6 Natural Reasons To Smile


With a world that seems very chaotic the more we learn about it, the fact that we’re getting older, and the fact that your work might have been difficult lately, it’s always easy to lose our smile. However, that’s something that is incredibly tragic. Smiling is easy. It can be a choice. It can also be a natural consequence of a good attitude. As famous children’s writer Roald Dahl once said – “A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”

To do that, it might take a moment or two to realize how lucky you might have it, or to realize there are many things you can do to help blossom a natural, toothy smile. Here’s how:


What can you be grateful about? Take a few moments and you’re sure to come up with quite a few things. Your brain will automatically let you know. It might be you have a great family, or you have a decent job comparatively. If you’re reading this at home on an electronic device with a coffee, you are likely more wealthy than a large, vast majority of the world. You might not currently be in ill health. You might have enough to eat, and a roof over your head. You might have a great movie to watch later with your partner. It might be your favorite author is releasing a book soon. These things can all add up to help you realize that actually, life is pretty good.

We can often neglect thinking about these things because we might forget how fortunate we are. Our minds often work as troubleshooters, looking at problems to fix rather than things to feel content about. Take a few moments to purposefully think about this, and your natural smile will bloom.

Dental Care

Of course, looking after your teeth is essential if you hope to smile without limitation. If you’re concerned for their health or condition, you can often feel like hiding your true beam. With a little work, whitening, or cleaning, you can find that your smiles take on a new quality. Whenever you smile, you should do with a wide, beaming mouth, whatever is natural to you. You should never feel limited to close your lips together, or smile with only one corner. It’s not natural, and you don’t feel in the moment with it. This isn’t to make you feel self-conscious about your smile, only to help you understand that everyone deserves to smile their most naturally without any cause for intense concern.


Exercise can not only help you get in shape but feels amazing too. This means that experiencing the runners high can certainly help you smile from ear to ear. Not only that, but achieving your fitness goals can feel absolutely wonderful, meaning that you’ll be much more self-confident and assertive, but also light and vibrant in your daily life. If you hope to make your personality shine, exercise can bring out the most optimal you. This is not an esoteric science or something to worry about. It’s a natural occurrence you can experience in the next few weeks if you try hard enough.

The emotion behind a smile is everything, and feeling great about yourself and in your body is a pretty excellent place to begin.

Goal Setting

Just like exercise, setting your goals and completing them can give you a natural reason to smile. It’s important to know that these reasons are intensely attitude based. For example, if you are the kind of person who wakes up late, worries about getting to school or work on time, comes home and spends the evening lounging around and eating bad food, you will often feel pretty terrible, and only see the world as a list of challenges that you have to take care of at the last possible moment.

However, the goal setting mindset helps push you forward. It allows you to care about things. Getting up early, getting a workout in, heading to work on time and coming back to explore a hobby does take energy, but the actual life force it feeds you with is much more valuable. You start to begin challenges as mere stepping stones, and never insurmountable hills to climb. This attitude is continually reinforced in yourself, allowing for some really strong and credible things to take place.


Keeping wisdom in your actions can do the same thing. This might mean showing temperance in how often you are to celebrate social events at the bar, or simply budgeting to ensure you can earn that vacation at the end of the year. When you keep wisdom and discipline like this you become more self-assured, which also allows your smiles to be genuine. Fake smiles are never those that feel natural. You can often feel much worse feeling this way. When you’re confident you will be less inclined to do this in the hope that someone likes you, and instead feel it as a natural expression of happiness and contentment.


Why not plan a social reunion with friends you might not have seen in a while? Natural smiles come when we’re around people, allowing us to feel connected to them. We need social care like flowers need sunlight, and with this you’ll often find nothing less than bountiful joy between you and friends. That can be one of the best things to experience this summer, so it’s absolutely worth doing.

There’s nothing quite like snorting and laughing (with ugly expressions, we all have them!) over some silly joke or a fun movie with a glass of wine. To do so truly keeps us young, and that in itself helps us smile.

With these tips, you will be sure to smile for many excellent reasons. Doing so can keep us young, and appreciative of the things we have to be grateful for.