Help For Adults That Have No Idea How To Handle Being An Adult

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We’re going to say something that we’re not-so-secretly everyone is thinking: this whole becoming an adult-thing is really frickin’ hard. It just springs up on you like a stranger’s Jack Russell in a noisy park. I mean, you get warned that you’ll become an adult one day. Actually, you get multiple warnings, both written and verbal, yet it still manages to completely blindside you. It’s insane. The fact there isn’t more done to properly prepare people for the assault on our senses that is adulthood is insane.

All those years in education and yet the most important lessons seem to get completely ignored, which is either total incompetence on our teacher-slash-parents part or just a cruel joke that everyone over the age of forty is in on. One day you’re a big kid getting to enjoy strong booze mixed with fizzy drinks as you chase boys around the college hangout and the next it feels like you’ve been kicked in the gut by rowdy Ronda Rousey (circa. 2014)

That is why we are going to do what we can to amend this fact and put the world to right in the way every adult the has gone before us should have, and we’re going to do this by letting you know what adulthood is really like in an attempt to make adulthood more manageable. Did you get that?

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1. Forget Money, It’s Your Time That Matters

Don’t get us wrong, money is super-duper-wuper valuable. It’s just that your time is even more valuable, as will attest. It is the opposite to infinite when placed in the context of you because, well, one day you will die, you just don’t know when which is why each tick-tock of the clock is so valuable. Time is subject to limitations. It will run out. Once you spend it, that’s it, you can’t get it back, so make sure you spend it in the best way possible, whether that be with friends and family, your soul mate, learning how to master the piano, figure skating or whatever it is that makes you truly and intrinsically happy.

2. There Is Nothing Wrong With Getting A Therapist

We read this article the other day where Robert Pattinson (yes, the shy Hollywood heartthrob) said he didn’t know how you were meant to do life without therapy, and you know what, he’s right. Life is a total bitch. It’s great. There’s no denying that whatsoever, but it is a total bitch. It is terrifying, intimidation, nerve-jangling and, at times, torturous. And we’re just talking about the noise inside your head, which is exactly what a therapist helps with. No one has a blueprint to help guide you through this labyrinth of emotions. No one. So take the pressure off yourself and start understanding your thoughts a bit more by getting a therapist./

3. There Is So Much Paperwork

Where the hell does all the paperwork come from? One minute you’re struggling to use the washing machine after spilling chipotle sauce from your Subway all over yourself and the next you’re expected to know which health insurance is best, how much of your salary should spend on rent and why credit cards are not good. It’s a steep as Everest learning curve. Of course, this list isn’t extensive, but to help you overcome these hiccups, visit now to learn about which health insurance plan is best, try not to spend any more than 30% on your rent and other housing costs and don’t get a credit card because then you’ll be in debt and your life will be miserable from here on out. Fact.

4. Empathy Is The Secret To Life

We remember this time when a friend of ours called because she had a problem, one that was getting her down. She started the phone call by diving straight into the issue, an issue that I had no way of answering or fixing, so I did the only thing possible, I told her straight. I told her I couldn’t fix it and wasn’t sure what she was expecting me to do. That’s when she said something profound that has remained in my frontal lobe forever – “nothing, I just want you to listen to me, that’s all.” That’s some of the best advice you can ever get. It is only on the rarest of occasions that any of us knows the answer to something. Most of the time we are all blagging our way through life. Don’t worry, it’s okay, that’s how we all feel. That’s how life is meant to be. What’s important is that you respect other people’s thoughts and feelings and try your best to understand them. It is about empathising. Learn how to do this and you will learn how to connect with both them and yourself on a much deeper level, which is really cool.

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5. Life Will Not Go To Plan

You know that age-old phrase, “life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”? Well, it is absolutely spot on. Plans never play out the way you want them too. Sure, your plan to go to the cinema by yourself tomorrow morning may well happen, but your bigger life plans won’t. Don’t worry. Just embrace the ride for what it is. You aren’t going to live forever, so plans are immediately redundant anyway. So long as you do what you love, you will love life. You will have friends that become more “successful” than you, you will get made redundant, you will have kids earlier than you thought because of a drunken night with your boyfriend, you’ll realise the only thing more painful than giving birth is recovering from giving birth, you won’t get to see all of your bucket-list and you may not get the promotions you know you deserves. It’s just how life goes. Sometimes you are on top and sometimes you are getting crushed like an empty can of Fanta at submarine depths. When it is you versus life the odds are stacked against you. All we can do is smile about it and laugh. That’s all anyone can do. Trust us, that’s more than is expected of us in the eyes of the Gods.