago.

Flash forward to today and I’ve seen movies successfully with my husband and with others. No panic attacks but still feel hesitant at first. It has worked well since we will see a movie during the day, like the first showing on a Monday or an early showing on Saturday. I even sat at the very top of the movie theater. Yes, the thought of me having to leave and use the bathroom or something ran across my mind, and picturing the worst that could happen like I would fall and trip loudly during a monologue or something. Luckily, that hasn’t happened. The more I went, the less scary going to the movies was for me and I was able to enjoy seeing new movies.

I still need to work on improving myself, though. I usually go early like I said, and my seat in the theater is usually down below and basically an aisle seat…easy to escape. I plan on working on sitting in the middle row, right in the center, and stay there the entire movie, with like 10 people on each side of me. If I were to get up, I’d have to say, “excuse me.” to at least 10 strangers, coming and going. Eventually, I will do this on a busy Saturday night. Then once I conquer that, I do that but on an opening night of a popular movie. Eeeeek. Getting a little flustered just thinking about that.

Valerie is on her way over now and we’ll see how this goes. Maybe we’ll skip the movie and just go to dinner. Maybe we’ll do both. I know what’s healthy is to do both, face my fear and conquer it. But sometimes I just have to psych myself up for it.

So, I put on my favorite lipstick, comfy jeans, and my refillable $3 popcorn bucket and hope and pray the 5pm showing isn’t terrible.Take that anxiety! I’ll be sure to update later to let you know if I actually faced it or not.


Are there places that you are fearful to go to or places you avoid on purpose? I’d love to know and know I’m not the only one. Just know that when being a friend to someone with any type of social anxiety disorder, plans can get canceled at the last-minute. Please don’t hate us, please understand that it’s not because we want to mess up your plans, string you along, or cause you any issues…it’s simply something that we deal with and (hopefully) most of us are working on conquering.

Do you or any friends or family members suffer from anxiety disorders? I’d love to know. I hope you are having a nice and fun Saturday so far! <3<3

Thanks for always reading!

<3 always,


Chocolate at 8AM? Yes, that’s fine.


Good morning, loves!

I must admit that being a semi-adult is hard work. I suspect that I’m not even to the center part of being an adult, ya know, the gooey-chocolatey center that which makes a person an adult. (Somehow I believe people have mushy, chocolatey centers…it’s 8AM and it’s like, 40 degrees out so let’s go with that!)

I am blogging this right before I head off to work/internship. Everything is going smoothly after a few hiccups. I know this experience will make getting my Master’s degree THAT MUCH SWEETER knowing that I worked really hard for it. Through tears, quitting, coming back, quitting, wanting to give up, awkward emailing to come back, and all that fun stuff, I’m still here!! Yes! It feels good. Sometimes you really need to breakdown to bring back all your (chocolatey?) pieces back together.

Here’s to a happy Hump Day and know that you can make life what YOU want it to be. <3

be you the world will adjust

<3 always,


Lifebeinggirly has been taken over by me, her cat Berkeley

vberuvidwn…..wait. Sorry. My paws need to get used to typing coherent messages. I must remember to headbutt Christina next time I see her so that I can thank her for not getting me declawed. Such a barbaric thing to do to a cat. One day clawless kitties will join and rule the world. Until then, I wanted to introduce myself since my cat, Christina, who spends her time on this keyboard all day and night. What the hell is so great on here? Oh, wait. I see. Lots of friends on here and photos of herself. I see now. As I said, my name is Berkeley, and I am a female Tabby cat who lives with Christina and her man. I’m writing this before I go take my 6 hour nap, and I’m actually getting very sleepy so I’ll make this quick. I love my cat, Christina very much and I’m happy she has you guys to keep her happy while I’m asleep all day. This makes me happy knowing she isn’t bored and she’ll be so tired from typing all day, that when I wake up from my nap she’ll be laying down….perfect position for me to give her a massage and tell her what I dreamed about. Oh shoot, I’m starting to close my eyes and my instincts tell me I should go to the top of the couch and leave this warm keyboard. I think I shall do that. Here’s a picture of me just in case you were wondering. I think I look like Christina in a certain light. I’ll be certain to get my paws on this keyboard again and say, Hello. Till then, goodnight till 5pm when it’s time for dinner.



Cupcakes & Painting

me as Bob Ross

Have you heard of these painting classes where you can paint, drink, eat, and have a private party? There’s a place called Painting with a Twist that has locations all over the Tampa Bay area. I’ve never been but have always wanted to go! When my beautiful neighbor and friend, Valerie, decided to celebrate her birthday with a private party there, I knew I had to go!

I went to my friend’s painting birthday party last night and it was so so so much fun. I took my sister with me and drove across town to get our painting on. It’s in this cute strip mall in the Palma Ceia area (the richy, fancy area!) and as soon as we got there, we picked smocks, took our canvases, and found a stool with an easel. The studio’s wall is covered in paintings that they offer classes for, and I think I already counted like, 6, that I would love to come back and paint!

