Is It Time To Move to a Bigger Home?

When you first buy your home it feels like the most perfect place in the world. But over the years, you find yourself feeling more and more cramped, the rooms can feel chaotic and cluttered and there’s simply not enough room for everything you need. It can feel like the end of an era moving house, especially if you love the place and feel settled- but there are lots of reasons why buying something bigger is your best option. Here are a few reasons.

You’ve Started Working From Home

More of us than ever are now able to work from home. Maybe you’re a freelancer, blogger or run your own business. Perhaps you work for a company that has gotten on board with the benefits allowing employees to work remotely can bring. Either way, if you were previously going into a workplace but now work from home, you really need your own office. Typing away on the sofa, in bed or sat at the kitchen table isn’t ideal when you’re working for yourself- just because you’re at home and not in an office doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it seriously. You need a spare bedroom where you can put a desk, a comfortable chair, some storage and anything else you need. Keep this space free of distractions, and you know that when you come to sit in here it’s time to get on with work. This helps you to maintain a good work/ life balance, as once you’re done you can shut the door and forget about it until it’s time to get down to business again. Without your office the lines can become more blurred and it can feel like your work day is somehow your entire day. No checking emails in bed or replying to messages at the dinner table- confine work to your office only. If you don’t have a spare room and know you will be working from home for the long haul then you may have to consider a more suitable property.

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You’re Caring For an Ill or Elderly Loved One

It’s never nice when a loved one falls ill- often these are the people who cared for us when we were young so it can feel like an odd role reversal. But if you have a grandparent, parent, parent in law or other family member that needs your help then they will need their own room. It might be a case of you have room for them, but they need live in home care and you don’t have a spare room for their carer. If you work full time or they have very complex needs then this can be the best option if you don’t want them to have to go into a nursing home. Perhaps you or a loved one has needed to start using a wheelchair, and you need a bigger or more suitable home that’s adapted for this. Either way, these are reasons you might need a new house.

You’ve Had More Children

Maybe you’ve had a surprise pregnancy or you’ve fallen pregnant with twins or even triplets! Either way, if your family is extending then you will likely need a bigger home. If you have boys and girls currently sharing a room, as they get older they will need their own rooms and so this is another reason that moving house might be on the agenda.