Summer Activities That Could Damage Your Hearing

Take care in the pool!  (image)

Summer is on the way, and while you will understand the significance of wearing sunscreen and staying hydrated to protect your health, you might be less mindful when it comes to your hearing. But guess what? Some of your regular summer activities could damage your hearing health, so great care needs to be taken.

Examples? Well, consider the following.

#1: Going swimming

Many of us love a dip in the sea or the pool, especially on a hot day. It’s a great way to cool down, so we wouldn’t be surprised if you have already bought your swimming costumes in preparation. However, without the protection of earplugs or a swim cap, you might fall victim to swimmer’s ear. As discussed within the linked article, this is where your ear becomes infected by the bacteria in the water, and consequently affects you with painful swelling and temporary hearing loss. So, while not permanently damaging to your ears, you should still heed the advice in the article to reduce the problem, and wear the appropriate ear protection.

#2: Going to a live concert or music festival

Going to an indoor concert is bad enough for your ears, as the sound decibels can be ear-shattering. But an outdoor concert is worse, as with no interior insulation, bands are forced play music louder to ensure their rocking tunes are dispersed to their audiences. Now, if you’re playing at a concert or festival this year, you should consider hearing protection for musicians. But if you’re merely a bystander (or a raving fan), you should arm yourself with earplugs, as the sound levels can far exceed the recommended 85-decibel limit. Ensure you sit far away from any speakers too, even if that means you don’t get an up close and personal look at your favorite band members.

#3: Riding a speedboat

Akin to a scene from Hawaii-Five-O, you might fancy a blistering ride across any lakes or oceans that form part of your summer vacation time. And while we wouldn’t want to stop you (we wouldn’t be able to keep up with you for a start), you need to know that both the wind noise and engine noise levels could permanently damage your hearing if they are over 100 decibels. So, again, protect your ears with earplugs, or consider the health benefits of kayaking instead for a more sensible and serene boating adventure.

#4: Working in your garden

Your garden is the perfect place for summer barbecues, moments of r&r, and games with the kids. Because of this, you might spend a lot of time before and around the summer season getting your garden in order. With hedge trimmers, lawn mowers, and leaf blowers, you will be a busy bee making your outdoor space look just-so, and this is fine, but you need to remember your hearing. A lot of gardening equipment operates at between and 80 and 100 decibels, so precautions need to be taken. You can alleviate noise damage by ensuring your equipment has been properly maintained, but you should still wear earmuffs or earplugs when you’re maintaining your garden area.

We hope you have a fabulous summer, but take the precautions mentioned in this article so you are able to enjoy (and hear) the many delights that await you this season, and in the many summer seasons to come!

Thanks for reading.