Best Ways to Organize a Kid’s Closet

Love keeping your luxury condo organized and tidy? Well, kids’ rooms can be one of the most challenging spots in the house to maintain thanks to the little ones’ little toys and clothes, which usually can be found strewn about — as if a tornado just ripped through. With a bit of planning and teaching your child the importance of organization, it’s easy.  But there’s one place a child’s room that can get out of control no matter how meticulous the parent: the closet. 

Yes, the humble closet filled with items you hid last-minute before guests came over or clothes your child no longer fits into. Who can blame you for never really paying attention to it? After all, you can close the door—out of sight, out of mind. To truly keep a kid’s room in order, taking care of the closet is a must. 

Don’t worry: it’s a relatively easy task. And with these top five ways to organize your kid’s closet, you should be able to do it in no time. 

Empty the Closet

Marie Kondo isn’t world-famous for nothing. Her method of completely clearing out spaces before you even beginning to tidy them up is a must to really get the most out of organizing. Empty everything out of the closet: clothes, shoes, toys, etc. Examine each item and ask yourself if your child needs that stained onesies from when they were a newborn. If not, get rid of it and other things that no one else can use. For items that are in better condition, donate to a charity or give them to friends and family as hand-me-downs. There’s always someone who can use baby clothes.


Bins and baskets are the heroes of the closet. There are different routes to go with the bins. Grab some clear ones to quickly check out the inventory or go with opaque colored containers to make it simple and fun for your kids to organize. Or do a combination of both. Bins come in all shapes and sizes, and we found that using shoe bins works perfectly to store infrequently used kids’ clothes. 

Start from the Bottom Up 

Your kids are small, so you’ll want to create a system for them to be able to utilize the closet and keep their most frequently used items closer to the bottom. Those bins we talked about would be an excellent way to let your kids have some autonomy. For example, they can pick out (and put back) their favorite items. 

Kid-Sized Hangers

Sure, every house seems to have an overabundance of hangers, specifically the plastic ones that seem to break easily. For your kid’s room, you’ll want to invest in quality kid-sized ones. Smaller hangers make it easier for you to hang the clothes and using the proper size won’t stretch them out. 

Dual Rods

Hanging rods might just be the closet’s most essential feature. So why not double up on them? Adding two rods or adjustable ones to the closet affords way more hanging space. And the lower rod can be used for clothing your kid uses frequently.