Taking Positive Inspiration From The Women In Our Lives


Often it’s easy to lose focus and inspiration in the many daily responsibilities we have in life. While blockbuster movies make plots look amazing and increasingly polished, real life is not run that way. Of course, real life is much better than any movie, more complex, holds more potential, and is much more bountiful in its time allowance. However, to make it through with happiness and love, we do need to nurture our own requirement for motivation and love.

This means that taking inspiration where you can find it is an important skill to learn. Surrounding yourself with the stories of people you love and respect can be one of the most profound ways of keeping ourselves energized, but sometimes it’s not easy to know where to look. We’d recommend looking for the women in your lives, as each one has something to teach you. Try the following places:

Maternal Love

Often, our mothers and grandmothers make for some of the most important women in our lives. This is not necessarily limiting to these two people. Your auntie or even guardian can show you just as much maternal love as anyone else might. Maternal love is not limited to a form of biology, it can be shown by anyone who protects and cares for you with guidance and wisdom, in a familial sense. Seeing these people in action is extremely rewarding. There’s a real sense of change in any mother making the transition to caring for a young child, or simply taking someone on as their own. It shows compassion, unconditional love, a willingness to be the most caring and worthwhile person in your life.

It also means accepting responsibility, and self-sacrificing to ensure that the unit is wholesome and together. Sometimes seeing t his in action can provide us with the inspiration to resolve a personal relationship issue in our lives, to become more caring, or to self-pity much less. All of these are positive traits worth emulating.

Authority & Competence

Seeing women in positions of authority and competence should inspire you. Learning about the factual plights of women making it in their field can show you that no glass ceiling is any match for you, and in many cases, it has been eviscerated by the courageous women of the past. You could find inspiration here by searching the story of your most favorite singer and finding the trials they have overcome, historical figures in the movie industry or in more tangible fields such as the first woman to ever go to space.

For a more local perspective, researching the Arizona secretary of state office lead or the most impressive corporate CEO near you can lend you credence and an understanding that nothing is impossible based on your gender or the color of your skin. This imbues you with real possibility and helps you plan for goals rather than feel demotivated by any lack of inspiration.

The best part about looking for beautiful examples in both of these fields is that they inform each other. With the willingness to dig a little deeper, you are sure to witness some truly incredible stories.