Simple Ways To Look Your Best and Feel Great

The beauty industry is booming, and it’s estimated that the average woman spends in excess of £50,000 on beauty buys before she reaches the age of forty. But why do we invest so much money, time and energy into looking good- are we all just shallow? Well not exactly, because it actually spans further than just looks. When you look good, you tend to feel pretty great. When you’re happy with your appearance you radiate confidence and positive energy, and who wouldn’t want to get in on that? If you’re in a bit of a funk and are not feeling your best, here are a few tips to get you back on track.


Image sourced from Pixabay

Take good care of your skin

Taking care of your skin means using the right products on the surface, and nourishing from the inside out by eating the right diet and staying well hydrated. Create a skincare routine and stick to it, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Start the day with a quick cleanse and a light moisturiser, and apply a hydrating oil and an eye cream before bed. Prevent premature aging by protecting skin from the sun (even in the winter, the sun’s rays are damaging all year round). If you choose a moisturiser or foundation with SPF included, your face will always be protected and you won’t even have to think about it.

Show the world your brightest smile

Almost everyone would agree that a beautiful smile is considered an attractive asset, but having a gleaming set of pearly whites will do wonders for your confidence levels too. Eating the right nutrients and maintaining good oral hygiene will keep teeth strong and healthy. However when it comes to problems such as deep discolouration, chips or crooked teeth having some dental work done is the only way you’ll make a dramatic difference. Veneers are a good option as they can correct a range of different dental issues, and give a gorgeous ‘Hollywood smile’ finish.

Wear clothes that flatter your figure

Focus less on trends, and instead on classic pieces that flatter your body shape and will never go out of style. If you don’t feel comfortable in a crop top or certain cuts of jeans, don’t wear them. Look in a full length mirror and work out your body shape, from there you can research what is most likely to suit you. Wear things that you feel great, in rather than letting trends depict what you buy.

Move your body

Exercising doesn’t have to mean sweating it out in the gym five days a week (although kudos to you if you do this!) If you’re pretty sedentary most of the time then increasing your exercise a bit at a time won’t be too much of a shock to the system, and you’ll be more likely to keep it up. Try swimming, yoga or pilates for gentle yet effective exercise. You could walk your dog for thirty minutes each evening, or go on a scenic bike ride at the weekends. Even cleaning burns calories, and so when you’re powering through the housework you can be happy in the knowledge that you’re getting some exercise in too! Moving your body and getting your heart rate up is one of the most beneficial things you can do to both look and feel great. You’ll tone up, lose excess weight, be stronger and more energised.