Home Makeover – 3 tips to help you choose the perfect floors for your home!

  1. Decide what the purpose of each room will be.

There are many different options available when selecting flooring for your new home; the right choice can vary from room to room depending on how the room will be used. Plus, you want to make sure you have a quality carpet installer or hardwood installer you can trust. When it comes to choosing a material, tile flooring is an elegant and classy addition to any home, but you wouldn’t want it in your bedroom. For these areas that you wish to be more comfortable, like a bed room or living room, carpet floors give a cozy feeling suitable for walking around barefoot. Reserve the handsome tile floors for areas of high traffic that are exposed to harsher conditions; like a foyer or porch.

  1. Determine your budget.

There are ways to achieve that perfect look you’ve always envisioned without breaking the bank. Hardwood floors are beautiful, but can be expensive compared to vinyl options. Work with your hardwood installer to find an option that fits your budget. However, if hardwood floors are what you had envisioned for a room, but the budget is just too tight, consider getting a nice laminate instead. It will give the room a similar feel but will save a few dollars per foot–– plus, it’s more durable! You can always come back years later and finally invest in those hardwood floors you’ve always wanted when the kids have moved on and your pets are finally potty-trained! Also, who wouldn’t love a bathroom with a marble floor? However, did you know that marble can easily cost up to $20 per square foot? If you’re looking for a more economical option, consider skipping the marble and choosing porcelain tiles. Your bathroom will still have the practicality of stone floors but will cost you significantly less.

  1. Keep in mind what your floors will be exposed to.

Before jumping at a flooring option based on how beautiful it makes a room, consider what all the floor will be exposed to. If it is a high traffic area of your home, are the floors durable and built to withstand wear and tear? If it’s a room that will get messy, like a kitchen, is it easy to clean? Will the tiles in your bathroom be dangerously slippery when wet? Try to envision every single scenario you can while choosing flooring options and consult a professional, like an interior designer, on what to avoid for certain rooms.

Also, you should consider who your floors will be exposed to. We all know that small children and pets aren’t quite as concerned about keeping things clean as you are. Err on the side of low-pile carpeting if there are still mess-makers running around your home. Or, if you are considering flooring as an empty nester, high-pile carpets add an extra inch of comfort to your living room for those lazy Sundays when you never quite get around to putting shoes on! Also, are you prepared to maintain hardwoods the way they should be? With hardwood floors, you are trading convenience for beauty. If you are not prepared to put in the necessary effort to keep up your hardwoods, consider a vinyl option or at least cover the room with plenty of area rugs.