What Is Stopping You From Being You?

feel down from time to time by what happens around you and to you. However, losing your self-confidence as the result of the turmoil around you is nothing that you should allow. Of course, you will find mean individuals at school, at college and even in your workplace. Their comments or behavior can be hurtful. But you need to hang onto your confidence and protect it. Don’t let others bring you down, and more importantly, don’t let them put these negative thoughts into your mind.


#1. I Hate What I Look Like

How many people do you know who look into the mirror and find themselves dead gorgeous? The honest answer is nobody. Nobody likes what they see in the mirror, but that doesn’t stop them from being wonderful people. As for you, you need to be honest with yourself. You need to identify what stops you from liking your reflection so that you can work on it. Is it your hair? Get a haircut by a professional stylist. Do you find that your face looks old? Arrange for a professional tightening face skin surgery. Is it your weight? You can go on a fitness journey to tone up those muscles and drop a dress size. There are solutions for all your appearance problems. You just need to want to do something about it.

#2. I Am Not Good Enough

Some people feel too easily self-defeated. They are convinced that they are not worthy of those who are around them, or not able to cope with what is expected of them. Feeling not good enough is, unfortunately, a common sentiment. However, it isn’t a natural emotion; it is the result of an experience that your mind has chosen to interpret negatively. You need to identify the cause of your sorrow to get rid of it. For instance, coming out of a difficult relationship doesn’t mean that you are not good enough. It simply means that you need to be more careful when choosing your partner. Failing a job interview doesn’t mean that you are not good enough. It means that you were not the candidate that they wanted.

#3. I Am Scared That People Won’t Like Me

Being afraid that you don’t belong to your community is natural, especially if you’ve just changed job, location or school. But the only thing that stops you from belonging is yourself. When you’re new, you need to start by laying low but still contribute. In other words, you can’t force your way into a group, but you can participate in small doses. Don’t hesitate to figure out ways to make the life in the community easier and to take on glory-free jobs as you do. It’ll help people to accept you as one of them.

#4. Love Yourself

You can’t expect people to love you if you don’t love yourself. Feeling good about yourself doesn’t come from the fact that others appreciate you. It comes from you showing them that you are worth the effort. If don’t you believe in your own power, no one else will.

#5. Do More

There is no alternative to happiness than getting out there and doing things. Whether it be hitting the gym, joining a club, going camping with the family or friends, just do more – it will be the best decision you’ve ever made.