Want To Know Why You Can’t Find The Motivation For Exercise? Find Out Here

Regular exercise is a responsibility that everyone should learn to appreciate. In truth, most people find that those activities become rather enjoyable after the initial transition. However, finding the motivation to get into that habit can be immensely difficult.

Here are just 10 reasons why you’ve been putting off exercise, even on a subconscious level, along with what can be done to overcome them.


Busy work life.

There’s no escaping the fact that the hectic nature of modern life means that other commitments could cause a problem. Work is one of the most common issues to consider. However, cycling to work is just one example of how you can get around this problem. Alternatively, you could ask your boss to run a fitness class. After all, healthy employees are better employees.

The costs.

Paying excessive amounts for personal trainers can see you lose motivation. Not least when some healthy foods are expensive too. In reality, running or buying a few dumbbells and a fitness DVD for the home can help you unlock the same rewards. Best of all, you’ll achieve this at a fraction of the cost while also avoiding the need to work out in front of others.

Aches and pains.

It’s not uncommon for new fitness enthusiasts to encounter aches and pains when they get back into exercise. Training to become more flexible can soon remove many of those issues. Meanwhile, wearing the right footwear and supportive clothing will often make a significant impact too. If all else fails, changing to a different type of activity could be the answer to your problems.

No fun.

Ultimately, exercise will eat away at your leisure time. Therefore, it’s imperative that you inject a sense of enjoyment into those activities. Playing a sport can be a great way to achieve this. Or you could look to embrace a competitive nature by signing up to an online group. When you want to beat your friends or fitness buddies, your natural desire to work out harder and more frequently will soar.


No energy.

When you lack energy, it’s almost impossible to get out there and exercise. Eating the right foods before a workout is pivotal while post-workout nutrition is key to recovery. Perhaps most crucially, you need to ensure that you are getting a good night’s sleep. When you’re overtired, even the workouts you do complete will be far less effective. Do not let this issue go untreated.

Underlying health issues.

Most people have minor health conditions. While they might not be life-threatening, they can impact your daily life. This is especially true with regards to exercise. Problems with your balance are a particularly prevalent issue, but vertigo treatment will soon solve those. Likewise, postural issues should be seen by a professional who can point you towards the best solutions.

No goal.

We all know that regular exercise is good for our health. However, it’s important to have a reason or incentive. Whether it’s running a marathon for charity or losing weight to fit back into your favorite clothes doesn’t matter. Giving yourself a reason to get back out there day after day could truly make all the difference as you look to maintain that motivation.

Lack of belief.

For many people, the fear of failure is another major stumbling block. Entering the gym to see dozens of super fit members doing amazing things can harm your confidence. But they all started from a similar position to you. It doesn’t matter how slow you run or how little you lift in those early days. Anything is better than nothing. Besides, the speed of your progress will surprise you.


No improvements.

The vast majority of people that want to get fit are actively concerned about their looks. Therefore, failure to see any real change in their physique can be demoralizing. Record your stats with photographic evidence, because the changes are bigger than you imagined. Choosing the right exercises and supporting those choices with smart nutrition is essential to the cause.

Exercise is uncomfortable.

In a lot of cases, poor attire choices are the main source of problems. Therefore, going the extra mile to find comfortable footwear and base layer clothing is crucial. Chafing and related problems will soon make exercise very unenjoyable. Working out longer and harder without worrying about those issues can aid concentration and motivation in one.

Remove those barriers above, and you’ll be able to focus fully on the benefits of exercise. If this doesn’t lead to improvements, what will?