5 Benefits of Office Yoga You Probably Didn’t Know About

Office Yoga

If you’ve been sitting on your office chair for most of your working hours, it’s probably high time you reconsider your working habit. Sedentary office life has been linked to a wide range of health problems- from cardiovascular issues to chronic pain. It’s also closely associated with decreased productivity, stress and inability to focus.

In case you’re still not buying the idea of doing office yoga, here are 5 more benefits to convince you.

1. It helps detoxify your body

It’s common for people to think that sweating is one of the best ways to remove toxins through exercise. Although that is true, it’s actually not the only way you can cleanse your system.

Doing office yoga can help stimulate your digestive and lymphatic systems through stretching and compressing your body. As you work through different yoga poses, you’re forcing your body to squeeze out and remove toxins. Aside from detoxification, yoga poses can also improve your body’s blood circulation. The better the circulation, the more nourished your cells and organs become.

2. It improves mood

Office yoga can make you less cranky and moody at work by increasing the production of GABA and Oxytocin. Both of these hormones are strongly linked to the feeling of happiness. Aside from improving your emotions, the hormones can also help you deal with anxiety, tension and even fatigue. You’ll think and feel more positively once you commit to a daily office yoga routine.

3. It helps you relax at work

Several studies show how effective office yoga is in reducing work-related stress and anxiety. If you’re currently stuck with a lot of due papers, doing office yoga for a couple of minutes can help you get back on track.

Take, for example, the Neck Roll. It’s a very quick move yet it’s effective in relieving neck strain. Performing it after slouching on your desk for a long period of time can help soothe your tensed muscles while making you feel instantly rejuvenated. The Temple Rub and the Seated Spinal Twist are good moves, too.

Keep in mind, however, that although office yoga can help you de-stress in your workplace, you also need to have proper office equipment to ensure your comfort and safety at work. Your office chair, for example, should be able to properly support your back to avoid unnecessary discomfort. Your desk needs to be at the right height as well to prevent neck and shoulder strain.

When buying your office furniture for the first time, it’s a good idea to invest in equipment manufactured by specialists, like Furniture at Work. They offer items that aren’t only beneficial to office workers, but they also sell items that are durable and affordable. You don’t actually need to spend a fortune on office furniture. The trick is to find the right products and the right people that create them.

4. It can draw employees closer

You don’t need a wide space or any equipment when it comes to office yoga. As a matter of fact, you only need to be familiar with the right poses to start with it. And since it doesn’t take a lot of space or even time, you can do it as a group activity. It’s a good way to increase productivity, boost your team’s morale and improve everyone’s health in the office.

Employees aren’t the only ones who can benefit from office yoga. Employers can also gain from it. Since the activity promotes health and wellness, there will be fewer sick days and people experiencing burnout from work. These things translate to increased efficiency, more accomplished projects and increased revenues.

5. It’s a convenient way to workout

When you’re bound to your work for most days of the week, finding time to squeeze in a workout routine can be difficult. If you have kids to catch up to and a social life you wouldn’t want to miss, this difficulty doubles.

Office yoga is one of the best ways to stay fit while at work. It can be conveniently done while sitting in your office chair or when you’re walking in the hallway. When done properly and frequently, it can help sculpt your legs, improve your balance and enhance your flexibility.