Picking the Right Bed for Your Room

winter-cosy-bedroomEvery girl likes to have a beautiful room to retreat to at the end of the day. Most of us fantasise about luxurious faux fur coverlets, soft pillows, diaphanous drapes, and the rich scent of our favourite Yankee Candle.

There are few things more rewarding than escaping to this haven of tranquillity and falling into a comfortable bed, which means that when it’s time to replace your current night-time favourite, it’s important that you get it right.

If you need some help choosing the perfect bed for you, then here are a few top tips to help you…

Choose a Style that Matches Your Décor

Although we all know that looks aren’t everything, we want a bedroom that’s easy on the eye, and this means that harmonious furnishings and a complementary colour scheme are essential. Whether you’ve chosen to recreate a scene of Parisian elegance, or you prefer a more minimalist vibe, you need to choose a bed that fits with this.

Pick a Material that Matches Your Furnishings

To maintain this effortless harmony, it’s important to think about the materials that your new bed is crafted from. Metalwork should be matched to that on your existing furnishings, as should the colour and gloss of wooden frameworks. Although there is room for a little variation, too much will end up clashing.

Think About Who’ll Be Joining You

Size is another important consideration. Your range of choices will be limited to some degree by the size of your bedroom, so it’s important to ensure that the option you choose will fit, making a tape measure you’re new best friend. Once you know how much space you have to play with, you can start to think about what size bed you would like. Some people prefer a double even if they sleep alone, but if you’re not likely to spend the nights in solitude, then the bigger the better in terms of your bed size.

Choose a Mattress That’s Made For You

Once you have the bed of your dreams, you might also want to upgrade your mattress in order to ensure optimum overnight comfort, and this opens up a whole world of choices. Most manufacturers will have a variety of firmness ratings to choose from, and the best way to find your ideal is to test them out, meaning that you can finally live the universal childhood fantasy of test driving all those inviting beds spread out before you.

Guarantee that you get a good night’s sleep by choosing the perfect bed for you.