Who Pays for What in a Wedding

Weddings are marked as the most important day in one’s life. Whether it’s the bride or the bridegroom, it’s a day of grand celebration for them and their loved ones. Also, it comes with a lot of expenses and money drain. With the high expenses of an average event, weddings aren’t cheap. When it comes to spending on wedding essentials such as wedding dresses, couples do not hesitate to show they have more money than sense. Are you confused about wedding costs? Here’s a brief synopsis into who pays for what.

What Does The Bride Pay For?

Typically, the most essential items for which a bride pays include the groom’s gift, and ring. Though every bride has a budget, putting her best foot forward in choosing these items takes precedence for her. However, unless she has a lot of money to burn, she seeks ways to cut down her expenses on other stuff.

Apart from these two items, she also lays out a certain amount of money on her wedding beauty and gifts for her bridal party. However, these expenses are optional. So, the amount of money she would like to spend solely depends on her budget.

What Does The Groom Pay For?

The gift and the wedding ring for the bride are the two core articles on which the groom centres his budget. He understands cheap wedding dresses can show him in poor light. So, he strives to put his best foot forward while selecting these items. And it also means that he does not hesitate to spend a little more on this connection.


Aside from these things, the groom also pays for certain other things. These include the marriage license, gifts for groomsmen, and his accessories.

What Do The Bride And The Groom Pay For?

Apart from paying for the individual expense, both the bride and the groom share the responsibility of bearing out the other costs. Both lend a helping hand to one another to resonate the feeling that they care for each other.

Together, they expend their money on the photoshoot and for recording their wedding video. In addition, the couple also spends on transportation for the bride’s party. They do this together for two important events – reception and the ceremony. The best part about it is that they do it together as a happy couple.

What Do The Parents Of The Bride And The Groom Pay For?

A wedding is not just about wedding dresses and gifts. There is more to it. For instance, there are venue expenses which include floral decoration, reception. Plus, after marriage, the couple is likely to go for honeymoon. The bride’s family takes up the responsibility of the former and the groom’s family takes care of the latter if the couple doesn’t pay for it.

Final Thoughts:

From the above, it is apparent that bearing out the marriage expenses is a two-way street not only for the couple but also for their family. The expenses may vary depending on the preferences of the concerned parties.