5 Tips for Catering a Christmas Party

So, you’ve taken it upon yourself to organize and host this year’s Christmas party. Well, kudos to you. It’s a great undertaking, and a huge responsibility as well. You have to think of virtually everything, from the décor to the playlists, and make sure all your guests are having a great time. Being the host or the hostess can be quite a challenging role, but if you’re a proper Monica Geller, you’ll have no trouble swinging it and throwing one of the parties to remember. Now, just in case you have a hit a few catering-related conundrums, we are here to lend a helping hand. After all, what are holidays for if not for sharing and caring?

Tip #1 – do a headcount

Whether you’re throwing a cocktail party or any kind of a dinner party, having the final headcount is crucial. It determines the number of meals you should have ready, or the general amount of food if you’re doing it buffet style. It also determines the number of chairs and plates as well as the amount of drinks, because you know people love to have a few glasses more during the holidays. This is why it’s crucial you send out invitations that require an RSVP, as well as any specifics regarding one’s dietary preferences, so you are ready for anything.

Tip #2 – set it and let it go

There is a variety of Christmas parties you can throw, but a classy sit-down dinner party is a classic. In addition to being the most convenient – no people walking around with food and perhaps no place to put it or sit, when you have a table set, you are good to go. Now, as the day of the party can be a bit hectic with food preparation and all, it’s best to set the table the night before, and just leave it be. In the morning, this will be like your own little Christmas gift as you will have checked an important point of your list.

Tip #3 – make sure you have enough

If you’re throwing a huge shindig, you have to make absolutely sure you have enough china, utensils and glasses to go around. Keep in mind that a glass or two might get broken, so don’t put out your finest ones. There are tons of places, including Ikea, where you can buy fabulous dinner necessities for next to nothing. Everyone will love the table setting, especially if you have a few traditional Christmas centerpieces to sparkle the festive mood, and you’re done.

Tip #4 – know your limitations

If you have guests arriving and they come with a number of food preferences and restrictions ranging from low-sodium, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan and others, you may be a bit in over your head. Therefore, it’s best to turn to professionals. For instance, there are a number of fabulous options for catering in NYC. New Yorkers can really enjoy the food scene’s diversity, from fabulous meals to incredible drinks. So, in order avoid slaving in the kitchen, cooking meals for each individual taste, find the best company that can do all the work for you. Not only will you be able to literally cater to everyone’s needs, but when you let professionals do their job, even make the most delicious cocktails to go with the food, you are free to mingle and entertain.

Tip # 5 – relax and have fun

Once you’re done with decorations, the table, the food and drinks, all you have to worry about is placing the perfect people next to each other in order to have the conversation flowing. After everyone has had their share of delicious meals and plenty of great drinks, it’s time for two more things – cake and dancing. If you want to do the cake yourself, there are tons of amazing recipes which are fairly simple to follow, so this can be your own great finish of the ‘eating portion’ of the evening.

Make sure you encourage dancing, mingling and just be a good hostess. However, don’t forget to enjoy all the food and the festive vibe yourself. After all, why go through all the trouble of planning a party if you don’t have any fun. Let loose and dance the night away – on a full belly of course.