Top Tips For Radiant Skin

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Regardless of gender, everyone wants clear skin! It makes us shine when people look at us, it makes us feel confident and good about the way we look which in turn improves our attitudes, making us feel like much better people! However, getting clear skin is a very hard task and keeping it that way is even harder! Not a lot of people know where to go to get clear skin, but after reading this you’ll know all you need to!

Throw Away The Snacks!

Snacking is a common enemy to your skin. Your skin is a reflection of what you put into your body, and so it goes to show that if you have a poor diet by snacking it will show up on your skin! This is because of the heavy imbalance of macronutrients in junk food snacks. Fats and salts are in very high content in junk food, and this causes an imbalance in your skin’s function meaning that an increased amount of oil is produced by your skin, leading to an unclear face! You need to be avoiding these foods, and eating the good ones like tomatoes and oatmeal, you can find a huge list of recommended food items for your skin here!


Exfoliating is the process whereby your wash your face with slightly abrasive materials to remove dead skin cells from your face. Don’t be putting sandpaper to your face though, this is not what is meant by abrasive! has a large compiled list of the best exfoliators so you need not worry about which one to get! By removing all of the dead skin cells and other forms of debris on your face like dirt, oil and dust, you achieve 2 things. The first one is that your skin now has chance to breathe, it has a clear surface that it can work with so it starts getting the necessary amount of air to it that it needs! The second thing is does is that by getting rid of the dead skin cells on your face, it reveals new skin cells that are much more radiant than the dead ones, improving your look and giving you what you’re after!


This goes hand in hand with exfoliating. Everyone’s skin is different and will react differently to different products, so it’s important to know what you’re buying before you do! Websites like LiveAbout have a good list on which products suit which skin type, just find yours and you’re off! Moisturizers give your skin a boost of oils, nutrients and water. If you find your skin flakey and sensitive then this is definitely for you. Your skin gets like this because it lacks the essentials that it needs, so it therefore starts dying at a faster rate which you can see by the flaking! By applying a moisturizer you can revitalize your skin by giving it everything it needs, just be careful not to put too much on or you’ll end up with oily skin!

Washing Your Hair Often

This may sound silly, but it has a massive bearing on your skin! Your hair is situated just above your face, and so it stands to reason that if your hair is not in a good way, neither will your skin! Your hair naturally produces oils and your scalp naturally flakes, it’s why we find our hair getting greasy and sometimes finding little bits of skin in there! These things more often than not drop down onto our face, but in miniscule amounts so that we don’t see them. These unwanted oils and skin flakes can clog up pores or contribute to the oiliness of your skin, making it look less good! All you need to do to avoid this is wash your hair often, it will stop all of the debris falling from your hair into your face, giving you that clear look!

Following any of these tips is guaranteed to make your skin clearer, but just keep in mind that they all work better together! Having regular cycles of exfoliation and moisturization means that your skin gets the perfect balance of the removal and addition of oils and nutrients, and by eating the right foods and washing your hair often you can continue to add to this positive effect! Of course when it comes to eating you not only have to eat things that will benefit your skin, but things that will benefit your stomach and the rest of your body too! So if you need some ideas, read this to point you in the right direction!