5 Benefits to Drinking Hot Lemon Every Morning

hot lemon water

Feel like that cup of tea or coffee just isn’t doing it for you anymore? Not giving you the energy it once did? Feeling the affects of too much caffeine? Well, there’s an alternative, and it’s one that you won’t get tired of or go back on.

Plenty of nutritionists are recommending a slice or two of fresh lemon in a cup of hot water, for one it tastes pretty good in our opinion, and we’ll give you 5 very convincing reasons below.

The Everyday Detox

Lemons are acidic, true, but they’re are also an alkaline food once they’re inside us. One of the most important things to a healthy lifestyle, is an alkaline body – and lemon in hot water will set you on that path.

Weight Loss Booster

There is a way to combat those hunger cravings, more pectin fiber in your diet. Lemons are naturally high in pectin fiber which in turn will ease the appetite and get your day off to a great star, leaving your urges a lot easier to control

Kick Starts Your Immune System

How do we fight colds? Vitamin C – Well Done! Lemons are high in vitamins C, they’re also high in potassium, potassium stimulates your brain and nerve functions. The combination of the two is just a huge boost for your immune system, something we could all do with.

Helps Clear Your Skin

There are plenty of antioxidants that assist in reducing spots and wrinkles in Lemons, also, once again, Vitamin C comes into play. Vitamin C is key to healthy skin, as its alkaline properties help kill certain types of bacteria which we associate with acne, you can rejuvenate your skin from the inside out.

Improves Digestion

Lemon juice is known to flush all those things in our body we don’t want, unwanted materials and toxins, also known as a detox. An acid we need for digestion is bile, which comes directly from the liver, lemon juice actively stimulates the liver to produce more bile, thus, clearing you out!

Do you drink lemon in hot water in the mornings? If you don’t, im sure you will now! Healthy Living guys.