Why you need to clean your leather stuff


How leather cleaner and conditioner is a must for your wallet

Leather products have a great smell when they are new. Nothing can beat it. In cars, we like to call it the “new car scent” but in fact the smell is really the leather. And while we appreciate the leather products when we first obtain them, over time the fresh scent fades and the connection which we once had with the product dwindles down. Oftentimes this results in a lack of care for the product which in turn results in the product getting damaged and discarded. For those who wish to keep that fresh leather look, here are a few reasons why you need to clean your leather stuff.

Number One: Your Mamma told you to take care of your belongings

When you were a child I am sure that you had some sort of authority figure telling you to clean your room and to pick up your toys. Basically, you were told to take care of your stuff. As an adult this does not go away. Certain belongings require maintenance and upkeep if you want them to look good. A slim wallet is one of those possessions which must be cleaned and conditioned if you want the skin/leather to look and feel as it did when you first purchased your product. Besides, aren’t you getting tired of the cheap synthetic wallets every birthday and Father’s Day? Take care of the leather one and perhaps you will get golf clubs next year.

Number Two: Leather Dries out

Leather is skin and as such the skin is very prone to drying out and cracking. Look at the skin of anyone who has been out in the sun for a bit. If the person has not used conditioner, sun block, and lotion on the skin, then the skin is dry and brittle to the touch. There may be dry skin which flakes off, and in some cases there may be cracking. The same is true for the leather wallet. When the wallet does not receive any moisture, it will slowly dry out. This compromises the integrity of the leather causing it to become brittle and susceptible to damage, including cracking and tearing. By using a leather conditioner, the person is essentially adding fluid back into the skin.

Number Three: Cleaner both protects and shines

Since leather is the skin of an animal, it has pores. These pores can become clogged up with dirt and grime over time which will give the wallet a dull appearance as well as compromise the longevity of the wallet’s life. Leather cleaner is just that, a cleaner. It is intended to be used on the slim wallet to get the grime and the dirt out of the pores. Additionally, wallets which have not been cleaned in quite a while may actually be able to be restored to a level of their former glory. A real world example of this would be in a black leather wallet which had been put into a cedar chest and forgotten. Though nothing had been done to the wallet, it developed white spots on the surface resembling mold. Thinking that the wallet was ruined I was all but ready to discard it. However, I noted that unlike mold, there was no fuzz to it, it just looked like the color had been sucked out of the wallet. I took out my leather cleaner and carefully applied it to the surface. It helped a bit, but there were still a few dry spots. So I added the conditioner to the wallet and that did the trick. It looked like brand new.

Get that new leather smell

If you want to get that new leather look and smell, then you have to have the leather looking and feeling like new. And while I do not recommend that you go around sniffing your wallet (as that would be just plain creepy), you can get the look and the leather smell from using the right leather cleaner and conditioner. Besides this, if your wallet looks luxurious, people will perceive you to be luxurious, if your wallet is frail and falling apart, even in a $1000 suit, people will see you as being cheap.

Bottom line is this, if you want to look good and want to have the “leather experience” then you have to give care to your leather products.