The Unexpected Perks Of Living With Disability

Whether you’re born able bodied or know what it’s like to endure life with a disability from an early age, we’ve all been guilty of taking our own bodies for granted. The human body is a wonderful gift. The human brain has applied itself to many of the great problems of existence both logistical and metaphysical. Our mental acuity has ensured that we not only survive but thrive. Our bodies are also capable of spectacular feats. Our range of motion, opposable thumbs and ability to communicate through noises, gestures and the drawing of pictures has enabled us to become the dominant species on the planet. Nonetheless, we take our bodies for granted often. We park them behind desks or in front of the TV sitting for hours on end, we stuff our faces with junk food and often deny them the nutrition and exercise we need.

Image by Pixabay

As the song says, you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. It’s only when accident, injury or illness rob us of our ability to live our lives the same way that we realize just what a precious gift our body was. If you have recently been affected by disability or if you’re a nurse caring for someone who has, this paradigm shift can be difficult to acclimatize to. Nonetheless, there are perks that come with disability. It’s just a case of realigning your perception so that you can see them…

There is help out there if you know where to find it

Whatever the disability, there are a plethora of free resources out there to help not to mention all that specialized nursing care that’s out there. Disability insurance goes a long way to helping to keep the costs of care manageable and if you have been denied a claim a disability insurance attorney can work tirelessly on your behalf to make sure that you get what you are owed. We’re lucky enough to live in a compassionate society where we value those with disabilities and do all that we can to ensure that they can make their full contribution to society and lead rich, fulfilling lives.

Line jumping

If you’re in a wheelchair, have chronic fatigue or your disability makes standing still for long periods of time difficult and / or painful, a fun day out at an amusement park can become arduous. Fortunately, Disney World and the like will allow you to jump straight to the front of the line and enjoy all the rides you want without having devoting a sizable portion of your day to waiting around for hours.

You get to board the plane first

Air travel is a breeze for those living with disabilities, since you get to board the plain before the teeming, sweaty masses, giving you ample time to board, get your hand luggage in order and make yourself comfortable before the bedraggled masses enter the plane.

Disabled parking spots

There’s nothing worse than having to traverse a busy and labyrinthine parking lot if mobility is difficult or uncomfortable to you. Disabled parking spots may be a small mercy, but they’re one for which those with disabilities have good reason to be grateful.

It’s always important to find the positives in life. Whether you’re nursing someone with a disability or living with one yourself, it may be hard to see the positives… But they’re there!