Tips Every Girl Needs To Make Hair Removal Easier

Girls spend hours removing unwanted body hair from their legs, armpits, and bikini line. We want to be able to wear that cute short dress without having to worry about unwanted hair being seen in public. However, it’s easy to go wrong when shaving and end up with red bumps and sore skin on your body. Here are some tips every girl needs to make hair removal easier.



Don’t use old blades

One tip you need to make hair removal easier is to ensure you aren’t using old blades. A lot of us use our shavers with the same blade for months. But it’s a waste of time as you will end up with poorly shaved legs and armpits. As well as this, it could be harbouring old bacteria which could irritate your skin. As this feature explains, you need to replace your blade after five to ten shaves. If you find any discomfort before this, you should also stop using it and go to the store. When you buy your razor, you should buy several spare blades, so that it reminds you to change them after a few shaves.



Always shave when body hair is wet

Another tip every girl needs to make hair removal easier is you should always shave when the hair is wet. If you shave when the hair on your legs and arms are dry, you are more likely to experience razor burn and skin irritation. Therefore, you should always go in the shower first before shaving. You should buy a great shaving cream which will stop your legs or armpits being sore afterwards. The cream also lifts up the hairs, meaning you can get to them easier when shaving.


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Go for laser hair removal

A lot of women make hair removal easier by going for laser hair removal. It means you get smooth hair-free skin for longer. The session is painless and takes less than an hour to complete. A lot of people book a series of treatments at a Medispa, so that they can maintain their hair-free look. It’s ideal if you suffer from a lot of body hair and are struggling to find time to remove the hair. Having the body hair lasered off will make removing hair a lot easier! You can read more about the treatment on my previous blog, so you know whether it’s right for you.

Shave against the grain

You might not realise that direction can make shaving easier. You need to shave against the grain, so that you don’t irritate the skin. You should always start at the ankle and work your way up. When it comes to your armpits, reality star turned blogger Lauren Conrad suggests you use an up and down motion and then an x shape to get a good shave.


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Remember always to go for well-known brands when choosing products to use when shaving. And always, moisturise the area after, so that you are less likely to experience irritation.