Read This Guide And Have More Confidence In Just 10 Minutes!

Confidence can seem like something people are born with. However, it usually isn’t. Confidence is usually something that is learned, even if it’s from a very young age. However, anybody can teach themselves to feel more confident. In fact, you could read through this guide and you might just feel more confident in 10 minutes! Take a look and see what you can use:

Stand Up Straight

Research suggests that people who stand up straight are more confident than people who slouch. With a simple change in posture, making sure your shoulders are pulled back and your head up, you should feel better right away. Make sure you look up and ahead while you’re walking, and practice great posture whether you’re standing or sitting. It’ll make you look better and you will notice that you feel better as a result.


Wear Clothes You Really Love

Wearing clothes you love should have a profound difference on your attitude and the way you feel about yourself on any given day, too. Wearing clothes that help you hide away from the world, that you don’t even really like will bring you down and won’t make you feel confident at all.

This isn’t about going out and buying a ton of expensive or even designer clothes. You can feel confident in high street clothes, providing they fit you well, and that they are in colors and patterns that you really like.

Watch Something Motivational

Maybe you need to hear some encouraging words. There are all kinds of motivational things you can listen to. On Spotify, there are playlists dedicated to motivating you. On YouTube you can find TedTalks and even regular people talking about things like confidence and how you can create more of it. Watch a short video and really listen to what they’re saying.

Use Affirmations

Affirmations are great because they can change the way we feel about ourselves. ‘I am’ phrases are super powerful, so if you walk around each day saying negative ‘I am’ phrases, which we all do from time to time, you’re going to feel bad. Change your negative phrases. Find something you like about yourself. Say positive ‘I am’ phrases with conviction even if you’re not sure you believe them just yet. You could even try the mirror work technique, where you look into your eyes in the mirror, telling yourself ‘I love you’ and other positive things. It might sound strange, but there are books on this and it really works.

Challenge Yourself

When you challenge yourself, you’ll show yourself that you’re capable of something you never thought possible. It could be absolutely anything, from teaching yourself a song using or even going to a class to meet people. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new and you should get an instant boost.

Just Smile

Smiling sends signals to the brain. It does this even if you smile and you don’t feel like it. Put a smile on your face and although it might feel weird at first, it’ll help you to perk up and feel more confident.