Here’s How To Visit The Dentist Less…

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Many of us have a fear of the dentists. Others fear the damage that it may have on our wallet. Whilst it may be impossible to avoid ever visiting the dentist’s again, there are ways that you can drastically lower the amount of visits you make. Here are a few ways to see the dentist less often.

Don’t ignore a tooth-ache

Many toothaches are the result of an infection. Catch this early enough, and you may be able to get away with a prescription of antibiotics. Ignore it, and it could result in more serious tooth damage. A root canal infection may result in root canal treatment and even tooth removal. Continue to ignore this and other teeth may get infected too and next thing you know you’re in serious pain and the only way to stop it is by making multiple gruelling dentist trips. In other words, visit once early and you could avoid visiting multiple times at a later date.

Ask to be sedated during treatment

For long procedures, sedation can often be a way of getting more done in one visit. For example, for multiple tooth removal or veneers, it may be possible to get it all done at once instead of having to go back for multiple trips. Sites such as offer more information on the sedation process. This is particularly a good option for those with a fear of the dentist.

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Brush up your dental regime

Becoming a better brusher is an obvious way of avoiding the dentist more. You should ideally brush twice a day, morning and night, and brush for two minutes at a time. Both electric and manual toothbrushes are equally as effective – just make sure to throw them out after three months as the bristles are likely to be damaged an ineffective after this period. For a more detailed tooth-brushing guide that will keep your teeth forever free of problems, this site can help.

Eat less sugar

Again an obvious tip, but one that shouldn’t be ignored. Sugar is the leading cause of tooth rot leading to all manner of dental complications and necessary procedures. One of the leading offenders is sugary soft drinks, which coat all your enamel in sugar as you swill these drinks around your mouth. Cut down on these drinks, or try drinking sugar-free options instead. Drinking through a straw is also better for your teeth..

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Stop smoking

Smoking is also a big cause of dentist trips, not just as a result of tooth damage but gum damage too. There are special toothpastes and gums that can limit the oral damage of smoking, however the best solution for all your body is obviously to stop smoking altogether. Vaping can often serve as a healthier alternative – whilst you’re still getting the nicotine hit which will cause tooth staining, you won’t have the tar and other chemicals. That said, some vapers are able to eventually cut out nicotine altogether.