What’s So Special About Nutrients, Anyway?

There are many people out there who believe that the body creates pretty much everything it needs to survive. All we really need to do is eat food in order to stop those unpleasant feelings of hunger and we should be okay.



But you should trust nature so much! The fact is that the human body doesn’t generate all of the nutrients it needs on its own. In fact, as amazing as it is, the human body is actually pretty bad at producing a lot of things it needs! While it does produce a lot of its own healthy compounds, it requires additional nutrients to actually produce them.

So the idea that you can just eat whatever you like and let your body take care of itself is a false one. You need to be on the lookout for the right nutrients. That’s why there are plenty of stores, like Mr Vitamins, which specialise in nutrient-rich products. Look at all the good that the right nutrients can do for you!


What’s going on with your blood is key to pretty much everything else I mention in this article. Blood is where the bulk of the nutrients you consume goes. But the journey doesn’t end there. Your blood is what delivers the nutrients to the rest of your body!



But are there nutrients that actually help the blood itself? Well, maybe not the substance. But there are nutrients that can help maintain the strength of your heart and blood vessels. This helps your blood travel around your body properly, which helps the other nutrients get where they need to go. Nutrients like omega-3, fiber and sterols are the most effective in helping your circulatory system.


Ever wonder why people with poor diets are also the type that sleep in a lot? That seem groggy or irritable? It’s because not having enough vitamins and minerals slows you down. People make the mistake of thinking that energy products will help them. These items are often loaded with caffeine, taurine, and sugar. They give you a rush, but your body doesn’t actually process the energy correctly.



B vitamins (like B12 and folic acid) and iron help your body create create. They also help your body effectively take in the energy that you get from food and drink. They also help you get oxygen from your bloodstream, which is essential in staying energetic.


We seem to assume that our bones are a lot stronger than they actually are. Or, if we’re not assuming that, we’re assuming that our bones can only be as strong as they’ve always been. But for your bones – and your teeth! – to remain strong, they need a steady intake of certain nutrients.



Ever notice that there are people out there who haven’t broken a bone yet? Or, judging from the life they lead, should have broken a few more than they already have? Let’s illustrate this with a specific example. Despite doing the same activity, there are football players out there who break bones more often than the rest. It’s probably because their bones aren’t healthy enough. Bones require calcium, vitamin D, and magnesium to stay sturdy.