Confessions of a Blogaholic

Happy Hump Day, everyone!


This morning I was perusing my Pinterest feed and I found a pin that immediately caught my attention.  Confessions of a Blogoholic?!

A play-on title of my favorite movie/book Confessions of a Shopaholic?!

I’m in love!

I immediately clicked on it to fit out what it was all about. Turns out, a blogger named Bella at Dateless in Dallas started this Confessions of a Blogoholic as a way to confess your current loves, connect with other amazing bloggers, and adorn your blog with the cutest picture. Thank you, Bella! Thank you for starting this amazing idea for an even happier Hump Day!

So, my confessions for today are:

The new Fall 2014 Origami Owl line. I’m working on my gotta have list of items that I can add to my jewelry bar AND double as my new accessories. It’s a hard job but someone’s gotta do it! I enlisted the help of my sisters to see what items are ESSENTIAL,  but still stay within a budget. I’ll be sure to share it with you!! For now, take a look at my “old” Origami Owl locket. Hopefully the next time you see my locket, it will be with Swarovski crystals on it <3

Origami Owl heart plate locket

I hope I don’t get in trouble for this, but I love Stella & Dot jewelry, too!! I have seen so many pretty Instagram accounts with stylish lady instabloggers who are wearing the prettiest and brightest jewelry. Whether it’s statement necklaces, chevron rings, or my favorite, the renegade bracelet, paired with this amazing piece of arm candy. I’m in love and I wonder if I could be a designer for Origami Owl AND a stylist for Stella & Dot??

I basically just wanna look like her. That peachy-pink crystal necklace, those bracelets, and that smile. I mean, I would smile regardless, but I would smile even bigger if I were her!! I need every single piece on my person! Haha!

Stella & Dot model
Image from Stella & Dot

Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Nail Polish this nail polish is seriously the poo. I can do only one coat of it and it is FLAWLESS. No streaks, no bumps, NADA. And the color payoff is amazing. I have it in this beautiful blue color called Full House (how fun!) and I’m in love. What’s even better is that they are affordable and dare I say, better than Essie???!! Eeepp! These are a must try!  I’m looking forward to going to Target and looking at the 29 other colors they have.

full house revlon

Be nice to everyone you meet.  It’s a small world. I interviewed today with my local Salvation Army for my Internship. It was great, I’m so in love with the place, and I hope all goes well with paperwork and I can start soon. **big, girly, relief sigh**

As my hopefully soon to be supervisor was giving me a tour of the place, I ran into not 1, but 3 people who I’ve either worked with or went to school with.

3 people!!

2 of them I really knew as one went to my school, and the other was a woman I started training with at my last job 2 years ago!!

Luckily, it was all positive and gave my supervisor more confidence in me since she saw that I knew some good people, and those people she liked, liked me! YAY!

I know it’s not any new news, but definitely be sure to be nice to everyone you meet. At least try to. Because you never know when you might be introduced to them 2 years later at a job you’re interviewing at!!


Lifebeinggirly Button

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Origami Owl’s Fall Collection!


pink garland

New Origami Owl pieces launch today!! <3 <3 <3 <3

As an Origami Owl designer, I love keeping everyone I know up to date with what’s new in this beautiful jewelry line.

To continue with my job, here are some very new and very cute pieces of the Fall collection from Origami Owl!

I LOVE the new Core Collection! With dainty and whimsical charms that you can wear on a sterling silver chain or a bangle <3 I’m thinking my letters to spell out Lifebeinggirly, a star, and a giraffe charm…to signify reaching to new heights! Check it out for yourself!

Core Origami Owl

New earrings

New Origami Owl Fall charms 2014



My Favorite NEW charm… a dragonfly! 

dragonfly charm Origami Owl

I'm SO excited for extra sparkly Origami Owl locket faces, crystal accent charms, and earrings made with Swavorski Crystals!
I’m SO excited for extra sparkly Origami Owl locket faces, crystal accent charms, and earrings made with Swavorski Crystals!
If you have to wear a badge, why not make it look cute?? Origami Owl now has lanyard lockets with Swarovski Crystal faces.

