The Hidden Route To Confidence Is Self-Care


Caring for yourself is one of the best things you can ever do. Even those who would consider caring for others to be the ultimate good will accept that without self-maintenance, the ability to lend a willing and competent hand of kindness to someone else will be less effective, and in the worst instances impossible. For example, we wouldn’t expect someone struggling with a disease to help others, lest they be considered uncaring. That would be ridiculous. While you may not have a physical disease, sometimes letting your self-care go can often lead to difficult circumstances that build over time, and will require your full attention to heal.

It’s also important to know that the hidden route to confidence can also be found in self-care. It can be hard to conceptualize this, because it’s easy to forget and hide our own self-care habits in the pursuit of making sure everyone else is taken care of. This is easy to do if we’re a parent, or responsible for a number of people. However, a little self-care can go a long way, and gives us the willfulness to become our best selves, as confidence and energy abound.

Consider the following:

Disability Care

The reason this is first and foremost on our list is that there’s a worrying trend in modernity for disabled people to feel inferior, put to one side and considered lesser-than. Why their inferiority is an absolutely disgusting and fundamentally incorrect thing to consider, the seeming disability cuts given in most modern welfare economies are considered a real danger. While there are methods of protesting or working against these changes, this blog will not focus on those politics. Instead, the only way to self-confidence is for people who define themselves in this way to consider boosting their ability and self-respect.

By that we mean learning how to properly govern self-care if they haven’t already, especially those who are newly disabled in some way. For example, learning to fix your hearing aids, how to properly instruct a helper how to move you into your wheelchair, or how to find disabled access at facilities in advance can often help you. You may also try and learn how to apply yourself in the best instances to new funding schemes, or perhaps finding new support more appropriate for you. This way self-confidence is preserved, no matter the insanity of the society around you.

Your Mindset

Mindset is everything. This can be something you decide to care for in the first instance. For example, switching your mindset to fake it until you make it can often work well. Simply heading to the gym, taking the time to work on things that sustain you, and cutting off negative friends are physical and social actions that help you realize ‘actually, I am worth it!’

Then, adapting your mindset to always look on the bright side, to tell yourself you’re capable and realize that true courage will only ever come out of initial fear can help you begin to adapt a healthier approach to your life, and generally become a better version of you. You deserve to see the best version of you. It’s almost amazing to see just how much potential you didn’t know you had if you decide to apply yourself to its creation.

Emotional Maintenance

Emotional maintenance is essential when it comes to self-care and thus self-confidence. Take the time to destress at home, to learn how to stick up for yourself, to care only for those friends that also take time for you, and to try to focus on the things that really matter. For example, building more of a bond with your family can become a great thing to do after fostering a toxic relationship in the dating field, as you begin to surround yourself with more wholesome relationships that nourish you and give you more room to breathe.

Emotional maintenance and stability is not the same as being happy all the time. It simply means learning how to negotiate your bad thoughts and feelings while never ignoring them, and how to utilize your happiness to motivate you to further action and positive impact on the life you lead. With this habit, your best attitude will often become developed, giving you time to address the things in your life that really, truly matter, instead of falling into the chaos of superfluous being.

With these tips, you’ll understand more than ever that the hidden route to confidence is self-care, giving you a large advantage to your daily living.