There’s No Such Thing As A Weak Woman: Health And Other Issues That Women Have To Face

Women and men are different: Their body and mental health do react to different factors. But more importantly, for many women who want to remain in control of their lives, being sick can be seen as a sign of weakness. This is a misconception. Sickness is the way that your mind and your body have to let you know that something needs to be fixed in your life. This is not an indication that your body is failing you: This is how your body is trying to defend itself against the external attack of a variety of factors. Discover here the top three health risks for women.


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Mental Health: Don’t Be On Your Own, Stay With Friends

Mental health is now officially recognized as a form of illness, instead of the label of madness that it used to receive in the past. Suffering from a mental health issue is certainly not synonymous with being insane, so don’t feel any shame about it. Women are more sensitive to depression and anxiety than men, and this is especially common in high-stress office environments where sometimes the fast pace and pressure can become toxic. Additionally, another common mental health that is destructive for too many women relates to eating disorder and is inflicted by the socially accepted images of beauty that are carried by the media. Many young women can be pushed to believe that there is no beauty above a size 0, and for them, this is the start of mental distortions of their own image that lead to anorexia or bulimia. Often, this is the lack of self-confidence that lies at the core of everything. No woman is safe from it, and there is a preventive method. However, planning time with your friends, such as via a girly holiday can be a great help in boosting your confidence and addressing your doubts about yourself in all honesty.

Slow Diseases That Destroy Their Image Of Being A Woman

Each year, female-only cancers, breast and cervical cancers, cause a million of deaths in the USA. But without reaching such fatal conclusions, these cancers can sometimes be cured by an amputation which leaves hundreds of women feeling like they have lost what used to define them as a woman. Cancer is not only a disease of the body; but it also leaves marks on the mind and the soul that are hard to remove. So do get screened regularly. Additionally, it is important to know that lifestyle choices can help to prevent some forms of cancer. Sometimes, taking good care of yourself and being informed about womens health is all you need to be a strong woman. So look after yourself with healthy food and fitness habits!

Stroke And High Blood Pressure Affect More Women Than Men

When it comes to heart disease, it is worrying to think that 60% of all deaths caused by a stroke in the USA are female deaths. There is no clear indication as to why women are more sensitive to strokes, but it is a fact that every year there are 55,000 more female strokes. Not every stroke is deadly, yet they are all dangerous and should be dealt with extreme caution. It is, therefore, important that you learn to recognize the symptoms of a stroke rapidly, whether it happens to you or a relative so that you can call 911 as soon as possible. Don’t let this number 4 cause of death affect you: Learn the FAST way of recognizing the danger.