Nail Art You Never Knew Existed

Nail art has come an awfully long way over the past decade. It took more than a century to go from round and square nails to stiletto, coffin, and oval. But just in the last 10 years, we’ve seen more change and proliferation in the world of manicures that we’ve seen over the last 100.

Driving it all are social media and celebrities. Big names like Kim K and Katy Perry are posing with hot new nail art, posing for the camera and lighting up social media with their style. Now, with sharing platforms like MsMee, the whole community is becoming extremely experimental and looking for new, weird and wonderful ways make their nails look pretty. Here are some of the weirdest nail art styles you never knew existed.

Seashell Manicure

Have you ever looked down at your fingernails and thought “they look a bit like seashells”? Well, if you have, you’re in luck – seashell manicures are real. Creating a seashell look is relatively straightforward. Start off with long oval veneers, or your natural nails cut into the oval shape. Then add the base layer, usually a clear polish. On top of that, add glittering cream and whites to create a seashell effects. If you’re extremely professional, you could create beautiful, white ridges, just like real-life seashells.

Finally, grab some pearl or diamond-style rhinestones and stick them to the nails. Clams have pearls inside them, so why shouldn’t your fingernails?

Furry Nails

When most people think of manicures, they imagine lacquer, not fur. But furry nails might just be the latest and greatest trend to hit social media. Creating furry nails involves sticking some kind of furry material to the nail polish as it dries. Do you like the idea, or does it give you the creeps?

Fang Nails


Vampires have always been a fashion inspiration for many. So it’s not surprising that they’ve turned up in nail art – although their practicality leaves a lot to be desired.

Although you could tone down the effect by choosing to go with coffin nails, fang-shaped nails are incredibly dramatic. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to grow your nails an inch off the end of your hands, and so it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll have to use veneers for these. But the effect is stunning. Don’t expect to be able to hold a drink, use your keys or get intimate with somebody wearing them, though.

Floral Nails

Have you ever wished that you could put your favorite houseplants on your nails? Well, it turns out that it’s something millennials just love. Although it is impractical to put succulents on one’s nails, this is a trend which doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Iridescent Nails

Back in 2013, Katy Perry was spotted wearing iridescent nails. Since then so-called “holographic” nails have really taken off – dozens of celebs have been spotted sporting them. The good news is that it’s relatively easy to get multi-tonal nails now, thanks to specialist holographic nail polish lines from the big manufacturers.