Valerie chose us all to paint a cupcake which is her favorite thing, much like Hello Kitty stuff is my favorite! Which makes me wonder…they should offer a Hello Kitty picture to paint! Anyways, the cupcake was such a cute choice and at the beginning of the class they offered a stencil of the cupcake to use. My daring and more creative sister decided to go sans stencil and draw her own! She’s badass like that.

Here are some photos from the night. I had so much fun and I didn’t even have a glass of wine or beer, so YAY! to sober fun! Haha.

cupcake stencil
My cupcake stenciled on and ready to paint!!

cupcake progress painting with a twist

yummy cupcake

Let’s paint cupcakes while we eating a cupcake! But first, lemme take a selfie.

valerie selfieselfie with valeriesister selfie


My art is finished! What do you think?
My finished masterpiece! What do you think?

painting with a twist painting

lifebeinggirly at painting with a twist
Happy birthday, Val!

our final cupcake painting

lifebeinggirly at painting with a twist tampa

me and vanessa

me as Bob Ross

cupcake class photo painting with a twist

I am newly obsessed with this fun, creative, and unique way of going out. Have you ever done a painting class before? If so, I’d love to know! What did you paint? I’m already making a list of future paintings I wanna do!

Painting with a twist south tampa

I hope you’re having a nice start to the week. Unfortunately, I’m a little under the weather but I wanted to get a post in. Here’s to having a sweet week!

<3 always,


Friday Favorites With Pictures!!

truth quote

ballerina pink tieks

zara blanket scarf

pom pom hat

never too old


pusheen the cat

sparkling confetti bath and body works


pearl bracelet

pink pom pom keychain

Giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca); Sichuan Province, China

love origami owl holiday 2014

kate spade pineapple earrings

ab crystal candy

Do this!

Sparkle quote

no pants are the best pants funny quote

If Lifebeinggirly Had a Kill List…

…..just like Arya Stark from Game of Thrones, it would be called a Wish List.

Like, before I go to bed I would recite this list of pretty things and this would help me fall soundly asleep. It worked, too! Having problems sleeping? Try thinking of pretty things you desire…I know it’ll help relax you! This is the list that helped me get to sleep:

  • Alex and Ani bangles! My December birthstone and my first would be such a pretty addition to my wrist candy
  • A rose gold watch…need  I say more?
  • This candle that my friend said it smelled like me. Luckily, it smelled really pretty!! And, it’s called Moon Sparkle! I must have it now.
  • Hello Kitty Chia Pet. Believe it or not, I don’t have this. I think it would be the perfect plant/decoration for my office
  • Sephora’s Winter Dreams Argan Skincare Collection by Josie Maran
  • Skincare for my aging self. Peter Thomas Roth has a great skin care line.
  • Chloe minis! How cute!
  • Tory Burch‘s first perfume. This is what a rich woman smells like.
  • I love wearing ballerina things without having to be an actual ballerina…I can pretend with these ballerina pink flats! Notice how ballerina has the word “baller” in it? Just noticed that.
  • Cushy Ikea chairs so that I could blog from another comfy place besides my spot on the couch..which is now sunken in!

This is my last month of being a 30-year-old. Soon I will be 31 on December 4th. 31 doesn’t sound like any fun, if you know me you would know that I don’t like being an odd number. The other day I got my car registration thing in the mail reminding me to pay for getting another year older. Boooo! Why can’t I receive Hello Kitty in the mail everyday??!!

I mean,  32 sounds A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. But I have to go through 31 first, and even though it’s an odd number birthday, I will love it just the same.

A birthday is always a call for celebration, to show  what you’ve done in life so far and what you’re looking forward to.

Arya Stark


On another note, I looked at the last post on my blog and I couldn’t believe it’s been 6 days since I posted! I’m okay just busy now that I have interned. Whew! You bloggers who are full-time workers and/or moms are amazing! How do you do it? I sense I need to start writing my posts in advance and scheduling them. I know I always liked blogging on the fly, but now that I’m an adult (I don’t wanna grow up!) I need to manage my time (ew! I sound so oooolllldd!)

I hope you are doing very well and that life has been good to you.

I promise I won’t go too long again before writing. Until next post, take care and know that you are loved!

