Ward Off Everyday Illnesses With These Healthy Hacks



Getting ill can be a real pain in the neck. Not only will it make you feel completely rubbish, but it can also weaken the body and mind, which makes it difficult to go about your usual routine. If you feel particularly bad, you could even end up wasting a few days in bed trying to recover. So there is no reason why people do whatever they can to try and prevent any illnesses knocking on their door.

Do you get paranoid when it comes to preventing illnesses and health scares? If the answer is a resounding yes, then this blog post is for you! Here are some of my favorite health hacks that can effectively ward off some of the most common illnesses.

Wash Your Hands

You need to prevent spreading germs and bacteria around your house if you want to make sure that no one in your family ever falls ill again! This can be done by keeping you and your home as clean as possible. But there is one time when it is absolutely necessary to always wash your hands – after using the bathroom! Once you have been to the toilet, a lot of bacteria and germs will have collected on the palms of your hands, and these will quickly spread. They will also spread onto any surfaces or furniture that you touch. As you can tell, it is therefore very important to wash your hands straight after using the toilet. Ideally, you should use an antibacterial soap so that all traces of any germs are removed.



Eat Plenty Of Protein

Another thing that illnesses hate is protein! You should ensure that you are eating as much protein as possible at every meal as this is a great way to better equip your body to fight off everyday illnesses. This becomes more important the older we get, as the old tend to not get as much protein as young people. So make sure you always have a portion of meat or fish with each meal! And don’t worry, vegetarians – you can find lots of protein in dairy produce, soy products, and nuts. All of this extra protein is important as it helps the body increase its production of antibodies, which are needed in the fight against colds and flu.



Take All Your Medication

If you suffer from a long-term illness or health condition, your immune system will probably be weakened. That means you will be a lot more susceptible to other health problems. However, if you have any tablets or other medication that you need to take on a daily basis, such as metformin for diabetes or beta blockers for high blood pressure, you need to make sure you don’t forget. This medication will keep your long-term condition in check and can help to strengthen your body. This is why it’s always important to make sure you never run out of tablets. If you know that you are running low, you should always top up by, for instance, seeing your doctor for a new prescription of beta blockers or order metformin online. If you forget to even take one tablet, you will find that your long-term health condition gets worse and your body starts to weaken. If you need to, set a reminder on your phone, so you never forget!



Store Meat Correctly

Hopefully, you should already know how to correctly store meat in your kitchen, but it is always worth mentioning again as getting it wrong could lead to cross-contamination and some very nasty illnesses! Raw and cooked meats need to always be kept separate from one another. Otherwise, they will spread bacteria and put your whole family at risk of getting salmonella and other food poisoning illnesses. Both should be kept chilled in the fridge, with cooked meat on a higher shelf. Don’t ever store raw meat above cooked meat, as the juices could drip down onto the cooked meat. It’s also important to eat any cooked meat within two days of cooking to make sure that bacteria doesn’t develop on it.



Carry Hand Sanitizer

When you are out and about, you never know what kinds of germs and bacteria could be on the things you touch. Door handles, handrails, and faucets could have been touched by thousands of people before you – just think of all the germs they could have spread onto things! And there may not always be a handy sink where you can wash your hands after touching something. For this reason, it’s useful to keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your bag. You just have to spritz it onto the palms of your hands and rub it in, and you will get rid of all traces of germs and bacteria!



Eat Whole Foods

Dieticians and nutritionists always talk about just how important a varied diet is. This helps us consume all the necessary nutrients that our body needs to stay fit and healthy. Altogether, these nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants add up to make a very healthy immune system! But there is one type of food that you should be putting a focus on – whole foods! These are foods that haven’t been processed and still have all their natural nutrients in them. I’m talking about things like whole grain bread, brown pasta, and brown rice. You need to eat these instead of processed and white carbohydrates. These whole foods have incredibly high levels of all the important vitamins and minerals that our body and immune system need to fight diseases. Eating them along with plenty of protein and fresh fruit and vegetables is providing your body with everything it needs to ward off common illnesses. So, feeling hungry? How about some whole grain toast with scrambled egg and avocado? Delicious and healthy!

One of the best ways to deal with colds, flu, and other common illnesses is to prevent them from bothering you and your body in the first place. Hopefully, this blog post has given you everything you need to fight all those nasty germs and bacteria!