10 Traits of a Successful Beauty Salon Owner

Running a beauty salon is not so hard but equally not so easy. It is like every other entrepreneurial job out there. A salon owner wears different hats for different roles. As we all know, you hardly get to a salon where you will see an HR office, a specified accountant’s office or marketers’ bay, except such saloon is big enough to pay these professionals. Here are few traits you should have to be a successful salon owner.

Continuous learning

You should be a natural knowledge seeker. Having an appetite to learn in order to effectively perform the roles of the various tasks you perform is a big plus to your entrepreneurial skills. You should search for free courses on the web where you can get basic skills and continuously fulfill these roles adequately. Truly this sounds exhausting, but with time, if you keep at it and your business grows, you will be able to outsource many areas and focus only on clientele.

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Passion is key for every entrepreneur. You need this to continue to thrive even in the worst circumstances. There will be times when you feel you don’t know enough or you have such overwhelming dissatisfied customers. It may just be as simple as not having enough enthusiasm to get out of bed in the morning.  It helps you keep the fire burning.


As much as you wear different hats, you will need to delegate those duties which can be effectively carried out by any other person without having a negative impact on your business. An example of such area will be ‘cleaning’.


Being proactive means you are always ahead in your game. You should be able to pre-empt certain trends before they hit the market. From your continuous learning, you will be able to know about opportunities and utilize them before your competitors get hold of them.

Due Diligence

Taking necessary precaution without leaving any stone unturned will go a long way in preparing you for unforeseen circumstances. Having salon insurance is a must have for a successful salon owner. There are various circumstances where being insured is what will save you from some law suits and save you tons of money.


You have to be independent and be focused on your vision. There will be various input from friends, family and friend-competitor. You need to be focused enough to chart your course without distractions.

Being Organized

This is an essential trait of a successful saloon owner. There will be times when so many clients will need your attention at the same time and there will be times clients are not forth coming. You must be able to multitask and utilize opportunities when the saloon is not packed up to do other things.


Days when you hit your set sales target or when u successfully set up your Facebook page, or the time when you singlehandedly juggled the work of two therapists together with other duties successfully should be celebrated. You should always take time out to give yourself a treat when you achieve a set target.

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Know when to rest

Yes, rest is very vital. As much as you should be enthusiastic and have will power and resilience, you definitely need a lot of rest as well. Without rest, your health may deteriorate and as the saying goes; ‘health is wealth’ you must know when to stop pushing and just rest. It keeps you refreshed.

Pamper yourself

Ok, this is the big one. You are the face of your saloon and you must always take time out to pamper yourself and look radiant as you remain the first point of contact. You must endeavor to represent your brand as its ambassador, so you cannot afford to look any less than how you want your saloon to be perceived.