Preparing To Go Under The Knife

Try as hard as we might; health seems something left up to random chance. We can run, walk, jog, lift and eat well and still; things can go wrong. Certainly, a healthy lifestyle gives us the best chance in life, and it gives us a great shot of avoiding a bunch of health issues – but we can still endure issues. Stiff elbows, torn ligaments, internal issues, mental health problems – our health isn’t just something that stays great at all times, unfortunately. It has its highs, and it has its lows.

What that means, is that our health can fall without us doing much about it. It means we might need treatment and in some cases, this treatment might be surgery. Broken limbs, reconstructive surgery, facelift surgery, organ surgery – we can go under the knife for a bunch of reasons, whether it’s our wish, or not. Surgery is a scary concept. We don’t like being poked, prodded and sliced open – but in some circumstances, it’s necessary.


Surgery is an immensely stressful process for the body, and this means that you can’t just rock up to a surgery appointment and be ok. Whether it’s cosmetic surgery to enhance natural beauty, or lifesaving treatment, you need to be in a good position for it. This could take months of work and in some cases, surgery might not be an option due to health issues, or underlying problems. This can be fatal – so if you’re not fit for surgery, then it’s not going to happen. However, you also go through a process of consultations before surgery – these are discussions with a doctor or a surgical team to highlight the needs, aims and goals of a surgery – so if there are any issues, you will be notified months before any potential surgery. If weight is an issue, you’ll need to work on that as it might be something that could prevent a successful surgery.

Consultations might also present other methods of treatment that aren’t surgery – even if surgery might be required. These are not just to avoid surgery, but can also enhance the treatment of the issue regardless, and even may help with eventual surgery. If the surgery is cosmetic, consultations are more to find out the aims – but for health reasons they are incredibly beneficial and serve as the key point of preparation for surgery as they will let you know what is expected from you prior to your date under the knife.

Surgery exists for many reasons. For health, for beauty and for comfort, we choose to go under the knife. This is never a simple process though, and it’s stressful for our bodies. We don’t like surgery, and we don’t like anesthetics – but if we can prepare in the correct manner, we can ensure that surgery – for whatever reason – works out for us. We won’t know how to do so until a consultation, but we need to act on the advice of surgeons and doctors to ensure our surgery works, but also, so our recovery is not hampered at all.