Health 101: The Underlying Issues You Might Be Ignoring

If we are honest we could all take a little more notice of our health couldn’t we? We can all be guilty of ignoring things, and in some cases, not even noticing when things are not what they should be. But while you may not necessarily notice these things at first, it is a good idea to try and take some time to take a little more notice of our bodies, what we would say is normal, and perhaps any of the warning signs and symptoms for when things are not. I wanted to share with you some of the underlying issues you might be ignoring but shouldn’t.

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Any lumps or bumps that shouldn’t be there

One of the first signs that you may spot something isn’t right that couldn’t be a huge warning sign that there is an underlying health issue is the appearance of a lump in a place that it really shouldn’t be. Breasts, under the arms, for example, are often the places that females especially can get lumps. While there may actually be a real normal reason for these lumps, such as swollen glands or an infection, it might actually be something more sinister. This is when they should be checked out to make sure it is something of nothing.

Gynecology issues

Any issues when it comes to the gynecology side of things is often not seen or heard of until it’s too late. Our womb, cervix and ovaries are areas of our body that can present too many physical symptoms for us to spot. But what we can do is monitor of menstrual cycle, and often of this changes in drastic ways, then you may want to speak to your health professional. We were all encourage to have regular checks of these areas anyway, so make sure you do go to the appointments.

Bladder or bowel problems

One of the areas that we can feel most embarrassed by is things to do with the bathroom. Bladder and bowel problems can present us with physical symptoms, we just don’t like to talk about them too much. This might be things like going to the toilet frequently to urinate, so a trip to Advanced Urology might be in order to rule out any overactive bladder problems. The same sort of thing could be spotted with your bowel movements, and gain heading to the doctors to discuss your concerns could ensure that you rule out any bigger underlying issues that could be taking place.

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Have you been trying to conceive for some time?

Maybe you are only spotting signs that something might not be right with your health due to trying for a family. When you try to conceive, you pay much more close attention to your cycles and perhaps the days you are more fertile. But, after trying for sometime and doing all you can, if it hasn’t happened for you yet then it may be worth investigating to see if there is any underlying health concern that is causing this infertility to occur.

Consistent headaches

Is your head causing you pain? We all get headaches from time to time. It could be self inflicted where you have had too much to drink the night before, it could be because you are feeling stressed anxious. But if you find that you are getting headaches more often, they are consistent in the place that they are, and perhaps they affect your vision or give you other symptoms of feeling unwell, then it could be time to speak to the doctor. Migraines can be quite severe, but headaches could also be the indication of other factors going on in your head that may need to be looked at.

Stomach or digestive problems

Are you struggling with your stomach or digestion? Is it giving you pain when you eat certain foods, or are you finding that you are getting constipated? These are all things that could be pointing to an issue with your health. From having an intolerance to food to an issue with your digestive system.

Your mindset

Finally, one of the biggest things we ignore is our mental health. We can all get to the point where we can accept that feeling down or our mood changes becomes a normality to us, but it shouldn’t be the case. Anxiety and depression are illnesses that need treatment just as much as any physical ailment. If you are struggling with your mental health don’t be embarrassed to communicate your feelings.

I hope that this helps you to be more aware of your health.