4 Beauty Tips You Need During Winter

Normally, your beauty routine doesn’t need to change much during the year. However, as soon as winter comes along – and the weather gets colder – things need to be switched up. More to the point, here are the beauty tips you need to know during this cold time of the year:

Use Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

If you don’t suffer from dandruff, then it’s likely you’ll use a regular shampoo all year round. But, during winter, you have an increased chance of getting it. No one wants to walk around looking like they’ve just come from a mini snowstorm. Use anti-dandruff shampoo to help clean your scalp and prevent dryness from the cold air. I also suggest checking out sites like rd.com as they usually have some great tips on there to help you get rid of dandruff. This is handy for anyone that already has mild dandruff that gets even worse during winter.

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Moisturize Like Mad

Moisturizing should always be part of your daily beauty routine, but it gets more important in winter. The cold weather is tough on your skin, particularly your face. As such, it can dry out very quickly, meaning you need to moisturize multiple times per day instead of maybe just once or twice. You should have a look at sites like Moisturizers.com for the best oil-based moisturizers around. Why oil-based? Because this type of moisturizer helps lock in the moisture for longer, meaning your skin stays more hydrated and free from dryness.

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Wear A Hat To Cover Your Hair

If you spend a lot of time walking around in the cold weather, you could be damaging your hair. Wind is a massive problem during winter, it can blow your hair around like mad, which really damages each strand. You’ll end up with hair that looks and feels like straw, which nobody wants. The solution is – thankfully – simple; cover your hair with a hat. This has the dual benefit of keeping your ears and head nice and warm! There are loads of cute hats you can find too, so it’s an opportunity to experiment with different fashion choices.

Defend Against Static

Another hair problem during winter is the presence of static electricity in your strands. This happens because of cold air and wind creating the effect. It’s a little more scientific than that, but I’m not a scientist, and I don’t want to confuse you with the technicalities. In other words, I didn’t understand it either, I’m just going to take the scientists word for it! Basically, your hair can look very frizzy so you can counter this by using conditioner and spraying a static guard on your brush.

Our hair and skin are most affected by the adverse weather conditions in winter. The only good thing to cling to is that our skin only really suffers from extra dryness. Therefore, there’s just the one thing to do; moisturize more! Our hair is more of a problem, but my tips will help you get things under control and look after your locks.