Is Cupid Sleeping on the Job? A Guide to Finding Romance

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A lack of romance in one’s life can really get people down. But what’s the right way to deal with such a problem? How should one go about finding romance? This is a quick guide to accepting your situation and preparing yourself to find someone who will really make you happy.

Love yourself first

What’s more important that finding the one? Looking after number one – a.k.a. you. If you don’t work on your ability to be proud of yourself and pleased with what you do, then you’re going to run into a bunch of problems down the road in a relationship. When there’s no self-love, there are insecurities, and they will be projected onto others in very negative ways. Don’t feel that you need to be with someone in order to be complete or content. Know how to love and accept yourself before you start seeking it from someone else.


Follow your own path

When you live the life that you want to live, you’re going to become more attractive to the right sort of people. (By “the right sort of people”, we mean people who will be attracted to your sense of adventure and independence. Those who would prefer you to follow their path, or to be submissive in any way, are definitely not great partner material!) It also means you’ll be more likely to accomplish your other goals – something that might be hindered when love arrives on the scene!

The problems of the fantasy partner

When people get really caught up with romantic worries, they tend to start imagining the perfect partner for themselves, the one they’re sure they’ll eventually marry. And when they do that, they start altering their behavior in order to appease a hypothetical partner, in the hopes that someone perfectly fitting that description will cross paths with them. Not only will this result in disappointment – you’ll probably never find someone who fits perfectly into any template – but it will also result in you wandering away from your own desired path that will properly fulfill your life.


Taking action

Yes, the laws of attraction are pretty powerful. The chances are that the right person will turn up at some point even if you’re focussing on your own goals and doing the activities you want to do. But putting yourself out there and getting a clearer picture definitely can’t hurt! Dating sites are often scoffed at, but a lot of people have begun lifelong relationships on them. You could even consider psychic phone readings if you want to look towards more astrological guidance in romantic matters!

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Get rid of your baggage

It’s time to start seeing your baggage as a ball and chain that’s holding you back big time. A lot of us have emotional baggage, and it’s usually piled upon us after a relationship that didn’t go the way we wanted it to. Baggage can also be the result of perceived flaws in yourself (another reason why self-love is so important to this process). But emotional baggage manifests in many ways that neither you nor your prospective partner are going to like. Get rid of that emotional baggage asap!