Eye Know – Do You?


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We tend to take our eyes for granted. They do so much for us every single day. It’s one of the most powerful senses that we have, and we use them for so much more than just seeing. When we walk into the room, we are able to sense whether we are going to be happy or sad about the situation, whether it’s safe to be there or not and are instantly able to recognise friends or familiar faces to gravitate towards. We use our eyes for balance, to let us know if something is edible and to alert us to danger. But what else can we do to take care of them?

See The World

What better way to treat your eyes than get out and travel? There are so many colours, shapes, textures to lay your peepers upon all over the globe. Pick up a travel brochure and just have a quick flick through at all of the places that are there waiting to be explored. Let your eyes do their best thing and guide you around, showing you what else this earth has got to offer you. Take a travel buddy with you – whilst your eyes are fine, it’s always good to have an extra set just to keep you totally safe.

Get Them To Their Best

If you know that you are struggling to see and are squinting or having to hold something away from your face to get a better focus, it’s time to go for an eye test. Eye tests should be done every two years, although some people may need them more regularly than that depending on their vision. If you already have glasses or contact lenses, you can still take it a step further and make your vision more permanently better by getting info on lasik eye surgery. It will transform the way you see forever, with no need to put anything on your face or in your eyes every morning. There are some things to consider before you do it though – remember that it’s something that will change your life.

Relax Them

You’re putting your eyes to the test more than you know every time you watch TV, look at your smartphone or go on a laptop. Your eyes have to adjust to the brightness, have to focus to a smaller visual ratio than what they are used to and have to work hard with your brain to process everything that’s going on to get the information to you in quick-time. Give them a break. Sit and chat to your friends or family or take a walk. Relax your eyes.

Give Them Rest

If you’re not getting 7-9 hours of sleep a night, your eyes aren’t getting the rest that they deserve. They have a lot to catch you up on. Especially when you are younger, the more you sleep the more your eyes have a chance to catch up your learning and development parts of your brain with what’s been going on throughout the day.