The Top Things That Can Affect A Girls Confidence And How You Can Combat Them

Throughout your life, at some point, you will feel a lack of confidence. It could be something that comes around in waves. Perhaps feeling of failure or not knowing what to do. Often the feelings are just temporary, but damaging all the same. Whether you have been through a tough time or your confidence has just taken a beating it’s hard to come out of the other side.



I think we can all relate to a lack of confidence at some point. However, it’s how we deal with it that makes us all unique. Some thrive on it and have the will to do better. Others dwell on it and find it hard to break through the fog. Whatever has happened to give your confidence a knock there is something you can do about it. I thought it would be great to highlight some of the issues that most girls are affected by, with a few tips and tricks to help you get through them. Let’s hope it inspires you to get back on track.



The school days

The school days are tough for all of us. Sometimes you can get by with minor grazes to your confidence and pride. Others will struggle. It’s that time in your life where puberty hits, and your hormones are all over the place. Some people clash, other’s don’t quite know how to treat other people. It can be a tough time in your life. However, i am a strong believer that school can make you the person you become in your adult life. It can have a lasting effect on you. Which is why it’s good to utilise some of those experiences that happened in school To make you a better person today.




It happens, and there is no shying away from it. Bullying goes on more than we care to admit. Whether it’s someone pointing out your flaws, or singling you out for one reason or another. While bullying can be devastating it can also lead to a severe lack of confidence. Especially if the bullying takes place about your looks or something directly at you. Those experiences can leave a lasting impression on you entering into adult life. While bullying, of course, can not be unwritten, you can work towards letting go of the past.

It’s worth remembering that those things that may have been said were the opinion of someone else. Most likely, it won’t be an opinion that they even value. This is where you need to remember what the people who love you around you think. Most importantly, what you think. Let go of the past; it’s one of the biggest things you can do for yourself. If you are struggling with bullying right now, perhaps not even at school but during your life, the best advice is to tell someone immediately.



Lost friendships

Friendships can be lost during the school days. Perhaps one person is your best friend one day and then the next you have been dropped for someone else. School has a habit of developing these kinds of scenarios. If this was something that happened to you, the past could not be written once more. Learn to let go and concentrate on the people who are with you now. The thing about school friendships is that not many of them last as you get older. Everyone takes a new path for their lives which takes them to different destinations.



Struggling with examinations

Finally, when it comes to school one of the biggest things people can struggle with their confidence is examinations. What is it about that impending pressure to answer those questions correctly that can cause you to have serious doubt? Examinations are not the be all and end all. People do survive if they don’t do well in them.

If you are struggling with your confidence because of exam pressure, try and take a step back from the situation. Focusing on your breathing can really help in pressurised situations. They don’t dictate the rest of your life, so remember that. For tips on exam pressure visit



The ageing process

We can all fear getting older. What it does to our looks, our health, and general demena. Many of us can work so hard to avoid the ageing process. Taking on the latest beauty trends. Growing old gracefully is not a bad thing at all. With age we get wise. We experience things and life get’s a little easier. In some respects. But it can also cause us to feel low confidence. We don’t tend to have so much positivity surrounding our ageing bodies. But if ageing is something you want to avoid in your looks and health then here are some great tips.



Poor skin

Our skin is the biggest sign of ageing. If we don’t take action from a young age, we most likely won’t be able to prevent the signs. Wrinkles, dark spots and less than toned skin can be big problems. But there are plenty of ways we can prolong the ageing process. Taking care of our skin is vital. Which is why one of the biggest tips to avoiding ageing skin is wearing sunscreen daily. Sun damage is one of the biggest causes of wrinkles and dark spots. You may also want to consider things like Botox for a temporary fix. You can find out more online at Also having a consistent skin care routine where you regular hydrate your skin will be advantageous. A less than youthful complexion can really knock your confidence. So take care of things now to avoid any further disappointment in the future.

Poor health

Ageing can have a big effect on our health. Which equally can lead to confidence issues as we suddenly lose faith in our bodies. For a woman, this can be devastating. This is why it can be such an obvious point, but we must nourish our bodies with the right foods and liquids. Making sure we drink plenty of water and also get a healthy balanced diet.

Having a health active lifestyle

Our bodies can start to shut down if we don’t take care of them. This can also lead us to feel low confidence if we can no longer do the things we want or love to do. Having an active lifestyle from a young age can help prevent your body failing in the future as you get older. This might mean walking more each day or taking up new hobbies like running.



Your relationships

Your relationship, whether friends or loved ones, can have a huge effect on your confidence if they don’t go well. Loving relationships, with a boyfriend’s or partners, can be one of the biggest cause of low confidence. Things like emotional abuse, Lack of intimacy or affection. Even a lack of compassion can all lead to the other person feeling low and struggling in their confidence. We all need to be built up every now and again.

Relationships breaking down

Relationships fail. It’s a fact of life. But a break up can affect your confidence. Especially if it is something you didn’t instigate or want. You may question what is wrong with you? Did you do something to cause the break up? The chances are it isn’t your fault at all. Sometimes relationships fizzle out. They are just not meant to be. It;s important to focus on the good things in life. This will be essential to moving on.

Moving on with life

The best thing anyone can do coming out of a failed relationship is to move on. Take out the good things, and forget the bad stuff. Your confidence can take a beating; I understand that. But you can’t let it define your future. That relationship wasn’t meant to be.



Work and career

Many women can feel inferior in the workplace. Which is why your confidence can take a huge knock during your career.

Not progressing up the career ladder

Not moving up the career path can dampen your spirits. Especially if you have put yourself forward a few times with no joy. Many women have a huge passion for their careers. Wanting success and have the ambition to succeed. It is becoming an equal place to be, and some women are getting the big top jobs. Look at Hillary Clinton being a presidential candidate. But not progressing fast enough can cause you to feel less confident in your career choice or moving up to the next stage. If this sound like you then don’t let these knocks put you down. Workout why things aren’t happening. Maybe ask for feedback from a superior. Take positive steps to get where you want to be. A negative person never gets anywhere fast.




Becoming a mother is one of the biggest changes in any woman’s life. The emotional, hormonal and body changes are just mind blowing. Which is why this happy period of your life can be your biggest confidence kicker. This is a stage of uncertainty. No baby comes with a manual.

Becoming a mother for the first time

Confidence is key for getting anywhere in life. But when you become a mother you have no idea what to do. There is a maternal instinct that kicks in, but you will find yourself questioning everything you do. This is where your confidence can depreciate because you don’t have the faith in your ability as a mum. It happens to many first time mothers. During those first few weeks have faith in your instinct and ability. Don’t be negative towards your lack of confidence. This is a good thing. It shows you care and want to do your best. Hormones can be crazy things.

I hope these has highlighted some of the most common areas for you to suffer a lack of confidence. Don’t let those things get you down and stop you doing what you were meant to.