Tips For Going To An Formal Dress Event With Sophistication, Beauty and Glamour

You or your significant other have been invited to a very important event where everybody will be dressed smartly, what do you do? Well first off you need to know what kind of event it is you’re going to. It might be a social event, with family and friends, it could be a prize event linked to your profession or, it could be an important social event for a charity or something of political prestige.

Source- Mathilda Samuelsson

The evening dress

There are many styles you could choose from, but above all, remember that an evening dress is supposed to be classy. There’s no need to show off your figure so brashly; however, there are dresses that amplify and complement a woman’s body better than others.

You could go for the open back design with your bare back and shoulder blades on display. You should be wary you don’t have a tan line or a pimple on that area before you decide this. And, if you’re a woman with an ample bosom it’s wise to avoid this particular style as this type of style doesn’t have much support at the front and unless you want everyone to see what kind of bra you’re wearing, you’ll opt for something else.

A high neck dress is perfect for an athletic, slim or curvy woman. This type of dress is made to fit in a cozy manner, especially around the hips area. A modern high neck dress will usually incorporate lace at the neck and the hemline; this is, so the wearer is comfortable as they move around because the lace is designed to stretch. A lace dip hemline is halfway down the thigh area but can be made longer if you’re getting something tailor made.

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The twinkle in the eye

Wearing jewelry in an evening dress is perhaps the height of seduction and erotic allure. Nothing sparkles brighter and with as much finesse as diamond engagement rings. They encapsulate an upper-class standard of beauty and wealth, and sophistication you cannot go without. A gold or silver necklace would make a great contribution to your look, but if you’re wearing something that doesn’t have a low or medium-sized neckline, it’s best just to let the design of the dress take over this region. As you’re wearing an evening dress, avoid bracelets and even watches. The contoured shape of your body is accentuated by the taper of the waist, bosom and shoulder/neck area. Thus, your wrists and hands must flow freely and wearing something on the end of your limbs kind of breaks up the outline.

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Less is more

Less is more when it comes to a formal gathering. You want to draw attention to your eyes subtly, so balancing out your mascara with your eyeliner is crucial. Rather than a full outline, you should aim to either have a half-lined or V-lined style. A non-stop smokey look might be a bit too much; that’s more Hollywood than a business award ceremony. As for the foundation, use a lighter powder as well as a duller shade. You only want people to notice you’re wearing makeup at close range, otherwise, it might look a tad overdone. Feel free to where a dashing shade of red, however, as with a formal meeting, you may wish to use a soft maroon.