How to Get Rid of Your Flabby Stomach Back After Your Pregnancy


Every new mum experiences a host of different physical and emotional changes during pregnancy that can be both welcoming and daunting. Emotions such as disappointment, depression or exhaustion are often intertwined with happiness, alertness and content. Negative emotions are often elevated even more if the new mom feels overwhelmed by the changes she has noticed in her appearance.  While giving birth is one of the most amazing things a woman can ever experience, it does take a toll on the body.

Many women experience drastic changes in their bodies post-pregnancy that ranges from drooping breasts to sagging skin in the abdomen area, which is one of the most difficult areas to address after giving birth.  There is, unfortunately, no diet or exercise routine that will completely get rid of the unsightly pouch due to two contributing factors: The first is because the excess skin really doesn’t have anywhere to go while the second, often larger problem is known as diastasis recti.  

What is diastasis recti and how can it be rectified?

Diastasis recti refer to what occurs when the right and left halves of the stomach muscles spread apart. Your pregnancy hormones contribute to the thinning of the muscle tissue making it unusually soft and pliable.  While a small amount of widening along the midline is normal any separation of more than 2 centimetres is considered a problem.  Diastasis recti can occur at any stage during your third trimester but is more common after childbirth when the abdominal wall slackens and the thinner tissue is unable to support the torso and internal organs any longer. The result is an unsightly paunch or pot belly.

A regular tummy tuck is designed to tighten the abdominal muscles, contour the lower abdomen and remove any excess skin.  While it is considered to be a routine procedure it is significantly complex and does cause a large degree of discomfort and requires a prolonged recovery time, depending on the amount of loose skin and extra fat you have. In most cases it takes between 10 and 14 day before you will be able to return to your regular routine.

How soon after giving birth can I have a tummy tuck?

Top Scottsdale plastic surgeon, Dr. Berardi suggests that you wait at least six months after giving birth, allowing the deeper tissues in your stomach region to heal. After 6 months, most of the stretching will have healed and your pregnancy hormones will have subsided, allowing the ripped tissue to bond together better and heal faster after the procedure. Another reason for waiting 6 months is because mothers naturally have to life their new-born babies a lot, something which will put extreme stress on a stomach healing from a tummy tuck. When a baby reaches 6 months of age they are generally settled in a routine and a lot less lifting and carrying occurs.

Where do I find a suitable plastic surgeon to assist me?

Depending on your location, you will have a host of options available in terms of both plastic surgeons and plastic surgery facilities to utilise. While there is a magnitude of information available online it is often more reassuring and informative to meet with a prospective surgeon face to face and discuss your insecurities and options. 

The ultimate goal of a tummy tuck is to return to your pre-pregnancy weight and shape and while this can sometimes be obtained through lifestyle changes more often than not surgical intervention is needed. A tummy tuck can be a tremendous moral booster, and a very worthy investment especially when a new mother is battling to come to terms with how her life has changed after giving birth.