New Origami Owl wrap bracelets

new military charms origami owl
Now we can properly support our troops with military charms
Look at those vintage peach Swarovski crystal studs! Who doesn't love a simple stud?
Look at those vintage peach Swarovski crystal studs! Who doesn’t love a simple stud?
Dangles can work on your chains along your lockets and on bracelets <3

So, what are your favorites from this post?? I’d love to know!! Trust me, you must visit my website to see everything else! There are so many new charms in addition to this!! Go now!

I hope you had a musing Monday!

<3 always,


I’m So Henna Fancy

Sooooooo you know how I wrote about dropping my class that I thought I didn’t need?? Um, yeah, I need to take it. Not only does it count towards my credit for my program but it also allows me to receive financial aid for the term. Whooops!

Even though I must take the class now, I’m still 100% happy that I made a decision for myself in the first place. Gotta start somewhere, right? Right.

Now I have this week’s work to makeup and hope that I still get credit for it. *crossing my fingers* To take my mind off the mistake I made I went over to my neighbor’s house for a lovely game of Apples to Apples while listening to Iggy Azalea’s album to take my mind off school, life, and its responsibilities.

I got to meet her sweet friend who kindly offered to do some Henna on me. (Actually, I think it was me “oooohing and ahhhhing repeatedly over my friend’s Henna she’d done earlier that she wanted to give me some. hint hint! lol) She told me that she’s self-taught at doing Henna and that she simply looks at Pinterest for ideas.

How cool is that?! In less than 20mins, she was done with another one of her masterpieces! It was my first time having Henna done and I’m soooo happy with the outcome!

Isn't it pretty fancy?
Isn’t it pretty fancy?

AMAZING!!! Here’s her Instagram if you’re ever in the Tampa Bay/St.Pete/Clearwater area and you want some beautiful and intricate Henna done! I told her she should definitely have her own business applying henna since she is so talented AND the sweetest thing!

Getting some impromptu Henna done last night helped me forget about this week’s stressors. Every time I look down at it I’m reminded that things will and can look up. That life is full of surprises and mistakes happen, but you go out and suddenly life gives you something else to be happy about and forget about your worries.<3

Have you ever had Henna done before?? I now want this done all the time!! hehe.

I’d love to know if you had it done or want to!

I hope you are having a FANCY Saturday!

I'm so fancy you already know girly



My First Video!

Ok, here is my first ever video I recorded with the help of my beautiful neighbor. We recorded it on my blog’s anniversary and wanted to post it that day, but didn’t know how to upload it till now! Haha. I am not YouTube savvy so please be nice!

I didn’t have a nice day today. I felt like I hit the tipping point of my stress level and I just shut down. I didn’t make it to class tonight as I stayed home in bed. It’s not the happiest time for me, but I’m going to wake up tomorrow, go to the gym and workout, and take it easy.

Some people may think, “You have it easy, Tina. You don’t work and just go to school. Stop having a pity party.”

Not that anyone has actually said this but I worry they think that about me. To anyone who does think this or about someone, just know that you don’t know what inner struggles they face. Most people can keep up with my schedule and do it with one hand tied behind their back. But for me, keyword here is FOR ME, I have a lower threshold for stress and there’s only so much I adjust to. Everyone is different and I take care of myself as I see fit.

Seeing this video makes me happy. Being able to properly upload it to YouTube and post it here is a success for me and definitely puts a smile on my face. I remember the feeling when I recorded this and how accomplished I felt. <3 I hope you notice that! So, without further chit chat, here’s my FIRST EVER VIDEO!

I hope you enjoy the video and who knows? I might just record another one! Till then, I just wanted to say a live Thank You to everyone!




Nice Ass-ertiveness

Respect quote

Warning! This post includes girl stuff and lots of use of “quotations.” You’ve been warned. 


I felt assertive today. Also, I knew my ass looked good in my jean short shorts I wore today.

The A/C in our car isn’t working so I decided to wear less and more breathable clothing.

I had class last night and for the first time I realized that I had Senioritis ( or whatever you call being “over it” in grad school). There I was, sitting in a classroom half filled with some people I knew from past classes, the other half were newbies, with their own sense of belonging and inside jokes. Normally, I always want to make new friends and strike up a conversation with these newbies, but last night I felt different.

