Is Laser Hair Removal Treatment Safe

Although you may feel embarrassed by hairs in places where there should not be any hairs, you are not alone. It is actually more common than you think. Many women experience unwanted hair loss at some point in their lives or deal with it throughout their adult lives. This is normally due to hormonal imbalances and obviously causes a lot of stress. If you have ever tried waxing or shaving only to find that the hairs come back, then laser hair treatments may provide you with a way out.

Is Laser Treatment Safe and Does It Hurt?

laser hair removal

This form of hair removal treatment is completely safe and almost entirely pain free. A laser light beam focuses on the base area of the hair follicle and stops hair growth. Not to be confused with IPL, which uses diffused and less powerful light waves to remove hair? Laser hair removal treatments are safe to use on any part of the body and is particularly effective when used on the most problematic areas such as the underarms, legs, bikini area and face. As laser treatment for hair removal is considered the most economically friendly and safest way to remove unwanted hairs, many celebrities and industry professionals choose this treatment for their own problems.

How Does The Treatment Actually Work?

As we already touched upon above, the laser used in the process is particularly attracted to the dark pigment known as melanin. The energy produced by the laser uses melanin as a conductor as it makes its way down to the hair follicle’s base. The light energy becomes thermal energy and damages the hair follicle at its lowest point, which means it will not be able to grow hair as quickly as before. The more treatments you have, the longer it will take to produce new hair.

Why Should I Have More Than One Session Of Treatment?

In order for this process to work effectively, your hair needs to be at a particular stage in the growing cycle. Anagen or the active growing phase is the point in the cycle when your hair is connected to the base of its hair follicle. This gives the laser a direct connection to the base of the hair follicle so it can cause damage by sending its energy down the hair. As the hairs in your body are all at different stages of the cycle to each other, you need to have multiple treatments to ensure you get rid of all your unwanted hairs.

Will Laser Treatment Work On Anyone?

At the moment, the laser used in this treatment requires melanin for it to be effective at removing hair. This form of treatment is therefore not particularly useful or effective to you if you have grey, blonde or white hair that does not contain melanin. The best advice experts would give to you would be to try one of the alternatives available until the technology improves.

If you have felt like you have been suffering in silence, trying each form of hair removal without the results you desire, then you do not need to feel like that anymore.