15 Problems that Only Ladies With Big Boobs Can Empathise With


Many women say they would give anything to have big boobs. However, women with big boobs will tell you that having a lot upfront isn’t always something to shout about! Why, you ask? Here are 15 problems that only ladies with big boobs can empathise with:


1. You Can Never Find Pretty Bras that Fit

You pretty much need a granny style bra to get the support you need – no shopping sprees in Victoria Secret for the busty ladies!

2. People Often Ask You if Your Back Hurts

So what if it does? It’s offensive when people treat big boobs like they’re some kind of disability.

3. You Can’t Wear Shirts with Buttons

Shirts gape open and make you look like you haven’t bothered putting a top on – you did get dressed this morning, honestly!

4. Exercising Becomes Impossible

Ever tried to do a pushup with big boobs dangling in the way? It isn’t easy, or pretty for that matter! You practically bounce back off the floor, talk about momentum…

5. You Accidentally Look Sexual in Everything You Put On

Casual clothes like t-shirts and joggers even make it look like you’re going for a night out on the town – so what exactly are you supposed to wear to interviews?!

6. People Ask What Your Bra Size is

How rude! You don’t ask people how much they weigh…

7. Bridesmaids Dresses Don’t Suit You

This is because the vast majority of them are strapless – strapless dresses and big boobs don’t mix well.

8. You Can Sometimes Look Huge in Photos

Especially if people cut you off just under the boob, as they often do.

9. You Are Terrified of the Idea of Pregnancy

Your boobs are plenty big enough without getting pregnant and having them balloon 10 sizes bigger!

10. People Talk to Your Boobs not Your Face

Hello? My face is up here…

11. Random People Casually Ask if You’ve Considered a Breast Reduction

Let’s get this straight, you know that breast reductions can boost confidence, but that doesn’t mean people you barely know can come up to you and have conversations about it! Why were they even looking at/thinking your boobs anyway?!

12. You Can Never Find a Nice Bikini that Fits

You would love nothing more than to prance around in one of those teeny weeny Triangl bikinis, but you look like you’re on a Nuts magazine shoot.

13. You Must Wear at Least 2 Sports Bras if You Want to go to the Gym

Or bandage them up with a durable material; either or either.

14. Backless Dresses are off Limits

You couldn’t possibly dream of flaunting your side boob like those gorgeous actresses on the red carpet…yours have a mind of their own.

15. You Can’t Wear Long Necklaces

A long necklace immediately gets lost in your cleavage – only bib style necklaces and chokers for you unfortunately.

So, smaller busted ladies, would you still give anything to have big boobs? Think again!