Being in the classroom again felt different. As my favorite professor went over the class syllabus, and PowerPoint presentation of what we will learn in the class, I realized this wasn’t the class for me. Genes, atoms, proteins, and pharmacology were pointed out on the slides. Then set in the reality that I have homework to do for the next few days.

I left class last night quietly and quickly. I didn’t linger and talk to anyone like I usually do. I wanted to get home and not do my work. I wanted to regain focus on what’s more important, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

Clueless,  I decided to sleep on my emotions before making any decision or proclamation.

The class would allow me to not have to do Internship 3 (there are 3 internships in total). After a nice sleep last night, I woke up knowing I needed to drop my class and just do the third internship. It’s not a big problem to drop the class since it is an elective.


Dropped the class and I’m happy with my decision.

To most people, this may seem like nothing at all. “Okay, you just dropped the class that was an elective. What was the problem?”

No problem except that in the past, I would have been sad to drop the class because I would have felt like a failure in that I couldn’t do it. I’d somehow feel guilty and feel inadequate. I didn’t feel that way today. I felt confident in my decision. I felt assertive. Something that I’ve been working on for a loooong time.

I didn’t need anyone’s opinion about what I should or shouldn’t do. I did and chose what was right for me.

I know my goal is not to take on another class. My main goal at this moment in school is to finish my Practicum hours and start my Internship. Nothing else. No meeting new friends, or drawing up summaries of chapters, or gathering journal articles. That can be done at a later time but not now. I must complete my practicum hours.

After one amazing decision I made for myself, I felt confident to finally tell my “friend” how I really felt and cut ties with her for good. This is the “friend” that I thought was one of my best friends. Turns out that she never thought of me as a best friend, but as a “really good friend.'” Interesting because for the last 7 years she’s been randomly texting me to apologize for being a bad friend to me and telling me she wants to be friends again.

I finally broke down today and realize that I don’t need her or her “really good friendship.” It hurts but I’m so relived that it’s done and over. After so many years I feel closure with her. Being assertive and telling her how I really felt about her and her “friendship” made me feel better.

I no longer felt like a victim. I chose not to anymore.

I feel empowered and confident.

Going back to last night, I felt confused. I felt like my mind was a mess. I fell asleep so hard last night because of these feelings. But after today, I realized WHY it felt like a mess.

I never truly known the feeling of assertiveness and being confident in my decisions before. It felt weird and scary because I was 100% sure of my decisions. I’ve never been this confident in my life!

This is a big deal to me and to who I am as an individual.

Even though it happened to me as a 30-year-old, I’m happy that it happened. Some people may never feel assertive in their lifetime, whether it be to low self-esteem, a toxic relationship, or indecisiveness. I’m happy it happened to me today.

Do you think you are an assertive person? Or is it something that you’re working on? If so, what was the last thing you were 100% confident on? I’d love to know!

Also, what’s a friendship to you? Is it time spent together or time just spent talking to one another (whether through text, social media, or phone calls?) I imagine that friends stay in touch and that they make the time for you if you really matter. What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions!

Oh, and my sweet and amazing pen pal/friend Hilary at CutieCameras made my blog its very own badge!! She really made my day.

Please feel free to snag it and share it! I will be sure to do the same if you have one!

Thank you for stopping by and reading!



<3 always,


Just Be Nice.

Be nice quote funny

I found this on Pinterest and had to post it. Just like Carrie Bradshaw, I would write about you but I wouldn’t name any names, just the experience (unless you’re really a jerk and I hope you see it). But really though, just be nice. <3

I start school today and although I’m excited to start a new term, I always get really anxious the first week. Since I haven’t taken a course in a few months, (I’ve been working on finding an Internship site) I worry that I’m a little dusty when it comes to writing scholarly and APA style.

I know, I know. I WRITE A BLOG. I’m writing right NOW. My class involves discussion posts to be written every week on a different chapter of our book, and then writing a response to another classmate. There are other posts that involve watching videos and a PowerPoint presentation at the end of the term. I’m also basically done with my program, but this just goes to show that even if you have 2 years of graduate experience you still get nervous.

