Finding Beauty & Peace Through Balance

Things usually aren’t going right if there is no balance involved. If we cannot find balance, we are heading too far in one direction when what we really need to do is split the difference and head down the middle. Balance is good. Balance means a lot of things, but for the sake of this article, we’re talking about finding peace and beauty through balance. Having a balance approach to life means that you can do good by your health, and everyone knows that you’ll look good if you feel good!

What is balance if not a good thing for life? The thing is, balance isn’t the most attractive concept to pursue, despite the obvious benefits. Some can see balance as a restriction of fun, stopping them from going down certain paths – but really, balance is all about sensibility.

Before we get into the meat of the matter – let’s consider something. Have you ever felt sick from motion? Or on a rollercoaster, or from moving? This is to do with balance. Now, when you’re nauseous from this – you could use essential oils to bring yourself around – but what about considering your approach. If your balance is off, it can bring you down – and that concept is a running theme.


Let’s talk health and beauty first – because let’s be honest, that’s of immediate interest to everyone reading! When people think of natural beauty, they have a lot of different expectations that’s ok. Everyone is different. The most common idea of beauty is a toned body and a symmetrical, balanced face. This isn’t right in the sense that everyone is beautiful in their own way – but it is right in that it is a commonly held opinion by the media and a lot of people around the world. Health and thus beauty can be found with a balanced approach to life. Let’s talk about the diet and the role it plays on beauty. Believe it or not, but you can eat your way to beauty! It does involve balance, though. You can’t just sit down with chicken nuggets every day and eat your way to beauty! Maybe your own version of beauty can be found through that method, but it won’t be healthy. Sorry to break that to you! Diet affects the skin quite harshly, and the things you put in your mouth are just as important as the creams that you rub onto your face. Foods contain nutrition and vitamins which our body uses to give our skin strength and health. If you eat foods that lack this nutrition, your skin will suffer. A lack of protein in the diet can lead to the skin sagging and losing firmness and softness. If you’re a queen at skincare, but your diet is poor – there’s a reason why your skin flares up and might not look as good as you want it to be and it will more than likely be because of what is going on with your insides and a lack of balance in your diet. A diet that is unbalanced will likely have a reliance on sugar to fill gaps. Breaking out in spots can happen, but it’s linked to sugar levels and insulin as well. Sugar needs to be brought down to a fair balance in your diet if you want to be healthy and look good. Bring in fruits (NOT fruit juices) and vegetables to bring that balance back. A big problem lies within health products that are full of sugars, candy bars and protein bars are full of sugars that can spike sugar levels fast and aggravate skin issues. Stick to natural snacks to get balanced – you want nuts and fruits. You need to eat for your skincare as much as you need to buy products to care for your skin.


Balance in the diet can go too far to the other side as well. An insistence of eating low-nutrition low-calorie foods can lead to some intense problems and even bring on problems like anorexia and anemia. Balance is key and needed in the diet and our approach to life. If things are unbalanced – in either direction, it can lead to bad health. If we focus too much on a pursuit of health, it can damage our goals and lead us into periods of malnutrition. Balance is key and light foods need protein, fats and fibres as well.

We need to come around to accepting ourselves and that can only really come through with being at peace – which involves a balanced mindset. If we can become obsessed about our looks, we can get involved into dangerous processes that do not often give us the results that we would want. Chasing surgery, intense health regimes and other extremes can often lead to impressive short term gains that leave the person feeling very hollow. Achieving a balance means achieving happiness and being at peace with the situation. This can take a huge weight from your shoulders. Let’s talk about being mindful.

There is a lot in life to be happy for and appreciate in life. We don’t always need to be grumpy about what we don’t have. Maybe we don’t think we are the prettiest; maybe we don’t think we have everything we want. No matter the situation we are in, we can always find an appreciation for what we have in life.

The problem with focusing too hard on things out of our control is that it can cause us a great deal of stress and stress can only open up other problems within our life. Being mindful and balanced in our thinking is just as important as being balanced with our health. In fact, our mind and it’s state is a big part of our health. If we have a positive outlook and appreciate the things we have, we can find it easier to indulge in positive habits and pursuits to build ourselves into the person that we want to be – regardless of how we look. It’s said that true beauty comes from within and even if that isn’t true, it’s still something we should think about, even if to build the foundations of future peace and happiness.


A lot of the problem is how we think. We are constantly thinking and while we can get great ideas from this thinking, a lot of this thoughts can be aimed at ourselves and leave us up at night. These doubts might feel real, but they are not. We need to understand that – because we cannot find any peace at all if we’re our own worst enemy. If you’re in the mirror every day picking flaws with yourself, why are you doing this and going down this path? Write down your thoughts and see if you’re able of thinking yourself into a better place.Cutting through our clouds of constant thinking can be a big help, especially if all these thoughts constantly circle our self-doubts and unfair criticisms. Work to identify this negative thinking and find a bit of peace. If you’re someone who is a do-er rather than thinker, you might want to plan out a regime to help you find health, peace and thus a happy positive balance.

We can only find beauty and peace if we start to feel beautiful and that comes through a balanced life. Obviously, we can find shortcuts by rewiring the way we think, but this isn’t something to rely on until we build the foundations of beauty through balance and health. Start smiling, start glowing and show off the real you!