Language Learning Trends: Education on the Road

People say that learning a foreign language will open up a whole new world to you. In a way, language is more than words and grammar since it also includes cultural heritage and traditions. However, the busy world today easily preoccupies us so that there is little time to dedicate to language lessons from a daily schedule.

But language learning trends evolve constantly and today it’s especially easy to learn the basics enough to get by in a foreign country. Moreover, you can turn it into an education on the road and let native speakers teach you some phrases or apply for a school.

Get a local guide

There are two types of guides you can have on your trip. One is a professional tourist guide and the other a local guide who actually leaves on in the location. While both will speak the language, they will give you different types of tours. The former will concentrate on showing you the locations and telling you stories about the history, architectural facts and culture.

The latter can be a friend, an acquaintance or a couch surfer who will gladly not only show you around but also speak in their native language with you. This way, you will learn firsthand the slang and the natural manifestation of the language without worrying about the grammar. Once you know the basics, you will be able to build your vocabulary and feel more confident to talk to the locals in shops or cafés.

Learn the phrases

Before you travel, go to a bookstore and buy a book with phrases that will give you enough to start with once you arrive at your destination. This may not seem like much, but the local population will appreciate your effort and gladly converse with you. Mark the phrases that will be the most useful on your trip like “How much is this”, “I’m allergic to…” and “I don’t understand you.” Of course, you can also learn “Do you speak English” but use it only in case of emergency since the goal here is to practice and learn on the go.

If you have a friend who speaks the language, ask them to write you down some useful phrases as well. Also, see that they include some possible answers so you would more easily build the conversation with locals. This will not only be a valuable educational experience but also fun and turn your travels into an adventure.

Join travel and learn trend

Traveling to other countries in order to learn languages has been done since forever. While in the past, scholars had to observe and pay close attention to the native population, today you can have classes and then go sightseeing. For example, you can travel to Australia and attend classes at one of the language schools like Sydney College of English. Afterward, you can spend your free time exploring the natural beauties of the area like the Blue Mountains or famous landmarks like the Sydney Opera House.

Education of the road is quite popular today and is one of the leading language learning trends. The schools go as far as to pick you up from the airport, find you accommodations and make sure you are comfortable while there. In a way, you will have an organized travel plan with an extra perk of learning a new language and having a perfect place to practice it with the local population.

It’s time to sing

Just like at home when you hear a foreign song you like and immediately Google the words and their meaning, you can do the same during traveling. Open up your ears and try to find what kind of music is popular and even go to hear a local band. If you like the melody, ask a friend to translate it for you or once again turn to the Internet for help.

Even though song lyrics are not the best learning material, they will bring you closer to the culture and help you feel more comfortable in the foreign county. And above all, you will have fun doing it since then you can dance and sing with the rest of the crowd.


Language is an ever-evolving part of a civilization and the best way to learn it is through education on the road from the native speakers. This not only means that you will learn a new language but also have fun meeting people and making friendships. After all, if languages are a living organism, then you need to be part of the newest learning trends.