Working In Fashion – Make Your Dream Come True

For anyone that loves clothing and style, a dream career would certainly involve fashion. Many people feel that jobs in the industry are out of reach though. Fortunately, there are many areas related to fashion that could be just the thing to offer you your dream job. You will need much more than just a love for textiles and clothing though. You’ll need something that gives you that edge.

Read, See, Touch, Wear

It’s important that you immerse yourself in everything. Gain an interest in areas of the industry you’re only just finding out about. Make sure you’re regularly attending fashion shows and reading the latest magazines, so you’re up to date with trends. Touch fabrics and talk about them as often as you can. You might even start a blog! Do document everything you know and learn, so you can start to collate a portfolio of ideas.

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Wearing fashion well can set you apart from the rest too. This doesn’t mean you have to be an extrovert or even make your own apparel. If you’re interested in textiles, you need to wear them to understand how they can be used to full effect. Jobs in the textile industry, like the ones at, are enormously important for fashion and other areas where fabric is used. Of course, your understanding of color will be very helpful here too!


So how much education do you really need to succeed in fashion? There are many training courses and degrees related to the industry that could come in very handy. Of course, there are plenty that aren’t related that would be enormously helpful too. An MBA could be ideal if you’re hoping to start your own business or manage someone else’s. Of course, there are many successful entrepreneurs and managers that have no formal education at all.

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Think about other business areas related to style. You might be interested in becoming a salon owner, or even starting up a small retail outlet. It’s always best to learn as much as you can about your industry. However, how you communicate with customers and how you manage the people around you might be the most important part of your work. If you’re good with people and you listen and respond well, you could be successful in any part of the industry.

What’s Your Dream?

If your dream is clear and focused, you can start putting a plan together to make it happen. Your journey from here to there might not be a straight line. You might even change your area of interest as you go. But if you keep your eye on the main goal at all times, then you’ll be determined enough to make it happen. We all have to start somewhere. Starting at the bottom gives you an enormous insight into how other people do it, without any pressure to be as good as them – yet!

Always dabble with your own projects and creative ideas. This will help bolster your portfolio. Why not post it to a website so others can see what you can do?