<3 always,



A List to Remember

Things that made me sad today:

  • Waking up to the news that Charlie Crist, the Democrat choice for Florida Governor, did not win.
  • My sister’s pet rabbit, Twinkles, died unexpectedly while getting an x-ray.  =( R.I.P. Twinkles <3
  • The Amendment for legalizing marijuana did not pass, making it hard for those who can benefit from medicinally.
  • I was hoping to get a videotape of myself counseling a client, but when I looked at the playback of just myself in the video, I felt so sad afterwards. It literally ruined me for an hour. I did not like what I saw and even though the camera adds an extra 10 pounds, I was still sad. I have to do 12 of these things and playback for my whole class to watch.
  • Felt like I was being slightly passive in that I was questioning myself, hesitating before acting, and losing confidence in myself in general, especially after seeing myself on video.
  • Asked two random guys to move my desk and realized that the desk is too big to have it the way I wanted it. So they had to move the desk back to its original place. Soooo, I made these two guys lift and move this heavy ass steel body of a desk for nothing. I felt kinda stupid. But I shouldn’t feel stupid, right?

On the flip side of that,

Things that made me happy today:

  • Woke up early and drove myself (all by myself) to my Internship site.
  • Took charge and rearranged my closet office to my taste and moved the communal phone to the computer room so that no one would have a reason to be in my closet office other than counseling with me.
  • Starting to feel like I’m accepted at place of internship and haven’t run away from it.
  • Worked out on the elliptical machine for 31 minutes!!
  • Chatted with my B.F.F. Alfreda for almost 2 hours to vent to her the things that made me sad today (see above)
  • My husband has a job interview!!
  • Receiving an amazing amount of lovely snail mail from my fabulous pen pals BethanNicole, Miki, including a Hello Kitty delivered right to my door from  Cutie Cameras! !!!! I love it. I’m so excited to write you gals back!

Hello Kitty in the mail

Clearly, the happy list outweighs the sad list. Yes, we get bad and/or sad news from time to time and there will always be good and bad days. Just remember that bad days are just bad days. You never know when a miracle is going to happen and you will always be given a new hand of cards if you stay in the game. Each day is a brand new day and it’s yours for the taking.

Here’s to you having more happy things than things that made you sad. Also, here’s to always having your happy things outweigh the things that make you sad.

Do you make a list of things? If so, what kind of lists do you make? Making this list has helped me feel loads better by being aware of the good stuff. I suggest you try it as a blog post! Let me know if you do, I’d love to read it!

<3 always,



No matter who's the governor, I will always always love my city.
No matter who’s the governor, I will always always love my city.

Here’s To a Noteworthy November

Hay, November, Hay!

It’s only the second day of your month and already it’s going well.

First of all, you gave (most of us) and extra hour to spend today however we pleased.Second, you brought chilly weather to Florida which isn’t an easy feat being called the Sunshine State. And lastly, I learned more about my heritage and its celebrations. I wanted to know what Filipinos did for Halloween and found out through my family that lives there and through Google that it’s just as big of a holiday like Christmas is here. I couldn’t believe this because Christmas here is a huge holiday.

I saw on my cousin’s Facebook a photo of our grandparents grave. It was the grave of my mom’s parents, whom I never met but loved seeing where they rested. I know my mom was very fond of her parents and all of her family members. So it was exciting to see this as it made me think of her.

From Halloween till November 2nd, Filipinos and other countries of Spanish origins visit their deceased family members to spend time with their family both living and dead. All Saints’ Day is November 1st and today, November 2nd is All Souls’ Day. Anytime during these three days is acceptable to visit. And it’s not just any type of visit…you clean the gravestone, bring foods to eat, bring monies, trinkets, candles, blankets, and chairs to spend the day in the cemetery. You know those tailgate tents people use to be outside of sporting events? They are found all over cemeteries providing comfort for families all visiting their loved ones. Interesting, right?

My mother’s grave is about a 30 minute drive away from me, so my husband and I decided to visit her today. I gathered some trinkets to decorate her grave, and they ended up looking great! I found some pumpkin-shaped candles and a peso coin my brother gave me when he went to the Philippines a few years ago. I hope she likes them. My older brother met us up there with to also visit, and he brought her the prettiest, most pink flowers to put in the vase above.

Mom's grave

mom's flowers

Sadly, there weren’t any tailgate tents around the cemetery as I’ve seen in the photos of my family in the Philippines. Yes, it was nice that it was peaceful and I understand that there’s not a huge Filipino population in Tampa, but I thought more people would be visiting their loved ones due to All Souls’ Day.

This made me feel a bit sad in a way. Sad in a way that I felt and worried my mom would be lonesome. I know she grew up visiting her parents’ loved ones in the Philippines and understood the importance of remembering loved ones even after they’ve passed. Unfortunately, I think most people don’t want to think about death and completely avoid visiting their loved ones at their gravesites. I hope one day that will change and this would be more celebrated. I’m happy to have learned about this so that I can make sure to celebrate her life every Halloween and the two days that follow.

I hope I didn’t freak you out with this post. I know talking about death is not something most people want to talk about. Surprisingly enough, it made me appreciate living more and gave me more peace to know that my mom isn’t forgotten.

R.I.P. mom <3

<3 always,