As I read the syllabus this morning, I had a mini anxious moment where I thought, “Omg, I don’t remember how to write!!! (Ironic b/c I’m writing now)

Then it’s followed by, “Wow, this is a lot of stuff to do! Omg, can I really learn all this stuff in 9 weeks?” After registering the class in my mind, I remind myself that I’ve done this before.  “I GOT THIS.” I told myself in my head.

If you are a student, you will know that reading and going over a syllabus on the first day of class seems overwhelming since it’s on paper, with no examples or room to feel comforted. For example, there are classes that have like 15 pages of class information, schedule, grading policy, etc. that seems like it’s not doable, but once you get into the class you relax knowing that the classwork isn’t so hard after all.

Words can seem intimidating without any emoticons. Am I right? That’s why I always end my texts messages with some sort of happy face emoticon to keep it light.

Do you tend to use emoticons in your texts or letters? Also, do you write about people you know in life or keep it private?? I’d love to know!

To all my friends who are starting classes this Fall, I wish you good luck in your studies and to remember to not get freaked out by the syllabus. YOU GOT THIS!

<3 always,


Taylor Swift: The Girly Girly Who Can Sing

taylor swift guitar

Let me just say that Taylor Swift is the epitome of girly girl spirit and style. She’s been in my list for Famous Girly Girls for a good time now, and I’m happy to get to her so she can make my blog even more girlie.

I knew I loved her when she came out with Let’s first start with her girly girl spirit. I mean, she writes fun and catchy music that captures what girls go through with guys. Heartbreak, rejection, crushes, insecurities, happiness, feeling 22, etc. You name it. She helped women embrace the weirdness, awkwardness, and joys of growing up. I’m sure every girl can find at least one song of hers that she can relate to.

I first heard of Taylor when my younger sister, Diana, started listening to her album Taylor Swift that has the song Teardrops on My Guitar. I loved her voice and keep listening to her sing about life.

When she came out with her next album, Fearlessthat’s when my admiration for Taylor Swift grew into a love her status. Her music video for You Belong With Me reminded me of the time when I was in my dating days and felt like the nerdy, quiet, girl next door that the cute guys never went for. Always being overlooked by the “hot” girls, it really was a let down. I knew I was a catch, a well-rounded person that would be perfect to date…but I was still single.

Oh well.

taylor swift nerd

I had Taylor songs to listen to and just like the name of her album, it helped me become fearless in terms of my self-confidence and my beauty. I gained confidence by listening to her songs on the way to work and school. I believe that confidence helped me be proud  of who I was as an individual and as a girly girl.

keep calm listen to taylor swiftTaylor swift KedsTaylor Swift photo

When her song, 22 came out I immediately fell in love with it! The song describes such a feel-good night with friends and gave me the feeling of being free in life to make my kind of happiness. Even though I am not 22 anymore, I can still find that feeling of being young and free, even at my 30-year-old self.

Life is too short to not have fun and be happy. Her songs that she writes always say what it’s like to be a woman growing up…from high school, to college years, and beyond that. Women can relate to her because she’s honest about her life and it plays so well on the radio in that we can feel whatever feeling she’s singing about, whether it’s heartbreak or harmony.

Secondly, Taylor’s style is oh so girly!! I admire that she does girly style in a way that isn’t TOO preppy or TOO edgy or boho (not that there’s anything wrong with any of these styles!) It’s just that she always gets her outfits right. You just see her on the red carpet or on stage and think, “She looks so pretty and that outfit is so cute!” I mean, look at her style in these photos.

Taylor Swift streetstyleTaylor style212571-taylor-swifttaylor swift dresstaylor ladyliketaylor swift red liptaylor swift teen voguetaylor swift romper

So, with this being said, I announce Taylor Swift, the gorgeously tall, smart, girly, fun, talented, and honest a Famous Girly Girl on Lifebeinggirly!

Thank you, Taylor for inspiring many women to embrace who they are and be proud of it. Thank you for singing your words of inspiration that helped me have the confident to rock a red lip and confident to be girly.

Thank you for being like our best friend when we turn on the radio or listen to your album. You are a Girly Girl not only in your spirit ,but also your feminine style!

Congrats, Taylor!



Are you a Taylor Swift fan? I’d love to know! <3

I hope you have a sweet and sassy Sunday!

<3 always,