4 Beautiful Ways To Honor Your Loved Ones

There are so many ways that you can remember a loved one who has passed away. Memories never go, of course, but sometimes it’s nice to have a physical way to honor the memory of the people you’ve once loved who have now died. Keeping the memories alive can be done in so many ways, and it is a great way to show others how much that person meant to you.

The best thing about choosing to memorialize someone you love is the fact that you can be creative about the way that you do it. So many people want balloons or Chinese Lanterns, but you can express remembrance in a multitude of other ways. Below, we’ve got four beautiful ideas that you can honor someone who once brought such light to your life.

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A Memorial Bench

Memorial Day is coming, and Bras & Mattos Monument Co. is here to help. They’ve got the skills and the materials to customize a bench for your loved one, allowing you somewhere to sit and relax while remembering all the good times that you once had together. Memorial benches provide you with a place to sit, relax and remember the person you’ve loved while remaining peaceful. It’s also a beautiful way to have something that can last for decades.

Plant A Tree

We all know that it takes years and years for a mighty oak tree to grow from a seedling tree to a huge giant. That’s years and years of memories that you can plant, and with so many companies now allowing people to use the ashes of someone who has passed away to be planted at the bottom of the tree. So, your loved one can grow with the tree, giving their memory life again in a whole new way.

Custom Engravings

Some people choose not to be buried, which can make it hard for others to find a place to grieve and have somewhere to think. A custom engraving can be placed somewhere (with permission) for people to grieve and have a physical space to leave flowers. Custom engravings can be a beautiful way to honor their memory and provide comfort for those left behind.

Design A Quilt

Old clothing, handkerchiefs and even old blankets of the person you love always end up in charity shops or recycling bays. Why not get a selection of their shirts and create a quilt out of the pieces? You’ll be able to wrap yourself in their belongings and have them across your bed or sofa whenever you need some comfort.

Memorializing a loved one isn’t always a simple thing to do; sometimes, the grief is just too much. However, finding a way to honor them and remember them is essential to keep their memory alive as much as it is to make you feel comforted and able to move forward. Take some of the above suggestions for something unique, and you’ll be able to remember someone you love for years to come.